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Hanging By Faith

Hanging By Faith contains four remixes from Seismic, the 2017 album by ethereal goth metalers, Spotlights.The 5-track EP features remixes by Kris Dirksen, Mario Quintero, Aaron Harris, Void Manes and is rounded off with a cover of...view item »

Pinkus Abortion Technician

Being a Melvins fan for well over half of my life on this planet, despite the fact that recent albums have less than blown me away, I always check what they’re up to. Having done the two drummers thing, this time around they have two bass players on this record. Steven McDonald (Redd Kross, ...view item »

Split Cranium
I’m The Devil and I’m OK

Six years on from debut LP and d-beat/anarcho-punk supergroup Split Cranium serve up the sophomore. Given that the band features members of Converge, Circle, Mammifer and many more, I’m The Devil And I’m Ok was never going to go in with a soft touch. What&rs...view item »

Sleaford Mods
Chubbed Up +

What a year it has been for Sleaford Mods. Twelve months ago half of this office were up in arms at Phil's decision to award 'Austerity Dogs' album of the year. Yet (and it pains me to say this) he was right. The thing about Sleaford Mods is that this is something new and fresh and angry which spits in the face of the shit pumped at us d...view item »


See, I'm a massive fan of anything that goes 'dun dun dun da dun-da dun dun dun', so I think I was always going to like this record. Seismic is something that we listen to every Friday when the Norman Records metal appreciation society are working (minus Robin).  It starts off as if it could be somethin...view item »

Endangered Philosophies

When Dalek returned with 'Asphalt For Eden' I was concerned that they couldn't live up to the incendiary-hop of their earlier 'Gutter Tactics' but despite a slightly more limited sound palette it was still a fantastic assault on the senses once again proving how necessary this band is. The swiftly released follow up 'Endangered Philosophies' sta...view item »

Dead Cross
Dead Cross

Squeaky and snarly tech boy Mike Patton isn’t allowed to just have bands anymore. He has to be super-grouping at all times, which means he’s now formed a band with a heavy hall of fame: Dave Lombardo of Slayer and Misfits, Justin Pearson outta ...view item »

Valve Studio Orchestra
The DOTA 2 (Official Soundtrack)

DOTA 2 is a multiplayer online battle game which is one of the biggest esports in the world, with millions of players, followers and dollars in prize money up for grabs for the competitions. What music do you have that fits axe wielding orcs and sword swinging knights? Only the most epic of course. Massive. Orchestral. Epic. Released th...view item »

A Walk With Love & Death

The sticker fronting this new Melvins records promises good fortune and a newfound attractiveness to anyone who buys it, neither of which I believe can actually be guaranteed from listening to a double disc album of stodgy, slurpy sludge rock. Readying their patented slow for what I’ve got down as the twenty-fifth time, ‘A Walk With ...view item »

Valve Studio Orchestra
Fight Songs: The Music of Team Fortress 2

I would love to review this but unfortunately I’ve just collapsed into a LOST-style flashback of sitting at my dad’s computer age fifteen trying to play gamer pros at this hyper-active and dangerously caffeinated FPS known as Team Fortress 2. This is potentially the game that put me off gaming for seven or so years, such wer...view item »

Hold It In

I'm only two songs into the new Melvins record and my mind is already blown, I'm not sure I'll make it through the full twelve today. Now boasting a quartet line-up which features Paul Leary and JD Pinkus of the Butthole Surfers, 'Hold It In' is an explosion of creativity from the get go. Opener 'Bride o...view item »

Live VII 02.25.10

After more than making their mark on the post-metal scene with albums such as Celestial, Oceanic and Panopticon ISIS abruptly announced their break-up in 2010, stating that they had done what they set out to achieve. Live VII is a second release ofter the fact, documenting a live performance i...view item »

Crystal Fairy
Crystal Fairy

Crystal Fairy is pretty much a heavy-and-complex-music supergroup, including two Melvins, Teri Gender Bender of Le Butcherettes and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez of The Mars Volta and At The Drive-In. Christ. Naturally, this muscular ble...view item »


Even after splitting up, Isis still impresses. “Temporal” is a posthumous release by one of the most iconic atmospheric sludge bands of all time. This is a band that defined the post-metal offshoot, introduced many fans to a more meditative sort of weight in music, influenced countless bands, and accomplished just as much as the grou...view item »

Basses Loaded

I’d like to dedicate this review to my housemate Vasili, who recently declared “Bullhead > Houdini” to the internet, full of pride in a conviction that faded with the setting of the sun. He later admitted he was wrong. Was he though, or do all Melvins records essentially do the same thing, making them all better than each ot...view item »

Kaada / Patton
Bacteria Cult

Bacteria Cult sees Faith No More frontman and all-round experimental do-gooder Mike Patton partner with soundtrack composer Kaada. The pair actually recorded another album 12 years ago, but this blend of Patton’s singular vocal talents, cinematic music cues and rich compos...view item »

Across The USA In 51 Days: The Movie

Merchants of heavy sludge The Melvins evidently have a lot of stamina: not only have they been playing and releasing for many decades, they also undertook a 50 state US tour in 51 days back in 2012: wow. Across The USA In 51 Days: The Movie is just that, a document of that tour shot mostly on the band’s phones for...view item »

Le Butcherettes
Shave The Pride

Le Butcherettes are a rock group with a dangerous feel to them. Led by singer and whirlwind personality Teri Gender Bender, they grind out fully-fledged rock music, Teri’s snarl setting the tone. The Shave The Pride single is backed by an exclusive B-side that features King Buzzo ...view item »

Le Butcherettes
A Raw Youth

Le Butcherettes are a rock group with a dangerous feel to them. Led by singer and whirlwind personality Teri Gender Bender, they grind out fully-fledged rock music, Teri’s snarl setting the tone. The guests (Iggy Pop and John Fruiscante) give some clue to ...view item »

Mark Lanegan
Houston: Publishing Demos 2002

To date, Mark Lanegan has put out one more studio album as a solo artist than he did with his grunge-era rock band The Screaming Trees. His solo career, which has taken in bar room whiskey ballads, dark hard rock and electronica, started whilst he was still with The Screaming Trees. Around the t...view item »

The Bulls & The Bees + Electroretard

Sonically weighty favourites The Melvins here reissue a pair of out-of-print releases together: The Bulls & The Bees and Electroretard. Sludged riffs rule supreme here, as ever on Melvins records, and the tracklisting contains a few gems, like a cover of Pink Floyd...view item »

Cortar Todo

‘Cortar Todo’ is the new full length album by Italian, experimental instrumentalists Zu, released on California based, independent label Ipecac Recordings. Recorded in the heart of the Bologna countryside in the summer of 2014 the album features a host of guest artists including Italian guitar maverick Stefano Pilia, known for his co...view item »


The premise of ‘Geocidal’ is that everything is blurring into one, there’s nothing individual anymore, everyone’s just on the internet doing nothing and the whole world has been generalised. That’s pretty fucking stupid, if you ask me: it’s the kind of thinking that in itself assimilates everything towards a W...view item »

Guano Padano

Guano Padano's Italian jazz 'n' swing heroics are on display once again with 'Americana', named after the book of translated American works literary mind Ello Vittorini hoped to bring to Italy in the 1940s. Padano let their fascination with Vittorini's undertaking, as well as with American writers, bleed through the songs of 'Americana', marryin...view item »

Le Butcherettes
Cry Is For The Flies

Also known for fronting Omar Rodriguez-Lopez's latest outfit Bosnian Rainbows, Teri Gender Bender is back with another Le Butcherettes album, their second following 2011's 'Sin Sin Sin'. Originally formed in Guadalajara in 2007, this project seems to have something of a rotating line-up, sometimes a duo, so...view item »

The Unsemble
The Unsemble

A Jesus Lizard and an Einsturzende Neubauten and another guy? Playing instrumental rock? This is relevant to my interests. The album itself is somewhat different than you might expect, though, far from a rehash of Duane Denison, Alexander Hacke or Brian Kotzur's prev...view item »

Tres Cabrones

The MELVINS are busy lads. Eager to keep things interesting whilst maintaining their daft work ethic ‘Tres Cabrones’ sees Buzzo and Crover reunite with original drummer Mike Dillard under the guise of Melvins 1983. It’s not strict reunion as such but it’s a close as the lads are willing to get and, of course, having Dale ...view item »

Mit Gas

While I'm in the minority of folks who preferred Mit Gas to Tomahawk's debut album, I still found it to be somewhat disappointing. The band’s primarily vocalist Mike Patton and guitarist Duane Denison, produced a pair of records with similar moods-- angry, aggressive music. But on Mit Gas, the music is matched by much more in your face pro...view item »

Everybody Loves Sausages

You always know what to expect with the Melvins, if that thing is something totally bloody weird and obnoxious and surprising. This time around, just like last time around, they’re doing something a bit different. This time, though, that something is playing other people’s songs with their famous ...view item »

Portal 2 Soundtrack: Songs To Test By Collectors Edition

Valve make great videogames. That’s a fact! Portal 2 is a great videogame. That’s another fact. It combined the genres of shooty and puzzle with physics and though I’ve probably made it sound quite unappealing it’s actually brilliant. Ipecac have got together a mas...view item »

Luciano Berio / Mike Patton
Laborintus II

With each of Mike Patton's solo releases, I have no idea what to expect, and Laborintus II is no different. The description of Laborintus II sounds like a madlib: Experimental rock vocalist and pioneer Mike Patton has released an avant-garde poem from the 1960's about the work of Inferno author Dante Alighieri that tries to communicate the autho...view item »

Freak Puke

This Melvins album isn’t really a Melvins album. Only it is. It’s not business as usual, though, as this time around they’re stripped down to a three-piece with Buzzo and Crover joined by ...view item »

Mike Patton
The Solitude Of Prime Numbers

I find continuity with this album and his broader portfolio of work. This is an evolutionary step overall coalescing his entire body of work with an emphasis on composition and arrangements than any vocals. Which are there but buried in the shadows of the various scores. This seems more mature, in as much as he seems less interested in pushing t...view item »

Ugly Animals

Ah, the second coming of Three One G!!! Bring it!!! Retox are a new band that sees various Three One G/San Diego characters united in a common cause to bring a little class back to the Hardcore scene. The Three One G style has been described as many things but for me the classic crop of bands (The Locust, Festiva...view item »

Sax Ruins

It's simple, yeah? Sax + Ruins = Sax Ruins. Having lost his longtime bass pal a couple of years back Tatsuya Yoshida has given up on his solo drum jaunts and recruited a game chap by the name of Ryoko Ono to play the old classics with the power of wind rather than the rumble of bass. The Zeuhl-prog of Magma and the like which formed a large par...view item »

Gutter Tactics

Dalek are back with an other album for Ipecac... 'Gutter Tactics' opens with a mighty intro 'Blessed Are They Who Bash Your Children's Heads Against A Rock' with some preacher type man unleashing an almighty rant about War. Really heavy political stuff. As far as the rest of the album goes then there's some good moments although it's not as aggress...view item »

East West Blast Test
Popular Music For Unpopular People

Great new CD on Mike Patton's fine Ipecac label. 'Popular Music For Unpopular People' is by East West Blast Test and it sounds like Itchy & Scratchy on Crystal Meth. It's Boredoms, Fantomas type bonkers gear with guitar and drums that are tighter than a gnats arse. Which ain't surprising as the drum...view item »

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