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Songs For Walter
Songs For Walter

Songs For Walter is a new project from Laurie Hulme (Beat The Radar). The idea is that he writes from the perspective of Walter, his late grandfather. Consequently, these indie-troubadour tunes are highly intimate experiences...view item »

Islands Lost At Sea Vs Soft Priest
The Way We Played It Yesterday

A new split 7" release on Akoustik Anarkhy sees Islands Lost at Sea pitted against Softpriest. ILAS's debut "The way we played it yesterday" is synthetically backed experiment in feedback guitar noise with a breakdown that utilises what sounds like finger pianos and a kazoo. An ecelectic approach like that should make the long player...view item »

Neil Burrell
Ooompa Zoompa

Neil Burrell: 'Ooompa Zoompa' (Akoustik Anarkhy) Psych-folk out of Manchester rekindling the Madchester vibes of yesteryore with an ode to the Willy Wonka song from which the refrain is taken. Limited edition 7" (400) continuing the all strumming, all singing, burning campfires folkdom that's vogue-ish. So when does the Prog-rock rev...view item »

Shot/ Seven tears

Kind of like the single by AUTOKAT although I think their banal name sullies their lasting power considerably. It suggests a bunch of no-marks who may have fluked a 1 off split single with Esmerelda's Parakeet on Lissy's in 1997 before a disasterous gig behind Clapham bus terminal came to an unruly climax when a glue sniffer died in their bass drum...view item »

Neil Burrell
White Devils Day Is Almost Over

On Manchester's Akoustik Anarkhy collective imprint arrives a CD, White Devils Day is Almost Over, by Neil Burrell, a frankly odd man. Culled from Trans-Pennine basement lo-fi sessions, it opens with the avant acid folk single 'Oompa Zoompa' which is plain mad. Further off kilter explorations into cracked psych folk reveal a very human & warm t...view item »


Plank! are back with their second album of amazingly assured proggy, post-krautrocky instrumentals dedicated to our insect brethren. Their sound combines wistful, Boards of Canada-ish synths with supple bass, super tight energetic drumming and intricate guitar work arranged into kaleidoscopic, math rock wor...view item »


With a sleeve resembling the poster for some 80’s horror movie its not surprising Plank! have been lumped in with the space soundtrack brigade. They produce a kraut-y funk like jam, playful with heavy nods towards John Carpenter and Vangelis. They are, however, at ...view item »

Thomas Truax
Have We Been Left Behind?

Here we have Thomas Truax. One rhythmic upbeat quirky 7" on Akoustik Anarkhy recordings with fast acoustic strumming keeping the heart beating , the feet tapping the fingers typing words of positivity. Good use of bells and all things percussive. making me dance like an zombie in a electric chair....view item »

Soft Priest
Enjoying Moths

This ones pretty daft good. Soft Priest is the work of studio alchemist and pop guru Charles Bayley, formally of the Manchester pop band The Ruby Tuesdays. Bayley's got a soft spot for the work of composer and Brian Wilson collaborator Van Dyke Parks and doe's his damndest on 'Enjoying Moths' to resurrect his rampant sense of musical joy into th...view item »

The Smiles and Frowns
The Smiles And Frowns

This is sort of a slightly psychedlic, folky, poppy sort of effort that was apparently recorded in 8-track DIY style in one of the dudes' houses. At various points I've been reminded of The Thrills (who were obviously loads worse than this), The Zombies and Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd (who were both obviously loads better than this, but that's ha...view item »

The Loungs
We Are The Champ

Now The Loungs with their new album We Are The Champ out on Akoustik Anarkhy Recordings. Sprouting from St Helens they've got a style than never strays far from melody. It appears that they're an all singing 6 piece and have created some big harmonies over simple poppy music. Each bar has been painstakingly fussed over and its not without its Magic...view item »

The Loungs
Armageddon Outta Here

Onto THE LOUNGS have a 7" out on Akoustik Anarkhy called Armageddon Outta Here. This is their 2nd single I believe. I'm not sure how to pronounce the name and when I tell folks their name they say who? And I end up saying it's like The lungs but with a random 'O' placed in. I've written 2 lines and already the song has finished. This sounds a ...view item »

Its A Buffalo
Don't Be Scared

"Don't be scared" is the first full length effort from Manchester's very own It's a Buffalo. These guys are playing the kind of modern indie rock that you'd expect to hear from The Cribs or many fellow Mancunians The Courteeners but they've got a little bit of country rock in the mix to separate them from the crowd. They sound like an exc...view item »

Its A Buffalo
Marbles/Belt Me In The Back

It's a Buffalo are from Manchester and strip indie music back to it's bare essentials on new single 'Marbles', spilling with crisp chiming lead guitar, a rambling rhythm guitar, and sprightly twin pronged vocal harmonies. That topped with robust, energetic drums makes for very enjoyable listening. They've got a pure spirited energy these lads, a su...view item »

Cats In Paris
Courtcase 2000

Cats in Paris are the latest hopes from Manchester trying to inject some spunk & originality into their cities legacy. And boy, do they succeed. Not a Joy Div bassline in sight not a Smithsian jangle to be heard or a Roses-esque monkey wail to be winced at. 'Courtcase 2000' is brooding groove-prog, & epic strange-pop. The single s...view item »

Cats In Paris
Foxes/ Terrapins

For once there's some great little 7"'s out this week. I mean little in reference to their size rather than in a patronising way. Here's Cats In Paris with a fantastic debut 7" on Akoustik Anarkhy. The lead track 'Foxes' is nuts.... It's all over the shop.... Prolapse esque boy/ girl vocals punctuated by this kick ass rock bit with huge G...view item »


Also on the indie tip is Autokat with Innocence with a slab of raincoat early 90's sounding indie rock. Very repetitive sounding which immediately makes it stick in your brain.... quite frenetic sounding...pacey with oodles of energy. It's very Manchester sounding indeed..... it's got an air of grim ness which appeals to me. The best thing I've hea...view item »

Its A Buffalo
Divorce Song

Its a Buffalo with Divorce song/somewhere in range on ...view item »

Late Night Shopping

I was gonna review the Charlotte Hatherley album but accidentally fell into a coma. Or was it a comma? I'm a punctuation nazi you see. So I'll see if the AUTOKAT album on Akoustik Anarkhy fares any better. Front loading yer album with the single always bodes badly so lets see....the second track is the B-side from the s...view item »