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Dukes of Chutney

It’s been seven years in the making since their debut EP Domino got such good press back in 2013, but California-via-Berlin trio Dukes of Chutney finally deliver their first full-length album. Hazel is even better than could be expected even by the most optimistic, a globe-trotting mixture of electronica, dream-pop, indie, jazz and dub. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (BIS40LP)
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Josey Rebelle
Josey In Space

The legendary Rinse FM DJ Josey Rebelle presents Josey In Space, a new mix for the Beats In Space label. It’s available as a 20-track mixed CD release and in mixed and unmixed digital forms, many of which make their exclusive debuts. It’s also available as a four-track 12” vinyl of its highlights ready for DJs! 

Powder In Space

Producer and DJ Momoko Goto presents her latest Powder EP for Tim Sweeney’s Beats In Space imprint, and it’s a slightly odd one. Alongside two new originals, titled ‘New Tribe’ and ‘Gift’, Powder In Space also includes an instrumental of Daphne’s 1993 hit ‘When You Love Someone’ and an exclusive release Samo DJ & The Hidden Operator’s blissful ‘Захват Сзади Rox’ in a live mix. Comes with an essay insert and a download card for the four unmixed tracks. 


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Palmbomen II
Memories of Cindy Pt. 1

Palmbomen II inaugurates a new series of four EPs, title Memories of Cindy. Part one contains six tracks of woozy nostalgia electronics, with melancholy synth melodies playing out over a vapourwave void of pre-sets and samples. Plenty of atmosphere, and sometimes some grooves too. 12” on Beats In Space, limited to 350 copies.

Palmbomen II
Memories of Cindy Pt. 2

Kai Hugo returns as Palmbomen II to re-invoke his memories of Cindy. Pt 2 continues the energy of his initial instalment; those high bpm's are present and correct in the pure house grooves and acid crescendos. But there are also meditative moments amongst the frenetic percussive grooves. For those wistfully reflective moments. Atmosphere, always atmosphere: limited Beats In Space 12".
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  • Beats In Space

Palmbomen II
Memories of Cindy Pt. 3

It's the mysterious Palmbomen II and his dedication continues with the release of Memories of Cindy Pt. 3. For the final individual record in the series, ahead of a planned 4-part set, expect pared-down house infused with luminescent, melodic acid grooves cutting through the West Coast city haze. Also, please find hues of Tangerine Dream. Limited 12" EP, on Tim Sweeney's Beats In Space label.

Anatolian Weapons feat. Seirios Savvaidis
To The Mother Of Gods

Anatolian Weapons - the project of Athens-based artist Aggelos Baltas (Dream Weapons, Fantastikoi Hxoi) - has teamed up with the Greek folk composer Seirios Savvaidis for new LP To The Mother Of The Gods. The Anatolian Weapons style leans on the beatific psych and Krautrock of groups like The Brian Jonestown Massacre and Can, and when combined with Savvaidis ear for native Greek styles the results are potent. To The Mother Of The Gods is out via Beats In Space.
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  • Beats In Space

Shy Layers
Midnight Marker

J. D. Walsh follows up his well-received 2016 LP as Shy Layers. Midnight Marker is another perky fusion of Balearic tropes, Yacht rock, electro-soul and cerebral pop ala Another Green World. Walsh proves a great arranger here - tracks like ‘Gateway’ are dense constructions of synth bass, drums, vocals, harmonised lead lines and more, but despite being busy it never feels like the parts are getting in the way of each other. Out via Beats In Space.
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  • Beats In Space

E Ruscha V
Who Are You

This blurb writer is suffering from quite bad insomnia at the moment, and as such some of the music in the Norman description list is having a particularly strong effect on my sleep-deprived brain. As soon as I put on the title track and lead single for Who Are You, my weary face burst into a big old grin. It’s lovely stuff from E Ruscha V - an artist you might better know as Secret Circuit - combining tropicalia, ambient and cosmic electro influences to create music that heads straight for the pleasure centre.

Palmbomen II
Memories of Cindy

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Good To Me

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