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Luc Ferrari
Presque Rien

  • Vinyl Double LP (REGRM005)

Francois Bayle

More Recollection GRM goodies thanks to Stephen O’Malley and Peter Rehberg! This time we have some Francois Bayle to luxuriate in, with two considerably-sized pieces from 1979 and 1978 respectively. These works are densely-layered with fascinating electronic and acousmatic sounds, and move deftly around the listener’s headspace. Tremblements… is an LP release.

Christian Zanesi
Grand Bruit / Stop! l’horizon

Gran Bruit / Stop! L’horizon are two long sound experiments by Christian Zanesi. With Gran Buit, Zanesi recorded 21 minute of audio and then chopped it about and created interesting sounds within it. These tracks were recorded in 1991 and 1983 respectively but were mastered earlier this year in Berlin.

Jaap Vink
Jaap Vink

Dutch electronic composer Jaap Vink worked as a teacher of analogue studio techniques at the Institute of Sonology in Utrecht for over 25 years, and composed huge textural drones based on analogue techniques, mainly comprised of feedback and delay loops. Manipulating these on the fly to perform and compose through improvisation.This double LP collects choice pieces from 1970-1985. A must If you’re a fan of William Basinski or Gas.

Luc Ferrari
Hétérozygote / Petite Symphonie

Composed between 1963-1964, Hétérozygote / Petite Symphonie is the electroacoustic release from Luc Ferrari. A classic combination of the most experimental and almost hallucinogenic sounds that are built together to make one of the most pioneering avant-garde soundscape albums released. Available on Vinyl LP.

Jean Schwarz
Erda / Suite N

The Editions Mego side-label Recollection GRM continues its important task of reissuing crucial works of electroacoustics from the Paris GRM studio. Erda / Suite N is the work of Jean Schwarz, an (undeservedly) lesser-known composer, working here with sheer electronics arranged in ways both abstract and curiously rhythmic (Schwarz was also a jazz drummer).

Beatriz Ferreyra
GRM Works

Featuring tracks both modern and ancient, the GRM Works by Beatriz Ferreyra are a timepiece. Mastered by Rashad Becker, all four compositions Demeure aquatique, Un fil invisible, Médicances and Les armes de l’inconnu take place on the forefront of aural experiments, weird drones alternating with glacially glitchy sequences.

Michel Redolfi
Pacific Tubular Waves / Immersion

Straight from the late 70s, when anything on a synthesizer was futuristic, comes a shining reissue from avant garde mad professor Michel Redolfi. Featuring both Pacific Tubular Waves from 1979, with it’s maddening interlacing high pitch arpeggiators, and Immersion from 1980, with its tense aural landscapes that divulge tension and uneasiness. Relive the golden years!

Iannis Xenakis
GRM Works 1957-1962

Iannis Xenakis! Yeah! This genuinely important reissue from Editions Mego offshoot Recollections GRM collects the cream of Xenakis’ electronic output from the famous French studio. Includes ‘Concret PH’, one of the more alien shards of sound you are likely to hear, and the side-long monster ‘Bohor’. The man was a genius, you need this.

Traces One

The Recollections GRM series has put back out into handsome print some really important electronic works recently, for which they are to be applauded. This record, Traces One, pulls together pieces from various lesser-known artists working in the GRM studio, hopefully bringing a new audience to these very varied Sixties works.