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Black Helium
Primitive Fuck

Riot Season (Hey Colossus, The Cosmic Dead) present the debut LP from Black Helium. Initially formed for a one-off gig in 2016, th...view item »

Blown Out
Sun Rot

Blown Out fans, here’s a chance to reacquaint yourselves with the band’s origins: Sun Rot, their first ever release, is now getting a vinyl reissue, four years and three sold-out cassette runs since ...view item »

Blown Out / Comacozer
In Search Of Highs Volume 1

Righteous psychers Comacozer and Blown Out are totally on the same wavelength for this latest bong-bubbling split LP on Riot Season. The two bands (from Australia and the UK, respectively) get some trippy scuzz going - one extended, ecstatic jam from Comacozer and several shorter indulgences from Blown Out....view item »

Freak Out Orgasm!

Hibushibire are a Japanese psych band who are precisely as wild as the name of their debut album Freak Out Orgasm! would suggest. The band engage with the various strands of Japan’s rich psych heritage throughout the record (which was produced by Kawabata Makoto of Acid Mothers Temple...view item »

Henry Blacker
The Making Of Junior Bonner

More Somerset Stoner Sludge from Henry Blacker, the regional offshoot of Hey Colossus. The Making Of Junior Bonner is their third full album to date, and it positively seethes with noisy distortion and ear-bludgeoning riffs. Nine fairly punchy tracks in forty minutes, making for a good-sized portion of ...view item »

Hey Colossus

Here's a re-release of a fascinating album Hey Colossus made in one big long studio session with Jon (Notorious Hi-Fi Killers) and Leon (Shit+Shine) in tow. The eight of them made a right old racket which has now been re-pressed onto a double LP with a bonus LP of outtakes and tracks which didn't make the f...view item »

Orchestra Of Constant Distress
Distress Test

Orchestra Of Constant Distress offer up a tantalising proposition: stasis, entropry, and dynamic-free noise. Mmmm, yummy. And yet, if you know the artists involved (who hail from groups lie The Skull Defekts, Union Carbide Productions and even Brainbombs(!)), you’ll be bou...view item »

Early Mammal
Take A Lover

Early Mammal are a psychedelic blues four-piece from South London. Their influences range from classic acts such as Captain Beefheart and Aphrodite’s Child to more recent weirdness like White Hills. Take A Lover is the band’s third album and was recorded liv...view item »


Boston-based sonic voyagers Perhaps build on the promise of their handful of self-released LPs with a long-form suite of psych-out splendour for Riot Season that stretches out for more than half an hour. Sustained rhythms provide a sturdy bed for freewheeling sax, bubbling synths and textural guitar tones that merge into a wholl...view item »

The Cosmic Dead
Psych Is Dead

The Cosmic Dead stand out from the crowd of present-day psych-rock explorers, in that the Glaswegian band do actually sound genuinely unhinged. Psych Is Dead finds them going all the way out over the course of three lengthy tracks, each apparently improvised on a cocktail of booze, heat, and intergalactic vibes. Out on ...view item »

Racial Golf Course, No Bitches

This release seems to have been on the horizon for a long time now, but finally the wait is over and the bubblegum pink slab of vinyl is in our hands. Dethscalator play a no-holds-barred brand of noise rock which is drawing lots of well-justified comparisons with the likes of Unsane and Killdozer. These lads ...view item »

2am Thoughts

Krause is a dirty alliance made up of alumni of bands including Casual Nun, Straighthate and Progress Of Inhumanity, and they play fierce and filthy noise-rock in vintage style. It really does sound blasted and distort-damaged to hell. 2am Thoughts is their debut releas...view item »

Shit & Shine

Sh*t and Shine are very prolific but are they prolifically good? Well, yes in the main however this latest release could test some of their supporters to breaking point. It's a grindcore album. One look at the waveform for the soundcloud album sampler will tell you this is very noisy, very heavy stuff. Think Napalm Death...view item »


Khünnt is a super-heavy Newcastle supergroup, including members of Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs and Blown Out, plus the wonderful Richard Dawson! No twisted folk-song here though: Failures is a big, unrelenting slab of blasted, blackened stoner-psych. One 40 ...view item »

Bad Guys
Bad Guys

Nice! I’d not heard this lot before but the sun just came out and Leeds is experiencing its first meaningful warmth in about six months and this is just the kind of adrenalised riff-a-thon we need to celebrate that. It sounds just like you’d want a band called Bad Guys to sound like, neanderthal...view item »

Dead Elephant

Dead Elephant's new album Thanatology has nothing to do with the Thanet comp that came out on Mordant Music a few weeks ago. It is in fact a dirgey post rock record and the third album from Italian trio Dead Elephant. The main elements we're looking at her...view item »

Shit & Shine
229 2299 Girls Against Shit

Oh Man the latest Shit and Shine record is totally awesome. From the moment I hit play I'm smashed over the head with some ugly, nasty overloaded distorted repetitive heavy rock music. 'Have you Really Thought About Your Presentation?' is a blistering opening track to say the least. It's nuts! It's ridiculous and I LOVE IT! I could quite...view item »

Shit & Shine

I'm so gutted that the courier hasn't turned up with the Shit & Shine 'Cherry' 2LP on Riot Season as I'm a bit of a fan. I recall seeing them last year and all of a sudden a member of the audience, like myself, folically challenged got up and started bustin' moves like he was at a rave. He completely shattered the bald man stereotype and libera...view item »

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