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Fabio Orsi
Sterminato Piano

The tireless Fabio Orsi’s new one came about after returning to Puglia, Italy after eight years of Berlin-ing. That’s bound to affect your creations a bit. While much of his previous work has concentrated on arrangements of drones, pads and field recordings, Sterminato Piano is a pair of slow-burning arpeggi-synth electronica tunes with unexpectedly heavy rhythms. Still characteristically dreamy, but certainly a touch more alert.

Mike Cooper
Distant Songs Of Madmen

Distant Songs of Madmen was recorded live in Palermo during a solo set by Mike Cooper. It's a mix of free improvisations on guitar with some digital trickery as well as some traditional folk covers and original songs. There is a wonderful feeling of traditional blues alongside a sense of unpredictable, electric experimentation.
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Konstrukt (feat. Graham Massey & David McLean)
Live At Islington Mill

Those Turkish improv Konstrukt boys sure love collaborating with guests, and here in Manchester’s fine Islington Mill venue, they added David Mclean of Tombed Visions and Graham Massey of, believe it or not 808 State into their heady live brew. On this night, the extended Konstrukt got into some Miles-ish avant-grooves, to the delight of all. Out on Backwards.

Mike Cooper
Light On A Wall

Fancy something a bit different? Well you'd better be quick as there are only 100 copies of this! Light On The Wall is the new album from Mike Cooper. The songs were improvised by Cooper singing and playing electric lap steel guitar and he used the William Burroughs cut-up method to construct the lyrics from the Thomas Pynchon novels, Gravity’s Rainbow and V. It was recorded live on Radio Lebanon. Due to the improvised nature of the songs, there are other recorded versions that sound completely different. The album features one cover that was not improvised, Bob Dylan’s Masters Of War.