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Beech Creeps
Beech Creeps

Beach Creeps' debut record is a chunky slice of emotive alt-rock, with guitars muted and then squeezed until all the strings have lost their life and are all tucked out. With a vocal obscured in the mix that recalls Superchunk but less clear, they use a base appro...view item »

The Rebel
The Five Year Plan

Okay, I'm a little bit won over here before I even put the record on the player. Take it out of the sleeve and you will discover that the blank side of this record has been screenprinted with a cool little picture of a snooker ball, and the side with the songs on has a picture of ...view item »

Cloudland Canyon
Prophetic Frequencies

It amuses me that in the press release, this duo are accused of being ‘Synth abusing weirdos’. There doesn’t seem to be much occurring in the way of actual abuse. I’m off to see Swiss dada-noise performance art nutter Sudden Infant...view item »

Sun Araw / Ralph White

Been looking forward to this one. Seems like a while since Sun Araw last put out any solo material but he’s easily forgiven with this bitchin’ cover of ‘Thrasher’ by Neil Young. What more could you ask for? His cover of ‘Barstool Blues’ on tribute...view item »

Spray Paint
Clean Blood, Regular Acid

Spray Paint are a loose and chilled out noise rock outfit with abrasive production, sharp guitar riffs and dual vocals that recall a stoned Parquet Courts staring blankly into space. The energy is there, but it's used leisurely, as if the band can rip through these songs without blinking. 'Clean Blood, Regular Acid' is ramshackle post-punk that'...view item »

Truth Or Consequences

Lié are a tightly-wound spring of post-punk potency, ready to lash out at any moment. Truth Or Consequences is their second full-length, and it sounds like serious business: every instrument has been dyed black and bitterly well-informed lyrics are howled in the listener’s face. Crucial. Vinyl release on Mo...view item »

The Rafter

Despite releasing a couple of records on generally garage rock label Trouble in Mind, Matchess is a much more sedate affair. Matchess is in fact Whitney Johnson from Chicago lot Verma and she makes sweeping synth and kosmische compositions with nods towards Cabaret Voltaire, minimal synth as wel...view item »


Austin's synth upstarts Survive are back this week, much to my delight, with this new EP on Monofonus Press featuring three quite lengthy tracks. On the first side they take a departure from the melodic and beat-driven material of their previous records in favour of a passage of ominous deep space drone ambience in 'Turing Test'. Lots of slowly ...view item »

Spray Paint

Spray Paint are an Austin, Texas group of post-punk activists, and Dopers is their fifth record, as well as being their second record of this year. Full credit for that work ethic. Their music is audibly the product of a tight discipline crossed with an ecstatic energy. The LP is available on Monofonus Press....view item »

Ixtab Compilation Series, Volume 1

The first of what is promised to be several compilations, Ixtab Compilation Series, Volume 1 has tracks by Interbrain, Samoln, Idea Fire Company and BRRR, and Empfänger. A wild variety of names and a wild variety of cosmic disco sounds. A groovy, colourful compilat...view item »

Pool Blunt

Marriage are a band of ne'er-do-wells making their scrappy music out of a grab-bag of random instrumentation. In their press release for Pool Blunt they boast that their songs sound improvised are actually carefully learned, meaning that they have deliberately targeted this messy sound. Good on them. Released...view item »

Ghetto Ghouls

Album number two from Ghetto Ghouls, an Austin, Texas group. Their first record was more of a scuzz-punk explosion, but Collisions is somewhat more restrained. Although let's be clear, this is the tense kind of restraint, that could kick out again at any moment. LP release on the label Monofonus Press....view item »

We Jam By Condos

The excellent and clever title of We Jam By Condos sets off the tone for the music within: we’ve got tracks from Shit & Shine, Ghetto Ghouls, Empty Markets… The compilation oversees the Austin Texas underground scene, moving through, punky stuff, noisey stuff and electr...view item »

Flower Man
Inversion Fortuite

I don't know what the hell this record is supposed to be but on one side someone's painted a load of Aramaic style characters in red paint which looks cooler than a lot of the thoroughly useless etchings I've seen on some records of late. The music is fucking odd to be honest. Made by a guy fr...view item »

The Rebel
K Rot

Avant-garde rambler Ben Wallers has used a variety of wonderfully obnoxious bands as vehicles for his taunting, such as post-punkers the Country Teasers, but now goes under a new alias: The Rebel. Some ecstatically mumbled vocals are dug deep into the mix of frenetic keys and ramshackle programmed drums, and the result is something like a l...view item »

Trans Upper Egypt
Trans Upper Egypt

The self-titled sophomore release from Italians Trans Upper Egypt delivers an intoxicating blend of ratatat rhythms, psych-soaked vocals and krautrock repetition. Summoning the freedom of Damo Suzuki, it’s a hypnotic journey with the distant ghost of Hawkwind looming overhead. Out on vinyl LP from Monofonus Press....view item »

The Pheromoans
Bar Rock EP

The Pheromoans I saw at a gig in a room above infamous scuzzy Gang of Four-endorsed boozer The Fenton last year, I was excited about seeing them, so much so I got v. drunk and faintly recall t...view item »

Ghetto Ghouls
Ghetto Ghouls

I’ve never heard this band before but with a name like Ghetto Ghouls how could they not be up my street? Apparently the dozen songs on this self-titled album was recorded in the space of just four hours, which is good going by anyone’s standards. They’re busting out a filthy but tight brand of garage rock with scything treble-h...view item »

Bobsleigh Baby

I've had a couple of records this week which, while they were perfectly competent bits of grungey rock, really didn't sound like they were recorded by a room full of people, instead exhibiting a kind of precision and sheen that can only be brought into the equation with computers and fancy production. If that sort of distancing polish alienates ...view item »

Up Around The Sun
Up Around The Sun

Formally a member of Texas punk outfit The Big Boys, Up Around the Sun is a different vehicle entirely for singer-songwriter Tim Kerr. He's teamed up with claw hammer banjo-maestro Jerry Hagins and recorded a lively album of old-time songs. Loads of fiddle, harmonica and banjo and a rollicking good thigh-slapper it is. It's on vinyl and it's ace...view item »

Love Inks
Generation Club

A soft, supremely subliminal record from Love Inks here, who continue to understand the need for the minimal and the understated in drama. Generation Club is the band's dreamiest work on display, with "Solar Diary" treading a middle-ground pace as Sherry LeBlanc intones softly and hazily. Altogether ...view item »

Soft Healer

Haven’t heard from Soft Healer in a while. I recall we had a great 7” by them a few years back that had a real smooth, minimalist approach, like a more organic take on The XX with smatterings of Young Marble Giants in the ...view item »

Ralph White
The Mongrel's Hoard

I've had a lot of records with screenprinted sleeves to review today for some reason...must be something in the water. This one's got a nice colourful print going on and then on the disc within there's six tracks of nimble-fingered steelstring picking accompanied by fiddle and voice (and...view item »

Led Er Est
Turritopsis Blues

I have to admit my ignorance here and say this is the first Led Er Est record I'm aware of listening to. Yeah, I know they've been going for a while but it's hard to listen to everything. The opening track's totally a...view item »

Trans Upper Egypt
North African Beserk

Once again I'm playing guess-the-genre before I put the record on the player, and once again I'm wrong. This one looks like an astral synth record but actually it's scuzzy no-wave influenced indie noise with hypnotic murky grooves over the course of five tracks. Nice screenprinted sleeve...view item »