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Cult Party
And Then There Was This Sound

Sad hits for all the family (lest there are happy members of it), it's the brand new record by not-at-all-super stars Cult Party! This wonderful band may have been a solitary, self-preserving bedroom band once upon a time, but on And Then There Was This Sound songwriter Leo Robinson opens up his sounds wi...view item »

Dinner Party
Too Live To Die

Dinner Party are a fuzz-rock band from Manchester. The Three Piece are made up from members of other Manchester bands such as Former Bullies, Irma Vep and Sex Hands. Too Live To Die is their second album and follow-up to their debut, Swinging. Fan...view item »


Sprinters to all intents and purposes are Wigan's answer to Real Estate. Now based in marginally more fashionable Manchester, the group play a high octane form of janglesome indie pop which suggests that Wigan is the sunniest place on earth. If on the Manchester scene Horsebeach bring the murk a...view item »

Vertical Slump
Ruined Value

Vertical Slump are post-punk four piece whose members have been in bands such as Shopping, Gloss Rejection, Omi Palone and Circuit Breaker. Ruined Value is a confident and vigorous 4-track EP which was produced by Mark Jasper. Part sweet and melodic, pa...view item »


This is the debut 7” single by three piece Thalassocracy, featuring Art Is Hard records’ own Richard Walsh (vocals and guitar), Slothboat music blogger Lloyd King (bass guitar) and Playlounge’s Sam Watkins (drums). ‘Graves’ is a low fi, melodic pop song played through muddy guitars, carried along by laid back vocals...view item »

Eerie Glue / Joey Fourr

London’s Joey Fourr meet Danish Band Eerie Glue on this split cassette release on Manchester’s Icecapades label. Drum machines and guitars recorded in bedrooms to create melodic and esoteric lo-fi pop that will please fans of Scout Niblet, Bikini Kill, Replac...view item »
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Thinkers EP

Second EP from these guys. The first one sold out in minutes or something. I forget. I know very little about them aside from the fact that they have the drummer from Mazes playing with ‘em. I’m not sure where they’re from but my guess is Norwich. Probably wrong, but I did say it was a guess. ...view item »
7" (ICEA006, £4.49) is now sold out, sorry.
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Lady Neptune
Destroys The Moon EP

Drowned in extremely fuzzy guitars, this home-made EP is a must for you shoegaze-with-female-vocalists fans, which should be basically everybody. Lady Neptune’s second is another tribute to the warmth of noise and the beauty of destruction, hence the title: Destroy the Moon. She's pretty out there, and we're happy...view item »
Tape (ICECA 008, £4.49) is now sold out, sorry.
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Sex Hands / Daily Life

I don't know which side of this record I'm listening to. It's very confusing. Anyway, either Daily Life or Sex Hands play tuneful and upbeat jangly indie pop with slightly buried, casually delivered singing and knock out a couple of sunshiney garage numbers that bring to mind the likes of...view item »
7" (ICECA004, £4.49) is now sold out, sorry.
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Feel Right
North West

Pretty cool looking thing, this. Massive props to the cover artists Lucy Jones and Alex Humphreys for putting in the hours...the press release just describes it as “hand-assembled, risographed” but as far as I can tell the back cover is a one-colour screenprint, hand-numbered i...view item »
LP (ICECA003, £10.49) is now sold out, sorry.
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