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Mike Cooper
Tropical Gothic

Mike Cooper has been making his own special interpretations of ‘Tropical’ music for many years now, and this continues in style with new album Tropical Gothic. As you’d expect, this brings some darkness into the sound, reflecting on colonial influences. The music is wonderful, with guitars and field re...view item »

Yannis Kyriakides & Andy Moor
A Life Is A Billion Heartbeats

Andy Moor, one of The Ex’s super-kinetic guitarists, has a long-running pairing with Yannis Kyriakides, a Cypriot sound-artist with a lot of work under his belt. A Life Is A Billion Heartbeats explores the sound and feel of Greek Rebetika music, taking that traditional sound to radically new places, using electronics, guitar and improvisat...view item »

Monopoly Child Star Searchers
Make Mine, Macaw

Moniker-surfing bird aficionado Spencer Clark’s Make Mine, Macaw (released under the Monopoly Child Star Searchers name) is an odd fellow. Very lo-fi and steeped in the exotic imagery of the titular parrot and its eerie layers of flute and samples, it comes out sounding rather like a mix of ...view item »

Pali Mersault

Sound artist Pali Meursault has developed a unique method of composition. He makes field recordings of animals, then sets them in dialog with a series of fluorescent light tubes that he has ‘sonified’. This is done in keeping with an overarching aesthetic...view item »

Sugai Ken
てれんてくだ tele-n-tech-da

Tinkerer of sound first and designer of it second, Sugai Ken recently wowed us with his broken clockwork jams over on RVNG Intl. He here returns for a "radio play" based on the Japanese movement Mingei, further suggesting an almost folk art approach to his sound effect ambience. Sporadic and serendipitous, the record s...view item »

Meridian Brothers
El Advenimiento del Castillo Mujer

The 2006 debut album of Meridian Brothers. Sounds of Bogotan musical traditions (e.g. cumbia, currulao) are slightly tweaked, abstracted and adjusted, becoming what key member Eblis Alvarez calls ‘Abstract Folk Music’. Initially a CD-only release, El Advenimiento del Castillo Mujer is now re...view item »

Félix Blume
Death In Haiti: Funeral Brass Bands & Sounds from Port Au Prince

Felix Blume is the sound-artist credited with Death In Haiti: Funeral Brass Bands & Sounds from Port Au Prince, but what he has really done is provided a window through which the people of Haiti can shine. Funerals, funeral processions and church services are condensed into a rich and powerful sound picture of these...view item »

Matmos / People Like Us / Wobbly
Wide Open Spaces

Let’s revisit a remarkable collaboration from 2002, when plunderphonic supremos People Like Us and Wobbly matched up with Matmos, the kings of high-concept, high-fun electronics. Wide Open Spaces documents a live performance themed around ‘country & western’, which...view item »

German Army
More Bitter Fruit

Enigmatic San Bernardino, California duo German Army are one of the most prolific but consistently reliable projects in the contemporary underground. This LP concerns the 1954 CIA coup in Guatemala, creating an impressionistic narrative from interview samples and ominous sonics. For fans of Throbbing Gristle, ea...view item »

People Like Us / Porest

New from avant garde imprint Discrepant comes an LP in the 'two artists, a track each per side' split format, both exploring found sound collage like nobody else. Both pieces focus on the medium of radio as a means to source and disseminate sound, exposing its unpredictable and strangely dislocating nature....view item »

Pierre Bastien
The Mecanoncentric Worlds of Pierre Bastien

Pierre Bastien started building his orchestra, utilising the once popular kids construction toy Meccano, in the mid-’80s. The Mecanoncentric Worlds of Pierre Bastien captures his weird and wonderful creation at its best, playing all sorts of percussion with more unusual items such as rubber ...view item »
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Symbols Follow

Mutamassik has always tried to defy description, and has certainly become rather deft at it. Perhaps the label’s descriptor ‘arabified swamp music’ suits Symbols Follow, which hopefully will be as far out as Mutamassik’s previous works. Expect thumping, hypnotizing beats coated in strange sound c...view item »

Visions Congo
Mulago Sound Studio

Visions Congo is Goncalo F Cardoso, the operator of the Discrepant label and a serial pseudonym-user. This one is named for its origins in field recordings of a long trip to central Africa in 2015. Mulago Sound Studio densely layers rich recordings into an even richer stew, often then undermining itself with some surpri...view item »

People Like Us
Abridged Too Far

People Like Us, the long-running cut-and-splice plunderphonic project of Vicki Bennett, celebrates its twenty-fifth year in 2017, and the Discrepant label are doing a few vinyl releases to celebrate. Abridged Too Far contains various...view item »

Yannick Dauby
咾咕厝 (Coral House) Penghu Experimental Sound Studio Vol. 2

For this release, Yannick Dauby used field recordings, extracts from interviews and assorted objects to capture some sense of the Taiwanese Penghu Archipelago. (Coral House) Penghu Experimental Sound Studio Vol. 2 takes these elements and juxtaposes, processes an...view item »

Mike Cooper
Reluctant Swimmer / Virtual Surfer

A document of a live performance by Mike Cooper that was given in Rome back in 2003. The music was improvised, although Cooper finds himself wandering into two sung songs along the way (by Van Dyke Parks and Fred Neil respectively), one of them for the first time. Fantastic list...view item »

Kink Gong
Imer Zeillos

The new Kink Gong material performs an interesting act of combination not often seen in the world of field recording. Rather than claiming to present a document of a single time and place, Imer Zeillos takes recordings of Turkish traditional instruments and puts ...view item »

Radio Kampala / Skull Cave

Gonzo produces an interesting pair of audio slices recorded in Kampala, East Africa. Insect-buzz field recordings and religiously-themed spoken-word are set adrift in a clean sea of electronics: a low-key beat, some shimmering synths, and some digital scree that all adds up to a unique release. Radio Kampala / Skull Cave...view item »

Antologia de Música Atípica Portuguesa

“Antologia de Música Atípica Portuguesa” (Anthology of Atypical Portuguese Music) brings together artists such as tape-breaker Live Low, ghost of Gnod’s past, Negra Branca plus Yong Yong’s Rodolfo Brito of Night School fame amongst others to reconcile, re-ev...view item »
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German Army and Old Komm

This release by German Army (possibly not the actual german army) in collaboration with Russian crew Old Komm is an ‘imaginary soundtrack’ to the film Disquiet. The vibe is heavy and industrial and dark, with...view item »


Nice to have a spot of Lebanese this morning. No, not coffee or drugs. This is some real music, don't push me over the edge y' hear. What I know about traditional music from this Middle Eastern country could be written on the back of a postage stamp from Liliput but it's heartening to hear this three piece add a fascinating contemporary sheen to...view item »
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Rizan Said
King of Keyboard

Rizan Said is probably most prominent to Western ears as Omar Souleyman’s key collaborator, generating wave upon wave of addictive dabke dance sounds. King Of Keyboard sees Said step out solo, wowing the listener with his astonishing synth skills. As modern as Korg keyboards and a...view item »

DW Robertson
Disco Carousel Vol.1

DW Robertson’s eccentric stylings might be more familiar to you under the name Ergo Phizmiz, but there comes a time in every artist’s life when they must shed their monikers... The inventiveness and humour of Phizmiz is still very much present though: Disco Carousel Vol. 1 i...view item »

Ergo Phizmiz
Two Quartets

I’m quite a fan of Ergo Phizmiz more pop-orientated work but by gum is this hard work. It's comprised of collagey loops featuring clocks, old timey music, parping horns, jazzy drums and yodelling. Long samples of Peggy Lee are interrupted by squawking horns and sax. I’ve not managed to get past track three. It may appeal to fans of t...view item »
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Tiago Sousa
Um Piano Nas Barricadas

The Discrepant label continue to release the most exciting neo-classical and minimal experimental music. This vinyl LP of Tiago Sousa’s Um Piano Nas Barricadas is an eclectic and avant-garde combination of traditional Portuguese sounds, solo piano and abrasive horns. It’s was also ma...view item »

Chang Fo Ji - Buddha Loops from China & Tibet

A singular little oddity on vinyl LP from Discrepant. In China and Tibet mini, pre-programmed boomboxes called Chang Fo Ji, or Buddha Machines, pump out meditation drones and modern prayers. Buddha Loops from China & Tibet compiles these hypnotic looping tones and pulsing, bowed drones and is perfect for fan...view item »

Mike Cooper
New Kiribati

First released in 1999, here is the first installment in Mike Cooper’s intriguing journey away from songcraft and towards ‘Ambient Exotica Soundscapes’: intriguing and atmospheric little soundworlds made with… well, all sorts. This reissue on Discrepant is the first ever a...view item »

Goncalo F Cardoso & Ruben Pater
A Study into 21st Century Drone Acoustics

A Study Into 21st Century Drone Acoustics could be the name of any number of experimental ambient records, but in fact, these are the other kind of drones: the one’s governments use to kill people. Ruben Pater and Goncalo F Cardoso compile one side of drone field recordings, and one side of a laye...view item »

Johnny Kafta Anti-Vegetarian Orchestra
Johnny Kafta Anti-Vegetarian Orchestra

Johnny Kafta Anti-Vegetarian Orchestra is an unusual project name isn't it? I guess Johnny Kafta really hates vegetarians…? Well, whether he does or not, the self-titled album of this group of his expresses strong vibes of free-rock, honed carefully (through improvisation) in the Lebanon. LP on...view item »


Romperayo is a group bringing together international percussion wizards with various synth players and other instrumentalists. Their self-titled debut record showcases the freshest that Colombian music has to offer, bringing the folksong and cumbia traditions into today via heavy use of samplers and such. On Discrepant....view item »

El Mahdy Jr
Ghost Tapes

Turkish-tape-twister El Mahdy Jr presents Ghost Tapes, two excellent collages built up from Mahdy’s personal collection of cassettes. The pieces drift through sources as wide as vocal pop grabbed off the radio, to the weather, to roughly-crafted beats, to background sound from a bar. All put toget...view item »
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Kink Gong

Tanzania presents a re-worked and re-processed set of field recordings made by Laurent Jeanneau (aka Kink Gong) fifteen years ago (in Tanzania, as it happens). The treatments he applies make this an interesting half-way house between a presentation straight, ‘raw’ recordings and electro-acou...view item »
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Kink Gong

Cripes, not even really sure where to start with this one. Basically Laurent Jeanneau has gone to Xinjiang Province in China and recorded a load of local musicians playing local instruments with names like kazakh dongbra and uyghur tambur and dotar that I'm not even going to pretend to kno...view item »

Yannick Dauby
Penghu Experimental Sound Studio Vol. 1

French sound composer Yannick Dauby spent several months in Peng-Hu (located in the Taiwan strait) composing this record which documents the environment using sounds of underwater fauna, waves shortwave radio and sounds collected from harbours. He used analog electronic instruments to create a haunting sketchbook of his time on the island. Like ...view item »

Kink Gong

Audio archivist Laurent "Kink Gong" Jeanneau is back with a new LP, a companion piece to this year's 'Gongs of Cambodia & Laos' collection which examined the various timbres and tones of gong orchestras of South East Asia. On 'Gongs' he takes this material and manipulates it into warped, deconstructed and distorted shapes, using computer mod...view item »

Cedric Stevens
Hanging in the Wires

Cedric Stevens has managed to get out of his collaborative headspace (having recently worked with Fennesz on 'Becs', his new record of maximal, cinematic electronica), to record 'Hanging In the Wires', his own experimental tribute to electronica. Stevens made the textures present on this record with guitar, synth and tambura. As always, Stevens ...view item »
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Papillon is one of my favourite films. I’ve seen it more times than I can possibly remember and I can’t think of a better film to watch on a Sunday afternoon. Watching Steve Mcqueen deteriorate from hardnut to frail old man over 3 hours is a feast for the mind. It also features lepers and to date this is my only experience of lepers ...view item »
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Old Komm

Cedric Stevens

Warm stretched out astral guitar dronings on this very limited Cedric Stevens 7” here, performed and composed in 2010. It’s different to what I was expecting from Stevens, who is best known for his modular analogue ...view item »
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Cedric Stevens / Leyland Kirby / Motion Sickness Of Time Travel / Fennesz
The Syncopated Elevators Legacy

First up, the item description for this might be a bit confusing/misleading so let me tell you before I really get started that this is a Cedric Stevens record, with a remix disc featuring reworks from the other artists mentioned and more, not some kind of split or collaboration....view item »
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