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Shit & Shine
Very High EP

Craig Clouse’s Shit & Shine project returns to Diagonal Records (Powell, Not Waving...view item »

Russell Haswell
As Sure As Night Follows Day (Autechre, Powell, Stingray Remixes)

Autechre remixes don’t come round that often but here’s one for pal Russell Haswell that has the duo remoulding ‘Heavy Handed Sunset’ into their ‘Conformity Version’. The only thing it really conforms to being, is their idiosyncratic vision o...view item »

The Modern Institute
Another Exhibition

Glasgow’s Modern Institute is the duo of Laurie Pitt and Richard McMaster - both members of loveable electro-disco-dub mutant peddlers Golden Teacher. They’re appearance as a sort of corporate art organization kinda echoes that of Public Image Limited utilitarian post-punk aesthetic. They’ve got the whole post- Kraftwerk clinic...view item »

Russell Haswell

Noise merchant Russell Haswell presents this new mini LP which sits right between a 12" and an LP.  Here he collaborates with Sue Tomkins (Life Without Buildings). Her distinctive voice is sure to give a unique edge to music Haswell describes as being influenced by the music he heard during his formative ye...view item »

Not Waving
Good Luck

London based Italian Alessio Natalizia returns to Diagonal with his ninth full length as Not Waving. Keeping in line with his abstracted and experimental take on club culture and EBM, ...view item »

New Beta Vol.2

Powell's fried acid techno makes hauntingly obtuse appearances in this ever changing, weirdly delirious long-player. At certain moments it's a merry chaos, various synth boxes spluttering nonsense into the sonic spaces; at other times it's hypnotic, understated groove, full of subtle developments and delicious tension....view item »

Koehler / Stabudown Productions
Jim V Dan

This is a stand-off! A battle between two renegade rave heroes, Koehler and StabUdown Productions aka James Donadio of Prostitutes. Jim V Dan sees the two produce aggressive, tetchy takes on each other’s material. Expect banging breaks, deadly bass and industrial bleeps fired by c...view item »

Shit & Shine
Total Shit!

Post everything mayhem bringer Shit and Shine returns with Total Shit! Whether it is or not is a purely subjective thing in this case. With a library of sounds that Nurse With Wound would probably happily take a gander at, and an almost complete lack of conscience Shit and Shine...view item »

New Beta Vol.1

After his debut full length for XL in 2016, Powell returns to his own Diagonal imprint with an only available on vinyl (no digital is going to be done) mini album. Powell continues to explore his own unique sound with heavy nods to rave, drum and bass, and Belgian techno. From scatty chopped electro beats to aci...view item »

Dance Tracksz

Ohia producer James Donadio’s 7th full length release under his Prostitutes moniker, with releases on Spectrum Spools and Digitalis he returns to Powell’s Diagonal imprint for his third release with them. Rough and ready, flaws and all rave culture on one vinyl. Dirty and cheeky tech...view item »

Right Frankfurt

Computer music’s equivalent to Marmite - EVOL land back on Diagonal, following the ‘Flapper That’ 12” with two side long tracks of beatless gurning acid squelching. It’s all very silly, ridiculous and either funny or annoying d...view item »


2 CD compilation from the tall lad behind Diagonal. Powell’s 11-14 is a journey through all his previous and recent 12’’ singles. We have the early fried in a vat motorik pieces from Body Music, to the more hard leaning recent gear from Club Music. This comp also features Powell...view item »

Nordic Mediterranean Organization / Numerous Miscommunications Occur

Debut full-length from N.M.O., a pretty fucked-up sounding outfit with a big fondness for sharp sounds. Nordic Mediterranean Organisation / Numerous Miscommunications Occur is a neon-bright set of acid electronics and rave deconstructions, with a cheeky selection of locked grooves sprinkled through the middle of various...view item »

NHK yx Koyxen
Doom Steppy Reverb

Kouhei Matsunaga returns to Diagonal with ‘Doom Steppy Reverb’ following up his ‘Hallucinogenic Doom Steppy Verbs’ 12” for the label, via a quick pit-stop on L.I.E.S. with the ‘S...view item »

Vegetation EP

Vegetation EP by Container comes on the Diagonal label and is a squelchy, menacing collection of creeping techno sounds. It’s dance music which aggressively confronts you, mocks you and dances around you as all control is lost to the ominous, strange noises of pulsating drum machine. ...view item »

Elon Katz
The Human Pet

I wasn’t quite sure what I thought of this record at first but it’s really growing on me. Elon Katz if you don’t know has worked under a few aliases; Aeylen Orion Auspex, White Car, Aguirre and...view item »

In The Mouth Of The Wolf
In The Mouth Of The Wolf

In The Name Of The Wolf is what happens when big-name industrial techno practitioners Cindytalk and Ancient Methods get together: hard-thrusting rhythms and harsh, noisy textures all the way! Heavy stuff that simply commands the dancefloor’s co-operation. This self-titled collaborative deb...view item »

Not Waving

Alessio Natalizia’s project Not Waving submits a full-length album to Diagonal, blasting listeners along the way. Animals slides through body music, firm techno and industrially-informed synth-pop, fitting right into each style. Mighty stuff from a master of electronics. This CD release includes 2...view item »

Consumer Electronics
Repetition Reinforcement

12” vinyl from Consumer Electronics, following up their LP Estuary English from last year. The alias of Philip Best, and featuring Sarah Froelich and Russell Haswell, Repetition Reinforcement has driving brutal beats and a close, almost claustrophobic atmosphere. Cutting right to the bone with deadpan vocals and discordant...view item »

Not Waving
Get Serious

Diagonal champion the talents of Not Waving aka Alessio Natalizia with his new EP Get Serious. The 12” is cut at 45rpm for maximum club impact. It’s in your face and ready to go. A mix of Powell’s craziness, Belgian EBM of the late ‘80s and a sprinkling of Italia...view item »

NHK yx Koyxen
Hallucinogenic Doom Steppy Verbs

Japanese eccentric/genius Kouhei Matsunaga (AKA NHK yx Koyxen) is back with his anarchistic, deconstructivist, dancefloor acid techno with this 26-minute, five-track debut wig out for London based Diagonal records. ‘Hallucinogenic Doom Steppy Verbs’ is an experiment in unfettered creativity and technical prowess that unravels the roo...view item »

Russell Haswell
As Sure As Night Follows Day

Another missive from Russell Haswell, this time in the form of a state-of-the-Haswell full-length album. The man is particularly entranced with acid and techno sounds at the moment, and that really comes out on As Sure As Night Follows Day’s 19 tracks. Banging tunes with a rough, noisy edge. On Di...view item »

Club Music - Ancient Methods and Richard H Kirk Remixes

Powell’s ‘Club Music’ is subjected to a wee bit of remix action courtesy of Ancient Methods and Richard H. Kirk (Cabaret Voltaire fellow, if you’ve had your head up your bottom fo...view item »

Flapper That

Computer punks Evol have a new 12” and it’s called Flapper That. One 20 minute piece of music over two sides of vinyl. Side one messes with waveform (and your head) in an hypnotic way, gradually changing speed and pitch. Side two adds drone and rave to the mix. Evol’s music has been a great influence o...view item »

Blood Music
Chicks / Badgering

New Blood Music 12” on Diagonal, packaged in a typically sharply designed sleeve. Frantic percussive activity, using Japanese Taiko drums among others. And on top of the drums, unleashed electronics and feedback run wild: this is a mighty mixture indeed. Also contains a powerful remix of Chicks by Helm...view item »

For Promotional Use Only

12” vinyl. The boys down at Diagonal are kicking it old skool… With a modern twist.. Completely unknown white label “sourced from youtube and mastered for wax”... The contents? a 90s techno anthem, reworked into a 9 minute club banger, guaranteed to make it go mad. Incredibly limited, as they should be :-) soo copies, On...view item »

Green Gums
Black Tongue EP

Available on 12” vinyl from Diagonal. Dom Butler (Factory Floor) and Richard Smith (L/F/D/M) join forces in Green Gums. With a more definite focus that their other moniker Bronze Teeth Black Tongue leads with minimal hard techno b...view item »

Ecstasy, Crashing Beats and Fantasy

‘Ecstasy, Crashing Beats and Fantasy’ is the second record on Diagonal from Cleveland, Ohio’s James Donadio following the ‘Shatter and Lose’ 10” and stuff for Opal Tapes, Digitalis, Mir...view item »

Club Music

Powell makes a most welcome return to his Diagonal label with the functionally titled ‘Club Music’ 12” aimed straight at the sweaty ravers. It get’s going with ‘We Went Electric’ with the fizzling sound of pure high voltage buzzing over some proper cl...view item »

Russell Haswell
Double A

Russell Haswell recently came down to earth to shatter teeth and ruin lives with his new noisy record 'Conceptual nO!se', which was not only gleefully abrasive, but also kinda infuriating to type. Ever prolific, he returns now with 'Double A', a squelchy, more contentedly dance-oriented record consisting of two ten minute workouts. It's still in...view item »

Bronze Teeth
O Unilateralis

Here’s the first outing from Bronze Teeth; the duo of Dominic Butler (Factory Floor) and Richard Smith (Optimo Music’s L/F/D/M). The pair serve up three gnarly club tracks for Powell’s Diagonal imprint, kicking off with the epi...view item »

Shit & Shine
Powder Horn

Groovy power electronics, anyone? That's not exactly what Shit And Shine do, but listening to "PG 13", fixed with its dance beat, slick bassline and an onslaught of piercing screams, you'd be forgiven for thinking 'Powder Horn' was Pharmakon hanging with the Bee Gees. Similar to Astral Social Club's experiments in seeing if noise music can ...view item »

Bronze Teeth
A Waif’s Rent

After a little digging I'm finding out that the 12" that I'm listening to right now is by Bronze Teeth, but not just any old bronze teeth. This Bronze Teeth is in fact the super-team of Dominic Butler from Factory Floor and Richard "L/F/D/M" Smith. There are three tracks of repetitive post-techno act...view item »

The Ongoing Significance Of Steel & Flesh

New from London based upstart Diagonal comes a four tracker of tough, skeletal rhythms from label boss Powell. Revelling in mechanical hooks, cold, brittle percussion and unfamiliar time signatures, Powell pursues new modes of dancefloor dread but is unashamedly indebted to the past to: (amongst others) the propulsive funk of Suicide, the linear...view item »

Shit & Shine

Released on 12" vinyl and digital download formats. The vinyl issue comes in an LP sleeve with double hits of high-vis yellow and pornographic pink. The release also marks the first collaboration with artist and designer Guy Featherstone, who heads up Design at Wieden and Kennedy, London.  ...view item »

Russell Haswell
37 Minute Workout

37 Minute Workout is released mid-February on both vinyl LP and digital download formats. The vinyl comes in a high gloss, spot-UV varnished sleeve with black and white inner — designed, as always, by Guy Featherstone. ...view item »

Ooze / Ooze (Silent Servant Remix)

Fresh Windy City EBM moves from Street Walker aka Beau Wanzer (L.I.E.S, Mutant Beat Dance, Russian Torrent Versions etc.) and Elon Katz (...view item »

Shatter and Lose

Prostitutes is James Donadio, a man whose super limited edition LP ‘Psychedelic Black’ turned heads last year with his gritty, raw take on techno. He's since had a fine LP on Digitalis and a split tape with Basic House on ...view item »

Blood Music
Blood Music EP

Arriving at 2.30 on a Friday afternoon, this EP nearly didn’t get reviewed at all but Phil insisted it was one we should listen to so here goes. On Rare Earth there’s a patient krauty beat’n’drone situation which reminds me of Beak> and chugging glacial guitars with nonchalant almost...view item »

Body Music EP

Powell follow up their well received debut 12" for Diagonal with 5 track EP 'Body Music'.  The title track is an upbeat post punker with woody, slightly tribal percussion, vocal snippet and funky bass. Although composed electronically it's st...view item »