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The Tango Saloon

The Tango Saloon are very keen on playing around with the conventions of Spaghetti Western soundtracks: the instrumentation of these songs certainly calls to mind that magical cowboy imagery. These aren’t just mood pieces though, but actual songs, led by Elana Stone’s voice on most tracks. Suspic...view item »

Darth Vegas
Brainwashing For Dirty Minds

Ha, this is nuts! These Aussie weirdos Darth Vegas are here to entertain us with some completely insane Fantomas-meets-APATT-meets...view item »

Pigeon Laundry
Pigeon Laundry

It seems a ‘Pigeon Laundry’ is not Richard Branson’s latest enterprise, but an Aussie improv duo with their debut self-titled CD. Violinist Shenzo Gregorio may be known to some from his work with FourPlay, and Julian Curwin takes some time out from The Tango Saloon. They both (largely) eschew their usual instrumentation to play...view item »

Julian Curwin
The Mango Balloon - Volume 3

Get ready for some kind of moving and shaking with Julian Curwin. The Mango Balloon Volume 3 is the third instalment from the Sydney guitarist. On this one Curwin has got special guest Mr fiddle himself Shenzo Gergorio to supply some extra flavours. It's a mixture of European folk styling’s wit...view item »

Julian Curwin
The Mango Balloon - Volume 4

“If anyone can do this, you can!” Well… I believe that challenge has been accepted, Clint. So Mr Curwin takes a step or two back -- and then a step sideways -- from his other day job as an experimental tango-ist (with The Tango Saloon) to compose and perform on this set of Morricone-esque instru...view item »

Cannibal Spiders
Cannibal Spiders

Cannibal Spiders - it's quite a dystopian idea. Well that's exactly how the four-piece's self-titled offering transpires, full of menacing, haunting and raw textures. This isn't a piece for the faint hearted, its name should be taken on face value; this is thrashing punk rock at its most sinister and ugly....view item »

To Your Poverty Quietly Go

Umlaut's first album totally passed me by, but this is the project of Mr Bungle/Secret Chiefs 3 chappie Bar McKinnon so I'm curious to hear what he's up to nowadays. It may not surprise you to hear that this is a crisp and insanely tight mixture of madcap prog rock, spy movie dramatics and easy-listening jazz that...view item »

The Tango Saloon
Shadows & Fog

With a name and logo like these guys have I was expecting some kind of punk rocky Americana gubbins on this CD here but actually what my ears are experiencing as I write this is more of a dignified, post-rocky take on Ennio Morric...view item »

The Tango Saloon
Don’t Close Your Eyes

The Tango Saloon are a tango band who have fixed the genre tag 'spaghetti western' on themselves, which is pretty cool. 'Don't Close Your Eyes' is a new 7" comprising of a single from their upcoming record. It's an all Australian affair, this one, featuring the vocals of singer Elana Stone, who gives the synth -pop tune its high-noon drama....view item »

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