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The Room In The Wood
The Room In The Wood

The first thing to note about this record is that the vinyl version has 9 tracks, where as the CD has 10. The added track on the CD is called Vermillion Sands, in case you wanted to know. This self-titled record from The Room In The Wood is a cracking combination of pop-punk, rock, blues and folk. Available on vinyl LP and CD, and released ...view item »


A Turntable Friend bring us the debut single from Geordie noise-rockers Dose, a rollicking blend of discordant melodies, intricate guitar work and driving beats that nods to both minimalist Krautrock and droney slowcore. Throw in some obscure samples and overlapping vocals and you've got a dynamic sound that demands multiple lis...view item »

Thirty Years Of Shouting Quietly

Literally the worst thing that could happen to a band in the 80's was to get the 'new Smiths' tag....and even worse was to be given the Morrissey seal of approval. Bradford had both and so it's no surprise that they pretty soon called it a day and were never seen again..... ......view item »

Magic Seed

Is there a 90s band still un-rediscovered? Easy were Swedish exports who made indie dancefloor-friendly indie around 1990 and it's hard to see from listening to this re-issue of their 'classic' debut how they could be missed by anyone.  Not that I want to do down their brand of vibrant semi-baggy indie but it's so of it's time that ...view item »

A Heartbeat From Eternity

Swedish rockers Easy are coming up to three decades since their debut album Magic Seed dropped. A lot has changed in the musical landscape since, but you wouldn’t know if from listening to A Heartbeat From Eternity. This is whimsical, well-crafted indie-pop in the same mould as Ride, ...view item »

Everybody's Happy Sometimes

Another indie pop release from the now reconstituted A Turntable Friend. TEA are a duo from the Isle of Man who are said to peddle indie pop that sits somewhere between the Field Mice and the Beloved. This was initially due in 1999 but is probably better off coming out in the more indie-pop frie...view item »

The Test Of Time

I usually can't be arsed reviewing compilations and I'm not going to change my tack with this one only to say that if you like indie-pop you MUST buy this. It's a compendium of the releases of the German imprint A Turntable Friend which has recently returned after 17 years off. It contains not only one of the greatest indie pop songs of ...view item »

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