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Ben Shemie
A Skeleton

Ben Shemie is the vocalist and guitarist from Canadian band Suuns. On A Skeleton, his first solo album, he makes stark experimental pop as bare bones as well, a skeleton. It was recorded live with no overdubs resulting in an album with a focussed sense of chaos and a pureness of intent. Released on Hands in the Dark.
  • Vinyl LP (HITD 045)

Jonathan Fitoussi

Hands In The Dark (Cankun, Bitchin Bajas) drop this ambitious LP from Jonathan Fitoussi. Recorded in a London church crypt in the Summer of 2018, this single-track album sees Fitoussi spooling out threads Buchla, gentle drum patterns and the occasional flurry of New Age noise. It’s a hypnotic listen that will appeal to anyone who enjoyed Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s recent Abstractions album.

Matthias Puech

Matthias Puech is a builder of modular synths, and also a user of those synths, in this case creating an abstract electronic soundscape that also evokes in some way an Alpine hike. Alpestres actually has a lot of sonic focus and narrative drive for a modular synth record, with evocative titles in various European languages to help the listener off on their sonic trip up the mountain.
  • Vinyl LP (HITD 042)
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  • Hands In The Dark

Brian Case
Plays Paradise Artificial

Brian Case from Chicago post-punk bands Disappears and FACS is onto his third solo release with Plays Paradise Artificial. Here he takes the essence of his previous two albums and distills further his work with Disappears and FACS to its bare bones to create a skeletal and spooky musical world. Transparent yellow vinyl, limited to 300 copies on Hand In The Dark.
  • Vinyl LP (HITD 041)
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  • Limited edition

Aaron Moore & Erik K Skodvin
Instead of Rain I Bring a Hat

Volcano the Bear founding member Aaron Moore and Miasmah man Erik K. “Svarte Greiner” Skodvin won’t go down well at the rain party tonight, but at least they’ll be dry. Six years in the making, this long-distance collaboration boasts all the aching, immersive cinematic modern composition soundscapery (courtesy of piano, cello, harp and much more) you’d expect from such a meeting of the minds. Great cover art as well.

Memory In Vivo Exposure

Tomaga's new material sees a deepening of their signature rhythmic atmosphere, opening in a chiming hypnosis reminiscent of traditional Balinese gamelan. Stripped back, metallic percussion and subtle musicality follows and makes up the album's bulk, ending in a near ambient, contemplative atmosphere.

Présence Absente

Working backwards from their live set up, Toulousians Saåad have been able to capture the special uncertainty of improvisation and captured it as an album full of cosmic drone. Inside are layers and layers of mysteries to uncover. Released by Hands In The Dark and limited to 300 copies. 
  • Label(s):
  • Hands In The Dark

Sur Les Autres Mondes

In the mid 20th Century French astronomer Lucien Rudaux imagined what the surfaces of our neighbours in the solar system look like. In 2018 Egyptology are drawing on those descriptions to create classic sounding 70s inspired kosmiche. Released on Hands In The Dark and limited to 300 copies. 
  • Label(s):
  • Hands In The Dark

Brian Case
Spirit Design

Just a year on from his first solo works this is the latest slab of concrete dub and electronics from former 90 Day Men chap Brian Case.  However, this is a very different beast from his debut as it features vocals and has a much more beat based feel - perfect for being heard through big sound systems. 
  • Label(s):
  • Hands In The Dark

New Age Sewage

Los Angeles sons of prehistoric drone rock sludge return to Hands In The Dark some four years after the suffocating dub of their last LP 'Primal Sphere'. 'New Age Sewage' has the brothers tunneling ever darker beneath the shiny exterior of their city touching on themes of poison intoxication, the negative West, heavy breathing, wraith hallucination, mystic sludge, skyquake prophecy and false messiahs. 

Matt Jencik
Weird Times

Matt Jencik engages with his musical past in an interesting way, by dredging up some of his old unused guitar riffs and applying them to drone-making processes until each is abstracted into a blur of ambient tones. The resulting Weird Times record, limited to 300 vinyl copies, is released by Hands In The Dark.

Bitchin Bajas

Bitchin Bajas are a trio who make wholesome instrumental music which perfectly meld electronics with acoustic instruments such as woodwinds, flutes and xylophones. Transporteur has a psychedelic hint to it throughout but is ultimately something fun, something which tells many different stories in one song. It’s reminiscent of the work of electro-wizz and creator of children’s music, Bruce Haack, and would be a joy for both children and big-children alike.  

The Shape Of The Dance

Tomaga are always a fierce prospect live, where their combination of percussion, organ and electronics has been blowing audiences away for years. Happily, they can recreate that power on record too: The Shape Of The Dance is their second full-length album, and takes a minimalist approach that sometimes recalls Oneida (this is the highest of compliments). Released by Hands In The Dark.

Brian Case
Tense Nature

Brian Case decided to have fun with loops while creating this record, cutting up mostly electronic recordings of his and reassembling them at random. Of course, a tape loop quickly makes anything sound like a pattern, and Tense Nature’s tracks form themselves into intriguing wholes. 500 LP copies on Hands In The Dark.

The Oscillation

The Oscillation do have oscillating synths embedded in their sound, but for the most part they mine a more space-rocky seam. Their fourth album, Monographic, follows on from successful remixes for Fat White Family and Simian Mobile Disco. Released as a CD and in 2 vinyl editions: the regular black wax is pressed to 600 copies, the white just 400. On Hands In The Dark.


Housewives present their debut full-length album, Work. The band’s style is post-punky, with an experimental bent: they used some unusual recording techniques (e.g. drums in a silo) and some field recordings in the making of this album. The record is released by a consortium of some of the freshest labels on the scene: Negative Days, Hands In The Dark, and Blank Editions.

Familiar Obstacles

The consistently strong Blank Tapes cassette label releases a new slice of Tomaga, a London-based duo playing on drums, synthesisers and a delicious array of various acoustic and electronic objects. Familiar Obstacles has 2 side-long tracks running to 52 minutes, and there only 100 copies out there, so move fast!

Lee Noble/ Ensemble Economique
Motion Forever

Only The Sun Is Full Of Gold

Great LP name alert - Only the Sun is Full of Gold comes from psychedelic, electronic geezer Cankun. The instrumental music on this LP is ever changing throughout the one track, taking you from dark landscapes of fuzzy guitar reverb, and into the bright and wonderful land of happy beats and laughing windchimes. It’s something new with every listen.   

Mind Over Mirrors
Check Your Swing

  • Vinyl LP (HITD013)
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  • Label(s):
  • Hands In The Dark

Futura Grotesk

London duo TOMAGA create darkly experimental music on their debut LP, Futura Groteska. It sounds like the soundtrack to some 1970s Italian horror film full of strange psychedelic scenes of lizards eating pigs or something of the like. It’s disconcerting but with a really solid percussive feel which keeps things grinding onward nicely. For fans of bands such as Demdike Stare’s creepy worlds.
  • Label(s):
  • Hands In The Dark

Death And Vanilla

Oh kind people at Fire Records, fresh from issuing Death and Vanilla's much loved second album 'Where the Wild Things Are' have now embarked on a re-issue programme of the bands earlier work including this now impossi-find debut EP. This was the record that first informed us that there could indeed be life after Broadcast. It now re-unleashed on blue vinyl for those who missed out first time round.  
  • Label(s):
  • Hands In The Dark