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Nozomu Matsumoto

What is the actual heck going on here? Feels like we're inside some scene from Ghost In The Shell or something. This single piece from Nozomu Matsumoto sits alone as a singular statement - a bizzaro soundtrack for a health forecast narrated by evil corp. Amazon's Text-to-Speech tool. Yet despite its practically surreal...view item »

Gabor Lazar

More slices of shiny technoid madness from Budapest resident Gábor Lázár! Unfold’s rhythms are in fact a little easier to get your head and feet around than usual, though, sudden jump cuts and wild syncopations stop things from getting too trad, don’t worry. Will sit very nicely on the t...view item »

Rian Treanor
A Rational Tangle

‘A Rational Tangle’ is the debut release from Rian Treanor and gets going with the first tune straight from the SND school of pristine minimal sound palette but funked up some and nicely melodic - reminding me of stripped back and slowed down ...view item »

Rian Treanor

Rian Treanor returns to The Death Of Rave (Kareem, Merzbow) with a white-label of edits. The source material here is not your typical party-starting fare - Pakistani film music, cheesy 80s pop and 90’s Eurodance all make an appearance on RAVEDIT - but Treanor mana...view item »

Cam Deas
Time Exercises

Cam Deas is a former regular on Blackest Rainbow and has also previously released his avant-folk guitar/vision of American Primitive on Dead Pilot Records, Alter, The Great Pop Supplement etc. However, for this latest work on The Death Of Rave, he's radically switched tools, trading his trusty acoustic strings for modu...view item »

The Sprawl
EP 2

Following the restless, abstract dance noise of EP 1, this sequel continues the group's sonic reaction to William Gibson's sci-fi novel Neuromancer. This edition depicts the information relations between human and machine, and clearly suggests violence and dystopia through it's brutal future rave and dark, caustic soundscapes....view item »

Maxwell Sterling
Hollywood Medieval (2017 Edition)

Maxwell Sterling is a Manchester born soundtrack composer who spent time in LA and composed a piece inspired by being a nanny for rich LA parents. This offers an alternative lucid view of LA via his distinct sonic hauntology. Also of note is the sleeve by legendary Manchester artist Linder (aka Maxwell’s mum).&n...view item »

Teresa Winter
Untitled Death

Proper zoned album of subtly effective, hallucinogenic electronics from Teresa Winter. The records title i.e ‘Untitled Death’ and the cover image of shrooms elude to near death experiences achieved through the use of entheogens. Also, perhaps the process of unlocking the divine within and resulting spiritual awakening achieved throug...view item »


Here’s some sonic Body Horror for ya, courtesy of some fresh blood from somewhere around Manchester. Apparently much of the source material comes from a pack of early Slipknot samples, which Croww has mutilated and reassembled into these Frankenstein, mutant, industrial/noise/grindcore/drill & bass infor...view item »

Mark Leckey
Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore

Now here we have another interesting release in a week of such things. Well in my pile anyway there's been nothing that's failed to raise an eyebrow somewhere along the line. Released on a Mancunian boutique imprint, this is the soundtrack to a pre-millennial video installation by sound/v...view item »

Rian Treanor
Pattern Damage

Northern England's Rian Treanor returns to The Death of Rave for a second EP blurring the lines between computer music, sound art and the dancefloor. Each copy comes in a sleeve screen-printed by the young man himself. ‘Pattern A1’ gets going with a hu...view item »

Mark Leckey
Dream English Kid 1964 - 1999AD

Mark Leckey’s present film installation is Dream English Kid 1964 - 1999AD, and the audio component is strong enough to warrant release on its own, following the PAN issuing of his Hecker collaboration. The essential intention ...view item »

Sam Kidel
Disruptive Muzak

Sam Kidel of Young Echo had a little bit of fun making Disruptive Muzak, for which the basic concept was this: play muzak-esque electronic sound down the phone to operatives at government call centres. Hilarity ensues as the employees repeatedly ask if anyone is there. The B-side contains the music with...view item »

The Sprawl

The Sprawl is an exciting new project that pulls together alternative electronicists Logos, Shapednoise and Mumdance together to become one entity. They first performed together at 2015’s CTM, and forward-looking novelist William Gibson is a chief inspirat...view item »

Black Mecha

Black Mecha is the new project from Fortress Crookedjaw of deliberately abrasive black metal band Wold. On AA black metal is fused with heavy electronics to create a soundtrack to an imaginary sci-fi world. The music is informed by a world view that is only understood by a select few. L...view item »

Naturkunde Museum Ostkreuz
Tropicalyptic Excursions

The second release on Death of Rave by Naturkunde Mesuem Ostkreuz, 'Tropicalyptic Excursions' sees the pan-European duo create a percussive, squelchy electronic dancefloor 12" record embued with a raw rave spirit. Full of energy, hypnotic and loud, this is a suitably hyperactive sound that befits their...view item »

Mark Fell + Gabor Lazar
The Neurobiology of Moral Decision Making

Yorkshire’s Mark Fell (SND, Sensate Focus) and Budapest’s Gábor Lázár destroy yet another laptop with a Max/MSP rhythm freak out. Mixing of Fell’s signature Linn drum and metal scraping synthetics that twist the groove as much as your sorry little head. An ...view item »

The Automatics Group
Summer Mix

I picked up that ‘Auto 17’ 12” these chaps released on Russell Haswell and Mike Harding’s OR label back in 2010 but wasn't aware they'd released anything else. Turns out the following year they released the ‘Summe...view item »

Delroy Edwards
Teenage Tapes

Teenage Tapes sees Delroy Edwards making some unexpected guitar noise pieces. They stem from experiments he made whilst messing around with guitar effects and reel-to-reel tape recorders as an art student. The sounds on this album have more in common with black metal and EBM than the thumping house you might expect....view item »

Gabor Lazar

Gábor Lázár's glitchy and extremely avant techno is also strikingly minimalist, sticking to repetitious motifs that scratch away at the surface until there's nothing left. On 'EP16', his newest work, he extracts the same kind of monolithic sound through mesmerising takes on electronic persuasions, from electro to footwork, r...view item »


Evil, hissing and ear-crackling black metal is on offer from 'Postsocial', a record that comes out of the genre's hallmarks but makes them even more extreme -- this is, if anything, harsh noise, a wall of impenetrable noise and a collection of wind tunnels blocking out any melody and leaving behind nothing more than an onslaught of piercing voca...view item »


Powell makes a welcome return, having caused a stir with a couple of very well received 12"s for his Diagonal label. This untitled 12" is the second release for the fledgling The Death Of Rave imprint and follows an LP from Mark Leckey. It's k...view item »

Porto Ronco (Vinyl Edits)

Berlin-based artist and Zhark Recordings head Patrick Stottrop aka Kareem takes the controls for the third release from The Death Of Rave imprint. Known for his dark industrial techno and gloomy hip-hop 'Porto Ronco (Vinyl Edits)' has him dropping the beats in place of...view item »

Grand Owl Habitat

Masami Akita's output has been created digitally for many years now but I've not read of it as being “techno compatible” until now. The techno and noise scenes have been converging for a bit, with much of the US underground trading their noise for techno. I think the first time I ever heard Japanese noise that I considered to be tech...view item »