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Silver Demon

June hails from Greece and makes music influenced by electronic music from the late ‘70s to the mid-80s, what he calls the golden age, using an array of vintage synths, drum machines and processors that would make your average electronic music fan drool. Silver Demon is his debut LP for Mannequin Records. 
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  • Mannequin

Steffe Lewry

Steffe Lewry’s Mutate has a long history behind it, coming in to being in 1990 when she was a member of West London performance art collective Mutoid Waste Company. Created using a drum machine, electric guitar and a four-track reel-to-reel, the tracks were included in Jonathan Barnett’s film about the collective ‘How The Mutoids Brought Down The Berlin Wall’, and are presented here on a 12” EP via Mannequin. 
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  • Mannequin

Over The Sand

Parisian artist Mathilde Mallen’s Dissemblance project comes to the Mannequin imprint for the first time. Over The Sand refracts pop melodies and structures through the lens of slate-grey post-rock and ambient music, making for an intriguing balance between cold tension and joyous warmth throughout its ten tracks. 
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  • Mannequin

Techno Bert
Neue Dimensionen

Repress of the 1990 techno banger Neue Dimensionen by Techno Bert. Made up of Roberto Passera (Back To The Future, Centurion) and italo-disco king Stefano Cundari (Hipnosis, Koto). Hard hitting originator techno made up with samples of The Human League and Nina Hagen. Very limited to 500 copies on Mannequin.
  • Vinyl 12" (MNQ 094)
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On And On (Fears Keep On)

Mmmm, delightful ‘dark italo’ from 1983 Italy. Decadence’s one and only release is the vital cut On And On (Fears Keep On), and it can still move a suitably-inclined dancefloor to this day. The Mannequin label here present a reissue of this fine track, freshly remastered and accompanied by its Dub version on the B-side. 12”.

Void Vision
Sub Rosa

Shari Vari heads up Void Vision - the philadelphia-based minimalist synth project. By adding melody to vintage dance grooves, Vari has created a dynamic and unique sound that cherry-picks its influences from the last 30 years of electronica. Sub Rosa is available on vinyl LP and limited to 400 copies.

Fred Ventura

Mannequin Records presents a five-track EP on 12” vinyl of acid house journeys, from Italo disco hero Fred Ventura. Title track ‘Technologies’ is given an extended remix from Alessandro Adriani, while four other experiments including ‘Looking For The Western Beat’ and an edit of ‘Afraid To Dance’ are present. 
  • Vinyl 12" (MNQ 108)
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Alessandro Adriani
Montagne Trasparenti

Originally released via Monofonus Press back in 2016, Alessandro Adriani now reissues his Montagne Trasparenti LP via his own Mannequin Records (Tropic Of Cancer, JASSS). Adriani has become one of the foremost figures in European minimal synth/dystopian electronics/whatever you call it in the years since Montagne Trasparenti first surfaced, and his rep is due in no small part to this excellent album. Sometimes Italians really do Do It Better, you know.

Life In Sodom
The Stains / Alessandro Adriani Remix

As Mannequin Records closes in on 100 releases Alessandro Adriani’s label dips its toe into the reissues market. This one is a 1991 single from Goth-wave legends Life In Sodom. Both versions of ‘The Stains’ are gloriously vampiric combinations of darkwave, techno and industrial rock. The same applies to 1992 cut ‘Phantasmagoria’ which crops up on the B-side. Label boss Adriani provides a club edit of ‘The Stains’ to round the EP out.
  • Vinyl 12" (MNQ 098)
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Doris Norton
Artificial Intelligence

Not in any way shape or form anything to do with veteran blooper show anchor Denis Norden but a re-issue of a 1985 album from this legendary electronic producer. Due to it's beats laden nature, Norton has been compared with Kraftwerk and Yellow Magic Orchestra but Artificial Intelligence was an astonishing experiment in composing only with the alfanumerical keyboard of the computer with Norton feeding vowels and consonants of her own voice. 

Black Merlin
Oba Enka

George Thompson is the man behind the mysterious Black Merlin project if you didn't know; mystique somewhat vaporised. Here he is for his first EP on Mannequin records, and it's a three-track thumper. Bringing the Noir to techno and the voodoo to the dance-floor once again, some manic bass-lines with unrepentant drones and pummelling kick-drums enter the fray, to slay. Great. 

Raw Ambassador
Shadows Of Evil

Antonio Barbetta’s Raw Ambassador moniker holds no punches or pretences, with releases on Reach Another System, Sama, and UN.T.O. he follows his namesake with raw and hard industrialised techno that is specifically made for underground clubs with strobes and cages, with an air of 80s doom. 12” on Mannequin.
  • Vinyl 12" (MNQ 106)
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Nocturnal Emissions
Nocturnal Emissions

The Nigel Ayers-led industrial pioneers have much in common with their better-known peers Throbbing Gristle and Cabaret Voltaire, and seemed to arrive at similar innovations in recorded sound and performance almost simultaneously and independently. Unlike both, Nocturnal Emissions have survived as an ongoing and resolutely underground concern through the decades. This 22-track comp of their early work takes us through primitive electronics, rudimentary sampling, mangled tapes, textual invective, and lashings of Cold War unease and associated griminess.


DIaframma are considered, by those who know, to be among the very best bands ever produced by Italy’s 1980’s new wave rock scene, and now you have a chance to prove this for yourself with this reissue of their Siberia album. Period synth and guitar textures and a serious mood, with the Italian language perfectly suiting the melancholy grandeur of the new wave attitude. Reissued by Mannequin.
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  • Mannequin

The Healer

Fallbeil are a Hamburg crew who rock a really sharp combination of electro and acid: the squelches are severe and the percussion is fat. The Healer features two new Fallbeil cuts as well as a remix by Innyster that really cranks up the industrial flavours. Hard-hitting 12” on Mannequin, as part of their ‘Death Of The Machines’ series.
  • Vinyl 12" (MNQ 095)
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