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James Severy
Do The Circus Circus And Other Songs

James Severy At The Circus Circus: 'Do The Circus Circus' (Art Goes Pop) Sounds like some sort of singer songwriter collision with wonky pianos, fuzzy washes and synthetic drum programming all topped off with observational themed songs.The lead tracks are two short blasts accompanied by guitar and delivered in a faux-heartfelt estuarary Englis...view item »

The Low Miffs
Earl Grey

Now the Low Miffs with their single Earl Grey. A tempo-bending Bowie-esque five piece with angular guitars and moments of sit down lounging . A bit like those North East lot ...view item »

Kill The Young
We Are The Birds And The Bees We Are The Telephone Trees

Now Kill The Young with 'We Are the Birds and the Bees...' on Art Goes Pop. Sex Schon remix the opener with a swaggering dance tune with New order beats. The original version of the song is in a 70's tinged Marc Bolan , Pop Levi style hand clapper. Quite a cool hook re-appears as a whistle in the break down which is a nice juxtaposition to the ...view item »

The Clerks
The Dissidents

The Clerks was supposed to be reviewed by Ant but he couldn't think of anything interesting to say about it so it got given to me. It  is on Art Goes Pop. Brian thinks It sounds like robotic Euro new wave & likes the backing vocals more than the actual song that's pretty catchy in a Soulwax kinda way. Zane Lowe says &qu...view item »

Stinky Munchkins
Release The Lions/ Bad Timing

Now Stinky Munchkins: "Release The Lions" Is a cut up electro pop song full of samples and retro sounds like swirling electronics and 70's guitar work. The occasional Vocals that drift in are like Prince or Mika. A strange post modern suggestion of a song that has the same feeling of disjointedness as watching television adverts. B-side's...view item »

Kitch Bitch/ Water Tight

Isosceles: Kitch Bitch (Art/Goes/Pop) A noisy stomp along with staccato vocals about a girlfriend that likes her vintage clothes and snogging the homeless. It's also got a wild rockabilly style twang to it, only slowing down towards the last few bars just so you can get a breather. I can imagine a bit of a mosh down at the front at one of their gig...view item »

South Central
Nothing Can Go Wrong

Now a 12" by Brighton outfit SOUTH CENTRAL with there new release "nothing can go wrong". Its an indie dance club rip up with cut up beats and powerful samples. Ant's giving me some juice here saying you might like it if you like the Kitsune label. Hes also referencing Modeselektor he is t...view item »

Ruby Tombs
Those Who Can't

Another 7" to stagger derangedly from the crypt of Leeds new romo-goth-punk scene (what I've just gone & invented) is Ruby Tombs. Armed with a fabulously trashy debut single - 'Those Who Can't', this is strikingly primal & struttingly sexy music for people obsessed with eyeliner & The Cramps. It all sounds like It...view item »

LR Rockets
Personality/ Pincer Movement

LR Rockets... 'Personality / Pincer Movement' 7" on Art Goes Pop in extremely bright and garish sleeve. Fortunately I've not eaten yet. Not quite sure what the fuss is about these but I believe there is some sort of fuss somewhere. There's bits of Dead Kennedy's in there and probably other things too. That's about as much as I can think of on ...view item »

Telephone/ Yorkshire

A couple of indie singles to finish of the week, the first by Nacional who, like Thomas Tantrum, have been busy swotting up on the old testament of Indie music. This is what the children of Smiths & Wedding Present fans should be knocking out in the studio. 'Telephone' has a brooding grumbling bassline & rough jangling guitars that genuflec...view item »

A Time And A Place

I'm not that keen on Popup's style of music to be quite honest, so I'm at a bit of a disadvantage with A Time and A Place on Art/Goes/Pop. They've very Glaswegian, that's for sure. Definite big dollops of Franz Ferdinand's lyrical jauntiness, some of the Delgados sound and the most pronounced accent this side of Glasvegas. Quite what the press rele...view item »

Get Your Hands Off

Isosceles with 'Get Your Hands Off' on Art goes pop. It's a modern day foppish Primal Scream with analogue sythns leading the kooky charge. If they were to ride over the hill in battle they'd be dressed in lace neckerchiefs and tight coloured trousers. Defiantly of its age, it's a lo-fi fun filled cream cake with a short shelf life but for the time...view item »

The Duloks
(I'm Gonna Follow) Your Star Trail

first up we got the DULOKS who are a female 3 piece, with their new single I'm Gonna Follow Ya Star Trail. Simple thin and kind of eerie with an organ, tribal drums and solo female singing, occasionally joined by the other two. Its almost like a nursery rhyme (apart form the secret masturbator ...view item »

Lucy, What You Trying To Say?

Debut indie single time again, this week Popup are the latest band apparently destined for greatness. 'Lucy What Are You Trying To Say' is actually a worthy debut from this Scottish outfit. It's an accessible catchy slice of acoustic indie-pop with. I particularly like the lyric "all I need is shit from some prick in a club". Th...view item »

Chinese Burn

Now the indie singles, for my sins. Scots troupe POPUP have a newie 'Chinese Burn', a very generic indie title. Sort of fuzzy, intense raucous rock with shouty vocals, giddy punk-funk drums, a stabbing bassline & an upwards spiralling guitar that briefly turns into 'Babylons Burning' by The Ruts before the chorus. It's got...view item »

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