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Miss the ‘90s? Think that cyberpunk is due another day in the sun? Wistfully daydreaming about bygone Whitby Goth festivals? Then fear not - the fourth LP from dragSTER is here to satisfy your cravings. Anti-Everything is very turn-of-the-century Marilyn Manson, which is great news because his rec...view item »

System Of Hate
There Is No Madness Here

Some fun dad-punk from System Of Hate on their second LP. There Is No Madness Here has a sort of Killing Joke thing going on, granted, but also a Motorhead thing and a Motley Crue thing. Imagine if Towers Of London had mellowed a little with age and you...view item »

The Nightingales
Mind Over Matter

The Nightingales were formed by former Perfects frontman Robert Lloyd. They recorded a whole host of LPs and singles throughout the 1980s. Lloyd reunited The Nightingales 10 years ago, eschewing the usual 'greatest hits' style tour to refresh them as a confrontational and c...view item »

Faerground Accidents

A preposterous looking collection of freaks, Faerground Accidents are much more than a dressing up box on a stage. Their cinematic, poetic music has lots in common with the earlier work of fellow Sheffield weirdos Pulp along with the rainy day driving rock style of the Chameleons or ...view item »

Black Crack
I Woke Up / Peach Fuzz

Black Crack are just as sleazy and underslung sounding as a band called Black Crack ought to be. Lyrics describe some pretty heavy adventures over taut pavement-crawling bass lines and garage guitar. Black Crack is the work of Mark Tilton of The Membranes, and t...view item »

The Membranes
Inner Space / Outer Space

The Membranes were so happy with Dark Matter / Dark Energy, their first album in 26 years, that they’ve decided to relive the whole thing with a cohort of friends. Inner Space / Outer Space invites an impressive array of artists, from Einsturzende Neubauten to the Manic Street Pre...view item »

Evil Blizzard
Everybody Come To Church

Evil Blizzard recorded this latest missive straight down the line in one studio day. The group specialise in totally fried psychedelic space-rock, with particular emphasis on the low-end, as they have four bass players (they are also known for their masks and baby-head-theremins, but you can’t see those on record). Eve...view item »

Faerground Accidents
We Hate The Same Things / Back In Town

Where else but Sheffield would this mix of raucous punk and sweet indie pop come from? Faerground Accidents create a constricting tunnel of guitar noise and then let synths and soft vocals get trapped in the midst, making for a sound that owes as much to Comet Gain as it does Husker Du. This 7" single has two pretty excellent songs, which is the...view item »

Kill Pretty
Bubblegum Now

Fish & Chips and righteous indignation come from Kill Pretty. Bubblegum Now is a very English fusion of post-punk, oi! and standard punk rock, following the legacy of Manchester's underground punk scene. Think of Crass, Joy Division, The Nation Of Ulysses and Billy Bragg having a piss up at a Socialist Workers ...view item »

King Champion Sounds
Songs For The Golden Hour

Spooky genre spanning from King Champion Sounds. Songs For The Golden Hour really expands beyond normal fusions into the realms of sonic surrealism. The opening track "Ghetto of Eden" has elements of The Faint, Rocket From The Crypt and a ghost train. Whilst "SM Revelation" sounds like a dubbed out melodica driven mewit...view item »

Evil Blizzard
The Dangers Of Evil Blizzard

Their name sounds like a Daily Express front page headline, they look like...well... lets just say one of them has a snout and Mark E Smith has said about them “bands like Evil Blizzard, they give me hope that music is alive and kicking”. Its an odd choice of patronage for The Fall front feller but poss...view item »

Paranoid Visions
Rock And Roll And Revolution

Weird punky 7” here, opens with samples and then there’s some comedy oi vocals which I think are coming courtesy of Steve Ignorant of all people and then it goes into a fist-pumping ‘90s pop punk bit that’s almost like Propagandhi or ...view item »

Fawn Spots
Spanish Glass

York is the new New York, you know. Or so you would think if you believed the hyperbole of platform-toting cultural commentator, self-publicist and occasional musician John Robb, who has not only released this 7” but also plastered a quote from himself o...view item »

Deadbeat Echoes
Surge Of Youth

Deadbeat Echoes are apparently 17 years old and from Cheshire. If this was released on anything but Wise Auld Owl John Robb's new label then I'd be a more than a little suspicious of it being a bunch of here-today- gone-tomorrow also-rans with exp...view item »