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Delphine Dora & Sophie Cooper
Divine Ekstasys

Sophie Cooper continues her high-busyness, high-quality streak with a further collaboration with improvising French singer and pianist Delphine Dora, developed in 2016. Divine Ekstasys...view item »

Jon Collin
Water and Rock Music Volume 1

Feeding Tube Records (Blue Sabbath Black Fiji, Thurston Moore) front the fifth LP from slide guitarist Jon Collin. Water And Rock Music, Volume 1 is a more literal title than it may at first appear given that the record actually was recorded on the shores of a Swedish l...view item »

Big Blood
Operate Spaceship Earth Properly

Psych/folk crackpots Big Blood return with Operate Spaceship Earth Properly. Thematically it explores science fact and fiction, and the blurring in between. Imagine the ‘70s acid folk of Comus combined with some heavy riffage, then send that to planet weirdo and you’re part way there. LP on Feeding T...view item »

Lords Of Thyme
The Future of Things Past

Ah Bucketful of Brains  - I used to buy that magazine religiously. Turns out that Nigel Cross who ran said publication is a big fan of this resolutely English quartet who take their cue from the Witchseason productions of the early '70s and of course Pentangle. This is an odds and sods collection surely essential for those ...view item »

Meadow House
This Should Not Be Happening

For those who didn't bother getting our Meadow House LP on Public House then you'll be even more annoyed to know that there's a further LP on Feeding Tube - an actual professional label that know what they are talking about. Admittedly Dan Wilson's eccentric project is a marmite affair but Feeding Tube liked it so much they scra...view item »

Wet Tuna
Livin’ The Die

Some responsibly-sourced, pole-and-line-caught psych-rock from Wet Tuna here. The Vermont duo’s debut LP sees the pair layering up percussion, organs, vocals and of course some fuzzy fuzzy guitars to create freak-rock jams reminiscent of a lower-budget Moon Duo. Out via Feeding Tube ...view item »

Gary War
Gaz Forth

Greg Dalton’s first LP in quite some time as Gary War is a lush, pretty varied and uplifting series of psych-indie pop belters. Unlike a lot of this sort of thing, the production isn’t obliged to sound as vintage as possible - it’s a nice balance and even a bit experimental. He’s enlisted a lot of chums f...view item »

Chris Weisman
Chaos Isn’t Single

Chris Wieseman has a unique minimalist take on the sort of singer songwriting as made by the likes of Todd Rundgren and Nilsson.  It's a stark sound that uses jazz and blues influence within Wieseman's unique sound palette. One day he'll reach paydirt a la Elliott Smith but...view item »

The Doozer

Fraggle Rock connoisseur The Doozer (real name Anonymous Bearded Cambridgian) is ready with a sixth album on limited press with Feeding Tube Records. Figurines continues a trend of affable, feathery psych-pop with the same sort of twee, quotidian whimsy as Syd Barrett - his voice actually sound...view item »

Chris Weisman
Play Sharp To Me

Chris Weisman is a hero of underground pop, creating beautiful tunes that sound like versions of Beach Boys / Beatles songs made casually and in secret by an artist with no need or desire to temper his weirdnesses with any mainstream concerns. Play Sharp To Me is therefore an extremely ...view item »

Gary Wilson & The Blind Dates
Live At CBGB

Really, really strange man Gary Wilson gained his reputation with a series of oddball records that could be perfectly summed up as prog-based lounge music. This release documents a live set at New York's CBGBs  - one of the few venues in which he was welcome to play. The back up by a pact of ex New Yorkers called the Blind ...view item »

Marcia Bassett & Samara Lubelski
Live NYC

Having teamed up previously, releasing albums on Kye and Golden Lab, Marcia Bassett (Double Leopards, GHQ, Zaika) and Samara Lubelski (Augenmusik, Chelsea Light Moving) work incredibly well together. Experimental drones created ...view item »

Steve Baczkowski / Chris Corsano / Paul Flaherty
The Dull Blade

Phwoar, a big juicy slab of that good heavyweight free jazz, courtesy of lightning-speed super-drummer Chris Corsano and the twin saxophone attack of Paul Flaherty and Steve Baczkowski. The Dull Blade mixes power-skronk with a surprising amount of swing: nice! Edition of 400 LPs on Feed...view item »

Gary Wilson & Tredici Bacci
Another Lonely Night In Brooklyn

Weirdo hero Gary Wilson took to the stage at Brooklyn's Shea Stadium some little while ago, with Tredici Bacci, the band who play music in the style of vintage Italian film soundtracks backing him. The results, captured on the night and released here as Another Lonely Night In Brooklyn, are particularly...view item »

Phil X Milstein & Thurston Moore
Songs We Taught the Lord Volume Two

Here’s the tapes of a 1996 live performance by Phil X Milstein (on tape loops and musical saw) and Thurston Moore (on guitar and feedbacks, obviously), supporting none other than John Fahey. Songs We Taught The Lord Volume Two was initially released in 1997 by Chris Corsan...view item »

Phil X Milstein & Thurston Moore
Songs We Taught the Lord Volume One

Here’s the tapes of a 1996 live performance by Phil X Milstein (on tape loops and musical saw) and Thurston Moore (on guitar and feedbacks, obviously), supporting none other than John Fahey. ...view item »

Myriam Gendron
Not So Deep As A Well

A beautifully light and airy folk album from Myriam Gendron from Montreal. Her songs on Not So Deep As Well, her debut LP, are based around the poetry of Dorothy Parker and her clear, deep voice delivers the enthralling lyrics with great storytelling ability and when combined with the simple melody of her guitar...view item »

Elliott Schwartz & Big Blood
Ant Farm

Maine’s Big Blood are deft hands with producing barrierless experimental folk, manipulating field samples, vocals, electronics and anything they get their hands on. Working with composer and pianist Elliot Schwartz on a visual art collective’s exhibition allowed both to run amok to veer back and fort...view item »

MX-80 Sound
So Funny

MX-80 hone their avant-rock craft on So Funny, getting it just right, even if “it” sounds a little weird and wrong. So Funny is full of dead-pan smart-ass wit and snarky guitar lines, and you could easily forget that, until now, MX-80 haven’t released an album since 1981&helli...view item »

Mars Archives Volume Two: 11000 Volts to Tunnel

The second release in this series of Mars Archives explorations / excavations is a bunch of live tracks recorded at Max’s and CBGB circa 1978. 11000 Volts To Tunnel jerks and kicks with the sparky weirdness of Mars’ still-emerging no wave sound. An excellent listen for no wave historians and general...view item »

Roger Miller

Roger Miller took some time out from playing in the likes of Mission Of Burma and Destroy All Monsters back in 1988 to record Oh at home. It’s a damn good piece of solo weirdness, with experimental out-sounds and songcraft in equal measure. Out also includes Mille...view item »


Rusalnaia is the transatlantic collaboration of 2 highly singular folk musicians: Philadelphia, USA’s Gillian Chadwick and England’s Sharron Kraus, who did such good work with Robert Plant a while ago. Their 2007 debut, never before released on vinyl, sounds strange ...view item »

The Gary Wilson Trio
Another Galaxy

Gary Wilson got his cult reputation from his electrified avant-songcraft album You Think You Really Know Me, but this release, unearthed from distant 1974 obscurity by Feeding Tube Records, shows that he had jazz talent too. Not just any jazz either, but the kind that floats ...view item »

Bruce Russell
Howling and Instability at High Volume Settings

Bruce Russell is of course one of the principal guitar-manglers for New Zealand noise-rock heroes The Dead C! He also produces lesser-known solo work, such as the material gathered on the perfectly-titled Howling and Instability at High Volume Settings, a set of guitar / amp interfacings with a gnarly e...view item »

Sunburned Hand of The Man
Mind Of A Brother

First ever release by wild-riding collective Sunburned Hand Of The Man, put together back in the late 90’s. For once, the music journalist’s cliche of ‘on-acid’ is appropriate, as the group’s strange improvised sputterings heard here were mostly made under the influence. Mind Of A Brother i...view item »

Owen Maercks
Teenage Sex Therapist

Here's a fascinating bit of late '70s outsider pop from Owen Maercks, originally pressed privately in the hope of securing a record deal but was too hard-to-pigeonhole for any labels to bite. It's now been rescued from history's trash heap by Feeding Tube records, who present its scratchy Talking Heads-meets-Modern Lovers-meets-Devo new wave pop...view item »

Joshua Burkett
Gold Cosmos

Gold Cosmos, first released in 2001, represents the moment that Joshua Burkett invited other people into his hushed, intimate weird-folk world. Chris Corsano, Matt Valentine and Ben Chasny (of Six Organs Of Admittance) all contribute, making this a wond...view item »

Above The High Rays

Miaux, aka Mia Prce is a Bosnian musician based in Antwerp, Belgium. Above The High Rays is full of her intricate keyboard stylings that are cinematic in nature and have a hint of goth about them. Retro-futuristic synth sounds billow and swirl floating over angular eastern percussion. Feeding Tube signe...view item »

Alpine Frequency

Alpine Frequency by MV & EE has been likened to a pair of Neil Young’s patched-up jeans, suggesting that, unlike their previous work, it is a collage of sound. A patchwork quilt of sounds brought together to make a sprawling double LP. They mix psychedelia, appalachian folk and aspects of indi...view item »

Gary Wilson
Music for Piano

Gary Wilson is an experimental musician from Endicott, New York. His best known work is 1977’s You Think You Really Know Me after which he stopped recording and playing live. He started making music again in 2003. His fans are generally attracted to his lyrics which is strange for someone so experimental. Music For Piano,...view item »

Joanne Robertson
Black Moon Days

Black Moon Days is Joanne Robertson’s second record. Her sound is very intimate, singing of troubles and dark thoughts in an untutored but pure voice that suggests acceptance. Playing both electric and acoustic guitar, Robertson captivates. Released on Feeding Tube Records in an edition of 300....view item »

Jack Ruby
Jack Ruby - Volume 2

Jack Ruby were one of the missing links between Fun House era Stooges and the eventual No Wave of the late 70s. They basically sound like what would happen if J.G Ballard started a proto-punk band; electronic noise throughout with dirty rock n' roll. This is the 2nd volume of LP reissues which is the more noisy and experimental side of the band,...view item »

Bugs & Rats

An obnoxious kebab of unrest from Bugs & Rats. Adidas is a bilge pump of evil hardcore/punk-rock with a seriously demented garage ascetic. Overblown with distorted-to-the-max guitars, muddy vocal squawks and a battery of drums. It's somewhere between Converge and The Sonics. Out on vinyl LP from Feeding Tube Records...view item »

Peter's Window
Last Summer on Earth / Grapey Day

A pop artist who's as renegade as a TV cop who doesn't play by the rules, Pete Nichols' debut record Last Summer On Earth / Grapey Day combines his love of easy, persuasive melodies and subversive, mislabelled sound effects. It's the kind of pop that sounds pretty and ugly at the same time, whic...view item »

Bang! Bros.

The Bang! Bros are a free and avant and all things nice jazz duo consisting of Mark Johnson and Adam Foam. They made this record as part of the stupidest and greatest deadline ever, touring twelve cities over twelve hours on... you know... the twelth of December, two thousand twelve. This record is a 12". The duo's free jazz is slightly off...view item »

Dredd Foole & Ben Chasney
Drunk With Insignificance

Here's an album by someone I've heard of and someone I haven't. Ben Chasny of Six Organs of Admittance and Ben Chasny fame has teamed up with a character called Dredd Foole. I wonder if that's his real name like Kurt Vile. On this album Mr Foole takes the fore most of the time with some alt-co...view item »

Orchid Spangiafora
Flee Past's Ape Elf

Strange things were afoot in the upper Midwest around the late '70s. Here's the week's most baffling reissue, an album of wild and wacky concrete tape manipulation by Orchid Spangiafora from 1979, which found an unlikely home on legendary Minneapolis label Twin-Tone, better known for releases from the likes of the Replacements and Soul Asylum....view item »

Eggs, Eggs
Taste of Sundress

Eggs, Eggs are David Russell and a collection of anarchic musicians on everything from synths, violins, autoharps and all sorts of mad screams and peculiar sounds. A spoken word cacophony on this two track album creates a frenetic, uncomfortable sound reminiscent of a contemporary take on Captain Beefheart ...view item »

Guerilla Toss
Jeffrey Johnson

Fantastic. Totally bizarre. Perhaps the future of music. The art is wonderful too. I see these guys live once when I was in New York City. Their live performance is mind blowing....view item »

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