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No Blades No Bone

Louder Than War (Evil Blizzard, Girls In Synthesis) are very excited about their new signing Glove. And so they should be - if all of their records are going to be like new EP No Blades No Bone we can look forward to the emergence of an original new voice. With just a bass guitar and tom drum this duo make a frenzied avant-punk racket. Everything from The Slits to Rattle to Guttersnipe to Xiu Xiu is recalled by the pair across the four tracks of No Blades No Bone.
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  • Louder Than War

Danielle de Picciotto

Danielle de Picciotto, singer of Space Cowboys presents an album all about the years of travelling she has done since leaving behind a permanent home in 2010. Deliverance is a somewhat ornate, baroque listen, with electronically-enhanced folkish songs that speak of both dark and positive feels. Vinyl release with Danielle’s artwork.
  • Vinyl LP (LTW022)
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System Of Hate
There Is No Madness Here

Some fun dad-punk from System Of Hate on their second LP. There Is No Madness Here has a sort of Killing Joke thing going on, granted, but also a Motorhead thing and a Motley Crue thing. Imagine if Towers Of London had mellowed a little with age and you’re in the right ballpark. It’s a good laff.
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  • Louder Than War


Miss the ‘90s? Think that cyberpunk is due another day in the sun? Wistfully daydreaming about bygone Whitby Goth festivals? Then fear not - the fourth LP from dragSTER is here to satisfy your cravings. Anti-Everything is very turn-of-the-century Marilyn Manson, which is great news because his recent stuff was starting to wear us out. We are, verily, all stars now. Out via Louder Than War (Evil Blizzard, Fawn Spots).
  • Vinyl LP (LTW020LP)
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  • Louder Than War

The Nightingales
Mind Over Matter

The Nightingales were formed by former Perfects frontman Robert Lloyd. They recorded a whole host of LPs and singles throughout the 1980s. Lloyd reunited The Nightingales 10 years ago, eschewing the usual 'greatest hits' style tour to refresh them as a confrontational and contemporary punk band. Their new album, Mind Over Matter, was recorded in Germany and is released on Mancunian, John Robb's Louder Than War label.
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  • Louder Than War

Faerground Accidents

A preposterous looking collection of freaks, Faerground Accidents are much more than a dressing up box on a stage. Their cinematic, poetic music has lots in common with the earlier work of fellow Sheffield weirdos Pulp along with the rainy day driving rock style of the Chameleons or the Smiths. Could be big. 

The Membranes
Inner Space / Outer Space

The Membranes were so happy with Dark Matter / Dark Energy, their first album in 26 years, that they’ve decided to relive the whole thing with a cohort of friends. Inner Space / Outer Space invites an impressive array of artists, from Einsturzende Neubauten to the Manic Street Preachers, to remix every last track of the original album.
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  • Louder Than War