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Hieroglyphic Being & The Truth Theory Trio
Journey Through The Outer Darkness

The incredibly prolific Hieroglyphic Being (and technically also his pseudo-backing band Truth Theory Trio) drops a new mini-LP. Journey Through The Outer Darkness has its origins in a 2016 festival performance. Upon seeing Jamal Moss’ show, the folk at Hivern Discs (John Talabot, Pional) became dead set on releasing the audio. Moss subsequently cleaned up eight of the cuts from that set for this release. As we’ve come to expect from Hieroglyphic Being/Moss, Journey Through The Outer Darkness is astral Detroit techno par excellence.
  • Vinyl LP (HVNX-700)
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Aera is Ralf Schmidt, a house music producer who really enjoys genres of music that are not house. Hence he integrates elements from the palettes of techno, electro and trance into his productions, resulting in vivid tracks that come at you from all angles. Thankfully, Schmidt has the skills to keep all things in delightful balance. This is a 12” EP released by Hivern Discs.
  • Vinyl 12" (HVN038)
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Alejandro Mosso

Six new tracks from Alejandro Mosso, who reckons that this set represents a move away from sheer dancefloor utilitarianism and towards electronic music narratives: songs if you will. Gaia’s tracks are all named for celestial bodies, and they do feel like expressions of something, even if they still retain the power to make you move those feet. Double 12” on Hivern Discs.
  • Vinyl Double 12" (HVN040)
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With releases on Be As One, Analog Solutions, Memento and his own Orbe imprint, Spanish techno producer Orbe makes his debut on John Talabot’s Hivern Discs with his Uniformity EP. Slotting nicely somewhere between techno and electro it’s filled with cold electronic soul, lush pads, chords and softened electric chirps.

Lawrence Le Doux
Music For Documentaries

In a most unorthodox technique, Lawrence Le Doux recorded his this compilation without seeing its video companion first. Pure imagination yielded inspiration for Music For Documentaries, as opposed to firstly viewing the starting point of Terranova's film. Its contents are crafted with warmth and heart.


Moderno by Margot was produced by dance duo Pepe and Giaga in 2003 for that most Electroclash of purposes, an art installation aimed at the punk scene. The electro beats plough through a fertile field of squelches and propulsive bass, with an even more twisting and turning direction supplied by Marc Piñol and his two excellent remixes: one deeply acidic and the other decidedly floaty.


With synthesizers that wobble around industrial beats slowed down 300%, INIT’s self-titled debut is heavy and unnerving. Vocals like a vague memory of what it means to be human, and their dissonant accompaniments, create a strangely organic sound which, in term, highlights the occasional moments of unadulterated beauty. 

Mirage / Rain

Quentin is the co-project of Spanish producers Marc Pinol and John Talabot. House/IDM offering Mirage/Rain is a 12" vinyl released on their own label, Hivern Discs. Track A is the suspense building Mirage, which lays the foundation for something much warmer and more evocative in the form of B-side, Rain.

Inga Mauer
From Cologne To Clone

Inga Mauer’s debut production release after being well known for her industrial heavy techno DJ sets, snapped up by John Talabot’s Hivern Discs imprint. Exploratory techno that aims to reflect the sense of an almost nomadic way of producing an EP, Mauer having spent most of her time between Cologne and Rotterdam and travelling between them. Not moody, stale or static.


JMII crafted these tracks in the heart of beautiful Barcelona, where the sunny vibes were able to creep their way inside the music by osmosis. Thrills contains 3 JMII cuts of widescreen smooth house, as well as a darker spin on ‘Tightbrass’ from Christian S. 12” on the Hivern Discs label.
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  • Hivern Discs

Parple #1

The first 3 tracks of the Parple project have been gathered up and released as a 12” set here, as Parple #1. These are bound to appeal to fans of juicy steppers, with every part (the bass, the beats, the samples) rolling along smoothly. The 12” is released in a limited edition, and is accompanied by a poster illustrated by Jordi Labanda. On Hivern Discs.


Thick, addled house-not-house from producer Cleveland. On Atlas his productions are airy and light, full of distant synth melodies and barely-there arpeggios. But these are still dancefloor-oriented tunes, with tight, jazzy percussion to hold them down. Hivern have pressed this to vinyl 12” with some lovely artwork.


A full double LP set of new music from Alexander Berg’s project Dorisburg, totalling almost an hour. Irrbloss masterfully combines cutting-edge club atmospheres with electronic folk visitations. Over 8 tracks, Berg wanders through each facet of his sound, taking the listener on a varied journey. Released by Hivern Discs.

Eduardo de La Calle
Nanoscopic Scales

The lusciously named techno producer Eduardo de La Calle (of Analog Solutions) presents the new Nanoscopic Scales release, his second 12” to date on the Hivern label. Four tracks of fully-developed, richly-detailed techno activity, for dancing and thoughtful listening alike. Released on Hivern Discs.

Two Pole Resonance

Solidifying John Talabot’s impeccably curated roster at Hivern Discs, unknown Frankfurt duo INIT step into the fray with an eclectic album of psychedelic-inspired electronica. Inflections of house rub shoulders with chunky kraut and melancholic ambience to deliver a richly-textured piece of work. Out on CD from Hivern Discs.
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  • Hivern Discs

Shades EP

Daydreamer is a rather sober track, that builds tension, and breathes to certain acoustic samples. Then there’s Palms Trax’ remixes, the first focussing on the percussion, the second transforming it into a lush piece of deep house. And that’s not evening mentioning the two b-sides of the Shades EP, two unique and hypnotizing tracks that will safely escort you from the dancefloor.

Glass / Float

High-gloss house variations on 12” vinyl from Round. Sad-but-warm synth pads and taut drum programming, it’s all the yearning music-box melodies and chopped vocals of recent Four Tet and Daphne, but with its own distinctive gloomy balearic sound. Out on Barcelona’s Hivern Discs, continuing a great run of vinyl.

It's All Over Remixes

"It's All Over" is the work of minimal house producer Pional, although the world didn't know that until recently: it was only revealed when John Talabot generously credited the artist on his DJ Kicks compilation. The track is, quite surprisingly, a simple pop tune, upended with a compelling beat and a repeated synth throughline, as well as vocals that recall the high-octave drama of How To Dress Well. 'It's All Over Remixes' is a 12" celebration of the track being released by Talabot's Hivern label, featuring his very own remix, as well as one from producer Locked Groove. Tracks: It’s All Over (John Talabot's Stripped Refix) It’s All Over (Locked Groove Rendition)

Man Power
Flacid Trax

Is this the gayest record sleeve since 'Relax'? I don't mean that in a derogatory way, just a literal one. Look at those powerful men in their posing pouches doing the YMCA. I don't know about you but I'm certainly not flaccid. I'm struggling to find out much about the record itself, but if it's the same Man Power I'm thinking of then expect some cerebral acid techno party times.