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Esben And The Witch

Esben And The Witch return with a new LP on Season Of Mist. Nowhere is a very good metal album full of Gothic majesty. The passages of monolithic sludge are reminiscent of Sunn O))), but the way they often give way to moments of icy beauty is reminiscent of Converge and even a little Tool. Singer Rachel Davies recalls Chelsea Wolfe and (more obliquely) Beth Gibbons.

Crippled Black Phoenix
Great Escape

Great Escape is the tenth full-length studio album from dark, epic UK rockers, Crippled Black Phoenix. The seven-piece are led by Justin Grieves and have included numerous collaborators among their ranks in the past. The album swells with anger in places and is unsettling in others. All this is tempered by a certain amount of compassion running through other songs. CD and LP on Season Of Mist.

Crippled Black Phoenix
Horrific Honorifics

Crippled Black Phoenix, the epic heavy-prog project helmed by Justin Greaves (Electric Wizard), presents for the first time a collection of cover versions! The sources of the songs are diverse, including No Means No, Swans, and even Sensational Alex Harvey Band: what a range is represented within the Phoenix. Horrific Honorifics is released by Artists Musicians Outlaws.

Esben and The Witch
Older Terrors

The Brighton three piece Espen and the Witch get snapped up by french metal label Season of Mist. Their fourth full length Older Terrors blurs the lines between trip hop like atmosphere and Portishead Third-like vocal delicateness and slow building doom riffs that don’t move buildings but add a gothic texture.

Crippled Black Phoenix

Crippled Black Phoenix return with another heavy record of faded glamour and melancholy prog / post-rock / metal constructions. Varying line-ups mean a broad sound-range across the span of the album. Bronze is available in a plethora of formats: regular CD, deluxe CD with bonus tracks, and three different colours of double vinyl. Out on Season Of Mist.

Crippled Black Phoenix
New Dark Age Tour EP 2015 A.D

Got to appreciate the boldness of releasing a double LP of music and calling it an EP… But then this is the heavy, pro-leaning rock grandeur of Crippled Black Phoenix we are dealing with. New Dark Age Tour EP 2015 EP treats us to a good deal of original Phoenix material, plus a notable, 30+ minute cover of Pink Floyd’s Echoes! 

Exhausting Fire

Kylesa are a band of the down-tuned stoner metal old-school. Exhausting Fire is their seventh album, and it demonstrates the fact that they know exactly which buttons to pressing to conjure up a heat-blasted desert. The CD and the coloured vinyl editions prove their allegiance to the faith with a bonus cover of Black Sabbath’s ‘Paranoid’!
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  • Season of Mist


On CD or Limited Black or Orange Vinyl on Season of Mist. Goliathan is Weedeater’s fifth studio album has been highly anticipated since the acrimonious leaving of the original drummer. Travis Owen (Whores, Zoroaster) has stepped in to fill his boots, and yet again deliver a healthy slab of stoner-sludge-rock. Red-eyed and ‘ev-eh.
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  • Season of Mist

God Luck & Good Speed

One of those bands whose name is all you really need to know, Weedeater make grand, morbid and crushingly slow sludge/stoner metal. Steve Albini producing means feedback has never sounded this good and the poetic lyrics debating existence, death, desperation and getting high, sound fantastic. Reissued on vinyl by Season of Mist.

And Justice For Y'all

One for the Electric Wizard & Sleep fans, this millenium straddling smoker's delight of a platter has never (unbelievably) had this full vinyl unleasing before. I mean, who can skin up properly on a fucking CD case yo? This looks like a proper bitching, classic chunk of stoner wax for the rabid chong-hound in your life. Or workplace. Easy dude, pass the roach! NO DON'T TEAR UP THE SLEEVE MAAAAAN!