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Marconi's Shipwreck

  • DVD (B20_08)
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TVO & Andrew Sharpley
CBK Robots

An interesting record here, with release timed for the announcement of the winner of the Labour Leadership election. There is a reason for that too: CBK Robots warps and manipulates the speech of the candidates into new, slightly spooky forms. TVO & Andrew Sharpley have made a statement both interesting to hear about and interesting to listen to. On Broken20.

Mick Finesse
The Glamour of Despondency

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Tangents Series #02: BrokenThree - Live At The Outer Church

Here we have a collaborative, live jam-session of electronic fuzz from BrokenThree. It’s got a soundtrack quality to it as the wizzing and whirling seem almost tangible and seem to tell a story which is often light and airy, but delves into deep and dark recesses.   Tangents Series #02: BrokenThree - Live At The Outer Church is available as a CD with handmade inserts.


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Magnet Marsh

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