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Maribou State
Kingdoms In Colour

Maribou State return with their sophomore LP. The follow-up to 2015’s Portrait is another collection of breezy, emotive electronica that takes in plunderphonics, festival house, post-dubstep and more. Hopping on a trend in this sort of thing at the moment, there seems to be a Bollywood flavour to some of the sampl...view item »

Chrome Sparks
Chrome Sparks

Chrome Sparks is the recording moniker of Jeremy Malvin. He liked the name so much that he decided to name his debut album that too. There’s a buzz about this guy following a couple of well received EPs on Future Classic, the label that has been home to Chet Faker and Flume. He recorded it...view item »

Places We Don’t Know

Keane once talked about 'Places Only We Know' but Gothenburg based producer Carl Gasbo is more concerned with the places we don't know on this debut. The album is full of his pleasantly chilled uplifting R & B with guests galore including London electronic duo TENDER. Will sound good on the Chart Show or whatever.&...view item »

What So Not
Not All The Beautiful Things

After Flume split away from the collaboration, Emoh Instead has kept growing What So Not, with collaborations with the likes of R.L. Grime and Ganz. Now dropping his debut full length through Counter. Features collabs with Skrillex, Toto...view item »

Jono McCleery
Seeds Of A Dandelion

You don't even need to know the original versions of these songs to appreciate how good they are on this record. I'm being deadly serious, this is so good and I wish I could sing like he can. I can't sing - I've only just about mastered the art of talking to tell the truth - but Jono McCleery certainly can.  We start with Gabriel by...view item »

Too Real

West coast producer Giraffage brings his debut full length album after a handful of releases on Fool’s Gold and Dim Mak. Glistening synth pop with the slick production of Flume. Featuring guest col...view item »

A Moment Apart

ODESZA's 'A Moment Apart' represents their progress as a duo. The combination of synth lines, weighted atmospheres and a more mature sound create familiar feelings of nostaalgia, optimism and hope for any listening to this standout album. 'A Moment Apart' features many guests, such as Leon Bridges, Regina Spektor, and RY X, showcasing ODESZA's e...view item »


RAC (Remix Artist Collective), setup and lead by André Allen Anjos drops his new full length album on Counter Records. Refined electro pop-come-disco with a grand 80s glamour.  With all but the outro bringing a different collaborating artists. Featuring Rivers Cuomo, Chaos Ch...view item »

When Love Hurts

When Love Hurts audibly revs up at the start of its first tracks, with the sound of police sirens fading away into sleek and gorgeous house flows. Let the troubles of the real world slip away and come play… Spanish producer Pional has a wonderful poppy touch, as well as a delicate voice that he uses, Cari...view item »

Conner Youngblood
The Generation of Lift

This record, then, has been subject to Clint’s post-it-note screening process, in which he scribbles a dead giveaway description to put in my review and then dares me to refute it. Conner Youngblood has been termed “Sufjan Stevens with autotune”, which is interesting, because last time I checked, ...view item »


Taken from Tiga’s No Fantasy Required LP and working with Paranoid London, this club stomper is an old heart with a new head, harking from the golden age. Thick grooved-out acid bassline and shuffled drum machine will get you moving without realising. For Fans of Erol Alkan, ...view item »

David August
J.B.Y / Ouvert

The first solo record in 2 years from David August arrives on Counter, the Ninja Tune-affiliated label. He’s been busy playing with the Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin you see… But he hasn’t forgotten his house music routes, as J.B.Y / Ouvert capably proves with its shimmer and b...view item »

The Heavy
Hurt & The Merciless

On Hurt & The Merciless, The Heavy prove their blend of guitar-led neo-soul and modern funk is as tight as ever. Their sound might be rooted in the past, but their catchy songwriting and groovy experimentalism are defiantly modern. The Counter label bring this to CD and heavyweight 180 ...view item »

Submotion Orchestra
Colour Theory

Submotion Orchestra seem to have relocated to a smoky jazz club for Colour Theory, with plenty of impressive and soulful vocal contributions, slow burning late-night electro-orchestral textures and very smooth, chilled out tunes. It opens with the sumptuous and sultry r&b of "Red Dress", with a vocal courtesy of Ruby Wood; I place her s...view item »

Light EP

ODESZA follow up their hugely popular album In Return with this new single, featuring the very welcome vocals of Little Dragon. Lush electronic sonics, swelling to big crescendoes. Also included on the Light EP are live recordings of three of the group’s singles, making this a hit-packed ...view item »

Tiny Pause

This is the type of record to get our resident old man Ian moving around in his seat. It sits in that place where electronics meets post rock guitars. It’s full of sweet (almost twee at times ) melodies over stuttery drums and dreamy soundscapes. On ‘Occasional Magic’ a vocal loop in brought in to ...view item »

Maribou State

Our descriptions goblin Tom rightly pointed out that Maribou is essentially a melding of Manitoba and Caribou, talk about wearing your influences on your sleeve right? Maybe thought you’d throw a bit of 808 State in there too, eh? Secret collabo...view item »

Andreya Triana

Joining the competitive musical scene of jazzy, soulful, power singer along with artists such as Paloma Faith, Adele and Laura Mvula, Andreya Triana is the latest name to create joyous, fun soul/jazz, all punctuated by her vocals. The songs on Giants are produce...view item »

The Heavy
The Glorious Dead

The Heavy blends retro-soul, R&B, funk and garage rock to produce an awesome musical stew. Honestly, I was a little worried that the success of The House that Dirt Built would make the band a little complacent, and churn out something ultimately forgettable. They've done exactly the opposite and put out what is probably a better album musica...view item »

Pop Levi
Police $ign/Ferrifying (for Kenneth Anger)

Okay so I'm gonna brave the Pop Levi 'Police $ign' 7" as I think I've forgotton what he sounds like... Oh yeah it's good times rock n roll. Brian pipes up something about Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I think we all concur that this is probably the best thing he's done. It's kinda raw garagey rawk that although aint my cup of tea I dare say I'd be bobbing ...view item »

People Like People Like You

This is little album is amazing! lent it from a mate at Uni and just cant stop listening to it....its one of those that grows and grows...some bits make you want to explode.............if you dont buy it then get a copy somehow......everyone needs to have this.......but dont tell them I said for music lovers............ ...view item »

The Heavy
Great Vengeance & Furious Fire

I checked this out after listening to The Glorious Dead and The House That Dirt Built, so I was kind of working backwards chronologically. GV&FF doesn't quite have the same spark that the subsequent albums possess, but it's still a really solid album; there isn't a lemon in the batch, and if you enjoyed their other work then this is a must-h...view item »

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