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Life In Sodom
The Stains / Alessandro Adriani Remix

As Mannequin Records closes in on 100 releases Alessandro Adriani’s label dips its toe into the reissues market. This one is a 1991 single from Goth-wave legends Life In Sodom. Both versions of ‘The Stains’ are gloriously vampiric combinations of darkwave, techno and industrial rock. The same applies to 1992 cut ‘Phantasmagoria’ which crops up on the B-side. Label boss Adriani provides a club edit of ‘The Stains’ to round the EP out.
  • Vinyl 12" (MNQ 098)
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Nocturnal Emissions

Nocturnal Emissions can be put into the same box as Throbbing Gristle, SPK and Cabaret Voltaire. Bands who, y’know, don’t like to be put into boxes. They used similar techniques to bring about a similar aesthetic, anyway. Spiritflesh was originally released in 1988 and will be of interest to anyone with a thing for the early drone and dark ambient sounds. Solid grey coloured vinyl, limited to 500 copies, on Mannequin.
  • Vinyl LP (MNQ 103)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Giant Swan
High Waisted

Mannequin Records (Alessandro Adriani, Doris Norton) have an offshoot called Death Of The Machines which they use to debut experimental club fare. They’ve struck gold with High Waisted, a four-track EP by Bristolian group Giant Swan. The duo have previously released on labels including FuckPunk and Timedance, and the tunes here operate in the space between the sounds of those imprints. That is to say, think Total Leatherette going b2b with Blawan.

Death Of The Machines Vol. 1

Alessandro Adriani’s Mannequin imprint brings us (and of course, you) the first volume of their new Death Of The Machines compilation. Four tracks of flourishing experimental techno that sits comfortably between cold wave and club focus. Featuring tracks from Exterminador, Craow, R Gamble, and Plastic Ivy.

Le Syndicat Electronique
Le Syndicat Electronique

Tasty and comprehensive overview of the Le Syndicat Electronique project, assembled and remastered by main man Alaxis Andreas G himself. This is two vinyl LPs-worth of highest-grade electro / wave en Francais, featuring sixteen tracks from across the breadth of the project’s twenty years, including some never-before-released items. Out on Mannequin.

Doris Norton
Artificial Intelligence

Not in any way shape or form anything to do with veteran blooper show anchor Denis Norden but a re-issue of a 1985 album from this legendary electronic producer. Due to it's beats laden nature, Norton has been compared with Kraftwerk and Yellow Magic Orchestra but Artificial Intelligence was an astonishing experiment in composing only with the alfanumerical keyboard of the computer with Norton feeding vowels and consonants of her own voice. 
  • Vinyl LP (MNQ 121)
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Black Merlin
Oba Enka

George Thompson is the man behind the mysterious Black Merlin project if you didn't know; mystique somewhat vaporised. Here he is for his first EP on Mannequin records, and it's a three-track thumper. Bringing the Noir to techno and the voodoo to the dance-floor once again, some manic bass-lines with unrepentant drones and pummelling kick-drums enter the fray, to slay. Great. 
  • Vinyl 12" (MNQ 124)
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Waves of the Future

Lovely stuff here from Alessando Adriani’s Mannequin Records here. Mannequin celebrates hitting 100 releases with this eight-track double-LP, featuring one from Adriani - a dope coldwave/acid techno collab with An-i - and the rest from producers who haven’t put out solo releases for the label ‘yet’. They include L.I.E.S. boss Ron Morelli, Illum Sphere and Not Waving.
  • Vinyl Double LP (MNQ 100)
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Raw Ambassador
Mental Disorder

The secretive Raw Ambassador returns to Germany’s Mannequin Records with another volley of throbbing, lo-fi electro EDM. It’s all pulses, crashes and minimal progression. The title track clatters along with a punkish bass loop and wails, while ‘Bal’ is all distorted, sidechained filtering. On the flip, ‘Trip’ brings back fearsome memories of being chased by mosquitoes.

Raw Ambassador
Shadows Of Evil

Antonio Barbetta’s Raw Ambassador moniker holds no punches or pretences, with releases on Reach Another System, Sama, and UN.T.O. he follows his namesake with raw and hard industrialised techno that is specifically made for underground clubs with strobes and cages, with an air of 80s doom. 12” on Mannequin.
  • Vinyl 12" (MNQ 106)
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Words & Numbers

Hailing from Haarlem near Amsterdam, Dutch post-punk band Nexda offer up an alternative to the post-punk we know and love. Their experimentation and embracing of the DIY ethos saw them use sax, organ, drums they’d made themselves, bits of metal and their voices to make music which was heavy on percussion and dub elements with spoken word rather than sung vocals. Words and Numbers is a compilation of two 12” singles, a 7” and a 7” flexi dsc that were all released in 1982. The fact that the tracks included here were from the same era makes it work as a coherent album.
  • Label(s):
  • Mannequin

Din A Testbild
Programm 2

Rare vintage German new wave, making synthesisers do avant-garde things since 1978. As well as the electronics, Programm 2 also features plenty of hefty industrial rhythms and noisy guitars: Din A Testbild did feature a member of Einstürzende Neubauten after all. Produced by Klaus Schulze! Reissued by Mannequin.

Group A
Group A

This 3-track debut EP is a powerful statement of intent from from Berlin-via-Tokyo experimental synth duo group A. Proclaiming their sound a "non-stop wave of avant-garde noise", the pair have created an industrial-soaked, highly political record which rails against capitalism through a wall of almost indecipherable vocals and minimalistic synths. Punchy and endlessly fascinating. 

Fred Ventura
Future Unknown (The Lost House Trax 1988-1992)

Fred Ventura is Italo-Disco royalty these days, but it could all have been so different if he’d followed through with his late-80s/early-90s experiments in house. Mannequin Records have hoovered up what Ventura got to tape in this period, got them properly mixed and sent them off into the world. While the Chicago/Detroit influence is heavy, there are some highly idiosyncratic flourishes here - try the wacky cop-drama funk of ‘Factory Life’.

Nowa Aleksandria

Following the cold punk sound of British industrial cities of the 70s, this legendary Polish group took the format and added their own political paranoia. Originally released in 1986, the Martin Hannett trademarked sound of Joy Division is present in clenched fist fulls against the faltering vocals mantras.
  • Label(s):
  • Mannequin

Alessandro Adriani

The night never ends in the murky Mannequin Records basement, and Alessandro Adriani is more than happy with his perpetual residency in the dark room, twisting out throbbing monosynth basslines and jacking rhythms for the chains and leather brigade. Across all three tracks on this new 12” the mood stays intense and sleazy, peaking with the noirish closer “You Never Sleep”.

Ford Proco / Coil
Expansion Naranja

Finally released on vinyl since being recorded in 1999, Expansion Naranja came about after a chance meeting of John Balance, Peter Christopherson and the members of Ford Proco at a The Orb gig. With Ford Proco being Coil’s almost equivalent in Mexico it was a bloody good idea, the result being industial soundscaped techno, and an absolute must for Coil fans. 12” EP on Mannequin.
  • Label(s):
  • Mannequin

Sam de la Rosa
Earth Wart

Solo outing from Sam De La Rosa of Led Er Est/The Coombe. Earth Wart is a direct mix of new/cold wave, post-punk and experimental electronics with catchy pop driven melodies that’ll stick in your head. You could be easily forgiven for thinking this was released 30 years ago. FFO Dark Entries Records et al. Mixed by Michael Stein from S U R V I V E.
  • Vinyl 12" (MNQ 109)
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Nocturnal Emissions
Nocturnal Emissions

The Nigel Ayers-led industrial pioneers have much in common with their better-known peers Throbbing Gristle and Cabaret Voltaire, and seemed to arrive at similar innovations in recorded sound and performance almost simultaneously and independently. Unlike both, Nocturnal Emissions have survived as an ongoing and resolutely underground concern through the decades. This 22-track comp of their early work takes us through primitive electronics, rudimentary sampling, mangled tapes, textual invective, and lashings of Cold War unease and associated griminess.
  • CD (MNQ 102 CD)


DIaframma are considered, by those who know, to be among the very best bands ever produced by Italy’s 1980’s new wave rock scene, and now you have a chance to prove this for yourself with this reissue of their Siberia album. Period synth and guitar textures and a serious mood, with the Italian language perfectly suiting the melancholy grandeur of the new wave attitude. Reissued by Mannequin.
  • Vinyl LP (MNQ 105)
  • Label(s):
  • Mannequin

Atelier du Mal
Noblesse Oblige

Formed in 1983, Italian new wave/minimal synth band Atelier du Mal only produced one demo tape and self released it in 1984. The guys down at Mannequin obviously think this deserves a wider audience now. Damn right! First time on vinyl and first wide release. Hardware lovers gather round, everything done on all your favourite rolands.

Techno Bert
Neue Dimensionen

Repress of the 1990 techno banger Neue Dimensionen by Techno Bert. Made up of Roberto Passera (Back To The Future, Centurion) and italo-disco king Stefano Cundari (Hipnosis, Koto). Hard hitting originator techno made up with samples of The Human League and Nina Hagen. Very limited to 500 copies on Mannequin.

Police Des Moeurs

Police Des Moeurs hail from chilly Montreal, Canada, from where they produce some of the coldest coldwave around. Dédales is a strong set of French-language minimal synth jams, with the textures of the the vintage equipment allowed to stand proudly. Dark and melancholy and oh so cool and detached. Released by Mannequin in an edition of 500 LPs.

Flo & Andrew
Take Suicide

Take Suicide is the only release by the Italian based duo, Flo & Andrew. This is the reissue of the original 1981 record, and contains minimalist guitar and saxophone, blended with early drum machines and analogue synthesisers all home produced by the duo in Bologna. This reissue is available on Vinyl 12”.

Nacht Raum / Bande Berne Crematoire
Expanded 1982-1984

Swiss producer Michael Antener was highly active through the 80s and 90s pushing synth-industrial and dark minimal electronics (Swamp Terrorists). Here you get the debut releases of his solo project Bande Berne Crematoire and Nacht'Raum which he formed with Michael Stämpfli. Raw. Experimental. Noisy. Industrialised.

Din A Testbild
Programm 3

Proper old German new wave from Din A Testbild, a group featuring a past member of Einstürzende Neubauten and active in Berlin late-70’s to mid-80’s. Much of Programm 3 recalls the more slinkily creepy work of their contemporaries Throbbing Gristle. Reissue of the 1983 album on the Mannequin label, limited to 500 vinyl copies.

Led Er Est
Dust On Common

Led Er Est released their debut full-length album Dust On Common in 2009, in the process partly transferring from the minimal synth scene into darkly-psychedelic pop. The ‘partly’ is the most interesting part here, as it means Dust On Common is not fully one thing or the other, but an excitingly strange hybrid. Good to see this reissued, thanks to Mannequin.

Archive 1993-1994

Early works from the back catalogue of Orphx, which sounds like one hell of a dark and clanking heavy place on this evidence. Archive 1993 - 1994 contains the best of the first two Orphx cassettes, plus some entirely unheard cuts, presented here for the first time on any format! Double LP on Mannequin.

Es Complicado

Jasss is a DJ-producer who also dabbles in sound art, and Es Complicado is her second single. The main track combines big-beat slammers with big 80’s synths and a fuzzy noised-up production, while the B-side takes samples from Ingmar Bergman’s film Persona and drops them into an acid stew. 12” as part of Mannequin’s ‘Death Of The Machines’ series.

Der Zeltweg- Italian Tapes Industrial Music Volume 2

A compilation of work from the half-forgotten / scarcely-heard-in-the-first-place world of early 1980’s Turin. Der Zeltweg - Italian Tapes Industrial Music Volume 2 features lots of weird goodness from acts like Herpes-z and The Psychopathic Blossom, much of it ultra rare and / or previously unreleased. Edition of 500 vinyl LPs on Mannequin.

Din A Testbild
Programm 1

Rare vintage German new wave electronics, making synthesisers do avant-garde things since 1978. Programm 1 features hefty industrial rhythms and noisy guitars (Din A Testbild feature a member of Einstürzende Neubauten) as well as experimental touches like radical tape-speed shifts. First ever re-pressing, on Mannequin.

The Healer

Fallbeil are a Hamburg crew who rock a really sharp combination of electro and acid: the squelches are severe and the percussion is fat. The Healer features two new Fallbeil cuts as well as a remix by Innyster that really cranks up the industrial flavours. Hard-hitting 12” on Mannequin, as part of their ‘Death Of The Machines’ series.
  • Vinyl 12" (MNQ 095)
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Din A Testbild
Programm 4

Proper old German new wave from Din A Testbild, a group featuring a past member of Einstürzende Neubauten and active in Berlin late-70’s to mid-80’s. Programm 4, which was engineered by Manuel Gottsching, escaped release for years (too synth-punk for the label apparently), but is now reissued on vinyl by Mannequin. Limited edition of 500..

Into The Future

Maybe the namesake to the Radiohead song, 2+2=5 is the seminal Italian cold/post-proto-electro-wave band. Their debut record ...Into the Future, spawning from a rich history of Italian futurism, has no finally been made available once again - on 160 gram vinyl. There’s only 500 copies so don’t hesitate about being retro!

From The Future: The 1982-1983 Tapes

Monuments only ever had one proper, official release (and it only had 6 tracks), so this collection of private demos is very welcome. From The Future: The 1982-1983 Tapes is the sound of young Italians experimenting with exciting new synthesiser gear with a pop attitude in mind. LP released on Mannequin.

Bright Red

The one known to his friends as Thomas More has already released on Blackest Ever Black and Jealous God in recent memory. The near-industrial, post-post-punk techno he comes through with on Bright Red is a fitting addition to the Mannequin Records roster. Warping, hypnotic and jagged tunes like the title track draw as much from Can and The Birthday Party as they do from Aphex Twin.

No More
Suicide Commando

German trio No More began life as a four piece. Following the departure of bassist/vocalist Thomas Welz in 1980 they recorded what was to become one of the most influential, underground singles, cult classic ‘Suicide Commando’. Originally released in 1981, reissued in 1984 as well as making it’s way into the 90’s electro/techno scene when it was remixed by DJ Hell and Echopark ‘Suicide Commando’ is in it for the long game.
  • Label(s):
  • Mannequin

Zombies Under Stress

Zombies Under Stress are a Dutch industrial band that capture the 80’s industrial mentality effortlessly. Stalin is four-track EP that contains experimental and ambient noise sounds created using analogue synthesisers and distorted acoustic sounds, alongside other pioneering techniques.It is available on Vinyl 12”.


All good things, of course, come to pass. Even Italian new-wave. Plath were one of the scores of bands to rear their heads in the early 80s, cut some Unknown Pleasures type dubs and then retreat back into the mists of history. Their eponymous EP here gets the remix treatment from The Howl and Alessandro Adriani - the latter is a particularly choice morsel of slasher-techno. The record also serves curios like O.G. 1982 cut ‘I Am Strange Now’.

Alessandro Adriani
Crow / White Swan

Entirely massive and actually epic electro music from Alessandro Adriani, plus remix support from Mick Wills. White Swan and its remixed partner Crow (the original version hasn’t even been released yet) are both equipped with big, 80’s reverbing drums and skyscraper synths. 12” out on Mannequin, as part of their ‘Death Of The Machines’ series.


A huge set of tunes from Jasss here, making his debut on the Mannequin label as part of their ‘Death Of The Machines’ series. There’s no messing around on any of these 3 tracks: they kick straight in with hammering industrial percussion and fat EBM synths. Better believe you’ll be having a party with Mother on.

Police Des Moeurs
Ceux Qui Restent

Police Des Moeurs establish themselves on this record with a typically direct synth blast, building up from there into an interlocking mesh of synthesised melodic lines and beats. Francis Dugas intones his reverbed vocals over the top to make Ceux Qui Restent a pretty fine indie-synth-pop record. LP on Mannequin.

Moral Rearment

Zahgurim date from the classic Industrial era, mixing the sinister weight of that style with banging drum machine rhythms. Moral Rearmament, first released for Berlin’s crucial Atonal label in the mid-80’s, is now back in print on vinyl for the first time, rounded out with 2 special bonus tracks. On Mannequin.

Heinrich Dressel
Mons Testaceum

This record was the debut full-length for Heinrich Dressel, a pseudonym of Valerio Lombardozzi, the Minimal Rome mastermind. First released as a CDr in 2007, the epic-minimal spacey synthwork of Mons Testaceum is now getting a full vinyl release, in a limited edition of 400 copies on Mannequin. A key reissue.

German Democratic Republic Tape Music 1983-1987

Not a lot of people have heard the experimental tape music produced in the German Democratic Republic during the Cold War 1980’s, in part because releasing music yourself was essentially illegal. So saints be praised for this compilation, which compiles 2 LPs worth of adventurous material from the likes of Stein Im Brett and Kriminal Tanzkapelle. On Mannequin.

Nico Fidenco
Zombi Holocaust - Mannequin Edition

Zombie Holocaust is a title that tells you everything you could possibly need to know about the film doesn’t it? If you follow 70’s Italian B-movie culture, you’ll also be able to guess at the soundtrack: Nico Fidenco has spun together orchestral, vocal, acoustic and synth sounds into a dramatic frenzy. With a dancey remix by Alessandro Adriani on the B-side.


A super-rare slice of minimal synth coldness, reissued at last on 12” vinyl. Unlike almost every other piece of notable synth-pop, Memories was recorded in Penzance, Cornwall, where a concrete bunker helped provide that drum sound. Shazam have all the trappings of a great 1983-era synth-wave gang, so get stuck in to this reissue on Mannequin.

Effetto Joule

This is a bit of a coup for Mannequin Records - Robespierre is rare 12” by Effetto Joule, an italo wave trio from Modena. It was originally released in 1989 by Top Sound Records. This reissue comes with extra demo material. Effetto Joule mix what Italians see as electronic dark wave and mix it with sounds influenced by ‘80s synth pioneers Tubeway Army and Depeche Mode.

Maoupa Mazzocchetti
Laugh Tool

Laugh Tool may be the debut full length from producer Maoupa Mazzocchetti, but his harsh blend of noise, techno and cut-up samples is already well-developed. This release on Mannequin calls back to the glory days of nasty, DIY industrial music, but it also taps into the analogue house put out by labels like L.I.E.S. as well as sound design and drone.


Move’s self-titled album, the main statement out of their slender discography, has been little heard over the years, as collectors have snapped up the few copies. But this stuff is worth hearing: sharp-edged cold-synth post-punk from mid-80’s Rome. The LP, with its Muybridge-referencing sleeve art, is reissued by Mannequin.
  • Label(s):
  • Mannequin

Sean Pierce

Sutro is Sean Pierce’s debut for Haunted Air imprint Mannequin Records. The EP features six tracks of brooding and potent synth-based techno. The lead track, Immodest Force will have you dancing like a lunatic. Pierce currently calls Portland, Oregon his home where he also operates as one half of ASSS who have previously put out two records on Haunted Air.

Maoupa Mazzocchetti

Untitled is the debut EP on Mannequin Records by Brussels resident Maoupa Mazzocchetti. These three tracks are intense and brooding with a stripped-down proto-electro/industrial slant. Mazzocchetti’s style brings a fresh, urgent and exciting twist to classic ‘80s Belgian minimal synth and EBM sounds

Sleep On Mirrors: The 1985-1981 Tapes

Carmody are an 80’s, synth-pop, new wave and electronic act from Torino in Italy. They started out as a two piece featuring Alberto Ramella and Andrea Lesmo and were later joined on guitar by Max Casacci. As a trio they recorded three extremely rare demo tapes between 1981 and 1985. ‘Sleep On Mirrors’ is a compilation of the highlights of those original demo tapes which are full of minimalist, sometimes oddball Italian electronic treasures.

Void Vision
Sub Rosa

Shari Vari heads up Void Vision - the philadelphia-based minimalist synth project. By adding melody to vintage dance grooves, Vari has created a dynamic and unique sound that cherry-picks its influences from the last 30 years of electronica. Sub Rosa is available on vinyl LP and limited to 400 copies.

Disconnect Myself (Beau Wanzer Adjustment)

This is something of a lost track. Disconnect Myself was originally crafted by Tense, a big, pounding body-music explosion of the track. In 2011, Beau Wanzer had a go at it, but his Adjustment was never released until now. Single-sided 12”, because this one track should be exciting enough for you! On Mannequin.

Harry Batasuna / Untitled (An-i Edit)

Musumeci are/were an Italian Minimal Synth band from the 80’s who Mannequin Records seem keen to revive. Accordingly we here have a 12” of two tight edits of their tracks, thanks to An-i. Harry Batasuna / Untitled certainly makes a hard-hitting pair, crisp and clear beats over murkily reverbed vocals.
  • Label(s):
  • Mannequin

Bourbonese Qualk
Bourbonese Qualk 1983 - 1987

The Eighties were an interesting time. Haircuts transcended the realm of reality and industrial music started its ascent. Of course, who could talk '80s industrial without talking Bourbonese Qualk? Honestly I’d never heard of them, which is a damn shame, if this anthology is any indication. Filled with noise and protest, Bourbonese Qualk 1983 - 1987 is not just a relic of another time, but a great introduction into a wealth of under appreciated music.

Bourbonese Qualk
Lies (Ancient Methods Remix)

Listening to a Bourbonese Qualk remix is like finding a conch in your grandparents’ old abandoned garage-cellar, putting it to your ear and hearing a cat purr. Releasing music sporadically over the course of over twenty years, they finally released their debut full length record in 2001, and now Ancient Methods has seen it fit to remix Lies. What an origin story for a 12”, right?

Casino Shanghai
L'Action Minimal

1986 Mexican cold wave unearthed and repressed on a limited red 12”...the internet is a wonderful thing. Casino Shanghai sing in an affected and aloof French and dress in black, whilst leaden drums and manic synths pulse in the background. I’d say it can’t get any better, but there’s an Aeternam Vale modular synthesizer remix on the other side.