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Henning Christiansen
Rødhætte / Ruinmusik

Previously unissued audio goodies from the archives of Henning Christiansen. On one side of this natty 7” we have Rødhœtte from 1985, a strange take on t...view item »

Henning Christiansen
The Executioner

Experimental film soundtracking glory from Henning Christiansen, with one of his sound accompaniments to his partner Ursula Reuter Christiansen’s films. This one, The Executioner, is the more traditional of the two, being a set of romantic vocal pieces, heavy on the romance. Previously unissued an...view item »

Henning Christiansen
Den Røde Skov

Experimental film soundtracking glory from the mid-1980’s, in the form of Henning Christiansen’s sound accompaniment to his partner Ursula Reuter Christiansen’s film Den Røde Skov. Vividly strange stuff this, with voices, birdsongs, percussions and all sorts of other unidentifie...view item »

Timo van Luijk and Mark Harwood
Vang Circular

On Penultimate Press, a collaboration between label head Mark Harwood (aka Astor) and Finnish artist Timo Van Luijk, who has worked with Andrew Chalk and Christoph Heemann among others. It often comes across like excerpts from an ambitious ...view item »

Henning Christiansen

Previously unissued audio goodies from the archives of Henning Christiansen. OP.192 Umwälzung, presented here in two different hour-long mixes, is a piece built by ...view item »

Áine O'Dwyer

Áine O’Dwyer releases two new albums of church organ music, pushing forward from her recent triumphs into thrilling new territory. Locusts is a dense tangle of tones from that gorgeous monster of an instrument, garnished with vocals. The focus here is on aligning the organ with the pulsating structure of el...view item »

Áine O'Dwyer

Áine O’Dwyer releases two new albums of church organ music, pushing forward from her recent triumphs into thrilling new territory. Gegenschein was recorded in a Limerick friary on a disused organ, and it explores the nature of an abandoned religious space with clusters of rich organ sonorities. Gegensch...view item »

Joe McPhee and Bryan Eubanks
My Undocumented Alien Clarinet

Multi-instrumentalist Joe McPhee has collaborated with the likes of Raymond Boni, Evan Parker, John Snyder, and Konstrukt. Here is a recording of a live performance with saxophonist Bryan Eubanks who improvises manipulating open-circuit electron...view item »

Arek Gulbenkoglu
Three Days Afterwards

Penultimate Press always deliver intriguing and beguiling goods, and this one, the fourth solo record by Arek Gulbenkoglu, is no exception. Three Days Afterwards draws on a variety of sounds, recordings, actions and words, constructing fascinating juxtapositions and a sense of ‘something’ going on. Edition o...view item »


The improvisational four-piece Pancrace is made up of members from England, France, and Austria. Initially inspired by the power and dominance of the church organ they have set about performing on an array of bizarre and wonderful instruments including Hulusi, Boîtes à Bourdons, and Uilleann Pipes. Slowly swaying fr...view item »

Rabbit Eclipse

After a gap of a mere 19 years since their acclaimed debut album, Kseizyc are back in business. Hooray! With instrumentation that spans clarinet, hurdy-gurdy, synths, tapes, objects, accordions and more, Rabbit Eclipse is a very welcome next chapter in the Polish experimental folk travellers’ journey. CD on Penult...view item »

Henning Christiansen
Opus 67 STRATEGYGETARTS A Symphony, Hommage á Richard Demarco

Penultimate Press release Opus 67 STRATEGYGETARTS A Symphony, Hommage á Richard Demarco on vinyl LP for the very first time. This recording from Henning Christiansen captures the Danish composer and Fluxus member’s unusual collaborative practice, mixing repeated piano notes with dense urban field recording...view item »

Jacques Brodier
Xhos De Villemahu

Jacques Brodier is a Frenchman with a nigh-on unique sonic approach. Many years ago he designed and built his own instrument, the Filtre De Réalité, a remarkable contraption of metals, strings, glass, sand, radio waves etc. The sounds he coaxes from the device, which sound like an idiosyncratic take on certain fiel...view item »

Etant Donnes

Two French brothers creating erotic, whispered and noisy ambient, that is what Etant Donnes is all about. The music sounds about as oneirically moist as that description. Which is why we’re all the happier that their 1990 CD Aurore, originally released on Touch records, is finally remastered and sold on vinyl. Tha...view item »

Etant Donnes
Royaume / Aimant + Aimant ­-

Two pieces of early 1990’s sound experimentation, reissued on Penultimate Press. Etant Donnes (e.g. Eric and Marc Hurtado) use predominantly field recordings and vocal work to allude to poetic concepts. Royaume and Aimant + Aimant are each like fascinatin...view item »

Henning Christiansen
Requiem of Art fluxorum organum II Opus 50

Henning Christiansen was part of the Fluxus movement during the 60s and 70s. This piece is made up of field recordings whilst on site of a collective film in Denmark, laid over his own organ music archive - Eurasienstab. Originally released in 1973 by Edition Schellmann ‎alongside Joseph Beuys&rsquo...view item »

Korea Undok Group
Korea Undok Group

When you’re dealing with musicians from Winnipeg who’ve only released cassettes and are named after a no longer existing county in North-Korea, you can rest assured you’ve struck some kind of gold. With Korea Undok Group you’ve definitely struck the lots-of-white-noise kind of gold. Their self-titled viny...view item »

Matthew P. Hopkins
Blue­Lit Half Breath

Matthew P. Hopkins abstract, immersive-yet-unnerving worldscapes. Utilising the human voice in twisted but still recognisable forms as well as field recordings, feedback and minimal synthesis. Blue­Lit Half Breath is a record for twilight, bringing to life the creatures you’ve imagined in empty spaces, but can...view item »

Derek Baron
Crooked Dances

Derek (hey there's another Derek in town) Baron appears to have tried to record several Erik Satie tracks on a suspect old piano while living in a terrible flat share (see cover photo). His amiable rambles are interrupted by various housemates stopping him in his tracks. Strange concept, interesting album.  ...view item »

Hour House

‘Chiltern’ is the debut LP release of Melbourne based two piece Hour House (aka Mark Leacy and Sam Kenna, previously of Newcastle based band Castings. Using electronic instruments, samples, field recordings, guitars and vocals the duo have drawn inspiration from their strange new surroundings to create disorienting comforting atmosph...view item »


Based in Poland in the ‘90s, Księżyc was a unique project that took in medieval, Slavic, vocal experimentation and minimalist music to create something otherworldy and quirkily proggy. Fairytale lyrics round off a beguiling collection of haunting songs. Out on white vinyl LP from Penultimate Press....view item »

Lina in Nida

Astor is the solo project of Mark Harwood, a remarkable dive into abstraction with heavy intentions. Lina in Nida contains a “proposed anthem for Britain during a potential invasion by ISIS”, which hurtles through a large and threatening electronic soundscape. 400 copies of this LP, on Penul...view item »

Graham Lambkin

Graham Lambkin pushes onwards following his recent highly acclaimed collaborations with Jason Lescalleet (who, incidentally, mastered this release). C05 is a single, eighteen minute piece of the usual strange blur of musical elements, dictaphoned chatter and odd personal insights. Compelling stuff on Pe...view item »

Ora Clementi
Cover You Will Softer Me

This flurry of sound art comes from collaborators Crys Cole and James Rushford, who perform whispered secrets and weave quiet narratives through natural soundscapes of noise and melody. The record uses an unconventional roster of instruments, using its resources liberally: along with viola, natural percussion and contact mics, Rushford's pet chi...view item »

Moniek Darge & Graham Lambkin
Indian Soundies

A compilation between two electro-acoustic giants, if such a thing could possibly exist: on 'Indian Soundies', Moniek Darge, a composer and musician interested in field recordings as much as she is the standard instruments she plays (such as violin), meets Graham Lambkin, an avant-garde musician who will record the sounds heard from&nb...view item »

Matthew P. Hopkins

Penultimate Press is shaping up to be a very interesting label. Here we have ex-Naked on the Vague dude Hopkins doing his freaky solo thing which is not for the more linear-minded listener, I can tell yer that. There's a sense of the genuinely fucked-up ...view item »

Graham Lambkin
Came to Call Mine

The godfather of musique concrete -- or some weird relative on its endless family tree, anyway -- is Graham Lambkin. Away from the music, though, he is a proficient artist, and he delivers Came to Call Mine as proof, a book that brings together his detailed sketches with written expositions.  These i...view item »

Jacques Brodier
Filtre De Realite

As the press release makes clear, Jacques Brodier isn’t exactly a musician per se, but an “artist, researcher, writer and inventor”...actually, the press release is so bleedin’ cryptic that I think the best thing to do here is just tell you what it says in its ent...view item »