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Ronny Juzzle
Spaz-tec National Diploma in Horseriding

  • CD single (EP06)
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Dolly Dolly

  • CD (EP31CD)
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Misty Roses
Puce Woman

  • Vinyl 7" (EP01)
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The Lord
Gettin Off The Meths!

The Lord is Paul Mill from West Yorkshire. Gettin’ Off the Meths snuck out a couple of years ago and it's the follow up to 2011’s Jesuit Trifle Syndrome and Paul’s acclaimed contribution to Front & Follow’s Collision/Detection series from 2012-13. Gettin’ Off the Meths comes in a very limited handmade knitted bag cut from socks, towels, dressing gowns etc.  Tracks: 1. The start of all this 2. when I was a girl 3. The court of Dr. Flimsy 4. there is an interesting social message in this song, but i'm not going to tell you what it is. that would be too easy. if you work it out, please email me your idea; at whoisthelord@gmail.com. you may even win a prize 5. sunset for Alice 6. please use this for free 7. the front of my convenient pineapple 8. the night is but a tender courgette 9. never vex a stranger 10. portable hamster cheese  

Carbon Paycheque
Ultra HQ

Here's the debut album from London-based Canadian trio Carbon Paycheque, who take their cues from the entire history of electronic music as they romp through acid house, Detroit techno, modern sub-bass, '90s hardcore and throbbing synth moodiness. There are 12 tracks here presented as seamless side-long suites of kaleidoscopic electronics, tuneful and overloaded with ideas.
  • Label(s):
  • Exotic Pylon

Portia Winters

Portia Winters electro-acoustic compositions are often fragmented and abstracted, and at other times develop into what can just about be called pop songs. Her voice recalls the abrasive melodies of Karin Dreijer, but is often utilised more as an instrument than as the focus of 'Epicotyl', much in the way Jenny Hval explores her voice a she performs. The music on 'Epicotyl' is often sparse, with tinny programmed percussion and minimal electronic sounds. It's an eerie, often uncomfortable but frequently compelling listen.

Time Attendant

Set within a landscape of sugar beet factories, deep murky fishing ponds and nettle strewn country lanes, Bloodhounds is a sonic exploration of a childhood spent in the English countryside. Time Attendant is Paul Snowdon, a painter and musician recovering from a rural Northern upbringing by eking out a liminal existence across South East London bunkers. Following on from the highly acclaimed Treacherous Orb EP (More Than Human) and from startling contributions on The Outer Church compilation (Front & Follow), Moon Wiring Club’s specially curated Down By The Silver Sea (Gecophonic), and an astonishing set in late 2013 (accompanying the silent film L'inferno (Helios Film version, 1911)) at the BFI in London, Exotic Pylon is slobberingly psyched to present Time Attendant’s debut album Bloodhounds which drops on vinyl and digital on July 7th 2014. 

Joseph Nanner
Atmospheric Slow Jams for the Pilots / New Star Broadcasting

A future-facing collection of otherworldly jams from Joseph Nanner. Compiling EP15 and EP18, Atmospheric Slow Jams for the Pilots / New Star Broadcasting is simultaneously melodic yet dystopian in sound, fusing raw, earthy drum sounds with glossy synths and contextual samples to explore new worlds of audio. Notably it was mastered by Brian Pyle of Ensemble Economique fame. Out on 2 x Cassette from Exotic Pylon.
  • Label(s):
  • Exotic Pylon

Ekin Fil

Turkish multi-instrumentalist Ekin Üzeltüzenci presents an intriguing EP for the always unpredictable London-based label Exotic Pylon. Distressed and echo-laden, Üzeltüzenci’s soundworld always seems liable to tip over into the downright inhospitable. Yet there’s something like a blackened pop heart beating under the opaque surfaces, drawing the listener in through the sonic fog.

Michael D Donnelly
I’ve Come to Love You Forever

  • CD (EP22CD)
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Band Of Holy Joy
Easy Listening

Post punk/Folk-rock collective, Band of Holy Joy have been making music on and off for nearly thirty years now. Including the five current members, thirty-six people have passed the ranks of the band. Easy Listening is their 18th album. It has been said that they have hit yet another creative peak, a feat that seems to be a particular skill of the Londoners. Easy Listening is available on CD.

Kemper Norton

  • Label(s):
  • Exotic Pylon

The House in the Woods

  • Label(s):
  • Exotic Pylon

Ghosts Move Slowly

  • CD (EP10-CD)
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  • Limited edition
  • Label(s):
  • Exotic Pylon

The Lord
Jesuit Trifle Syndrome

  • CD (EP03)
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