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Snow Palms
Everything Ascending

Everything Ascending is the new 12” from Snow Palms. The usual electronic sparkles and icy glockenspiels are backed-up by modular synths, tapes experiments, pianos and vocal lines that may give this record its name. If you like Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Steve Reich or Midori Takada, then the pair of epic tracks may be for you. 12” on Village Green.
  • Vinyl 12" (VGEP053)
  • Label(s):
  • Village Green

A Gradual Decline

After dropping a few EPs on Village Green Recordings (Ben Chatwin, Ellis Island Sound) Bristolian producer CUTS (Anthony Tombling Jr.) now comes through with his debut LP for the label. A Gradual Decline is a record of emotive instrumental synth-pop pitched somewhere between the glacial ambiences of the Icelandic school and the more immediate compositions of someone like Ben Frost.
  • Vinyl Double LP (VGLP048)
  • CD (VGCD048)
  • Label(s):
  • Village Green

Dream Voyager

‘Dream Voyager’ was one of the standout moments of the two Exist EPs that CUTS released earlier this year on Village Green Recordings (Ellis Island Sound, Moon Gangs). The manner in which it builds from portentous opening synthscape to an earth-shaking climax brought to mind a more bombastic version of something from Jam City’s Dream A Garden. Here the track gets its own release and is backed by remixes from labelmate Ben Chatwin and shoegaze OGs Slowdive.
  • Vinyl 12" (VGEP050)
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A Slow Decay

CUTS’ new 12” A Slow Decay delivers on the promise of the two Exist EPs with one more appetite-whetter before his debut full-length A Gradual Decline lands. A Slow Decay, taken from that record, shows off a deep, icy spaciousness that sometimes drifts and sometimes explodes. Plus two exclusive B-side tracks.
  • Vinyl 12" (VGEP054)
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  • Label(s):
  • Village Green

Jim Copperthwaite
Ballroom Ghosts

Jim Copperthwaite presents his debut full-length album on the Village Green label. Evocatively titled Ballroom Ghosts, this album is full of really rather beautiful and intimate compositions that combine Jim’s movie soundtrack experience with some Reichian repetitive pulses. CD and LP editions from Village Green.
  • Vinyl LP (VGLP019)
  • CD (VGCD019)

Ben Chatwin
Drone Signals

Former Talvihorros chap Ben Chatwin has not been content with releasing one album this year. Instead he has gone back to his sound sources for 'Staccato Signals' and created an entirely new work. 'Drone Signals' as you might guess by the title is a more ambient stretched out work that will appeal to all your drone and neo classical greats like Ben Frost and Max Richter. 
  • Vinyl LP (VGLP039)
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  • CD (VGCD039)

Ben Chatwin
Staccato Signals

Talvihorros remains in hibernation while Ben Chatwin issues a third album under his own name for Village Green. This one began as an attempt to do a purely electronic analogue synth album, but that’s not really our Ben, is it? Acoustic instrumentation found its way into things sooner or later, and what you get is a record bubbling with analogue warmth and cinematic strings.
  • Vinyl LP (VGLP037)
  • CD (VGCD037)

EXIST 1 & 2

CUTS, is Anthony Tombling Jr, who created the experimental film Exist, which is soundtracked by CUTS. See what’s going on here? EXIST 1 & 2 is a CD release of the two seperate vinyl editions of the soundtrack, and it's a great listen, full of overloaded electronics, dark atmospheres, and dense climaxes. CD on Village Green.
  • CD (VGCD045)
  • Label(s):
  • Village Green


Under the moniker of Cuts, Anthony Tombling Jr, a filmmaker and composer, has made a film called Exist. It’s inspired by the poetry of H.P. Lovecraft and features narration from cult graphic novelist Alan Moore. Music from the film will be released as two EPs. On  Exist 1 the music explores the quiet/loud dynamic used so well by the likes of Mogwai, distortion and vocals low in the mix that recalls My Bloody Valentine and dark and growling electronic feedback to create a sinister feel. 12” EP on Village Green.
  • Vinyl 12" (VGEP045)
  • Label(s):
  • Village Green


  • Vinyl 12" (VGLP049)
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John Matthias & Jay Auborn
Pretoria Remixed

John Matthias (Derailer) joined forces with composer Jay Auborn to release Race To Zero through Village Green records in 2017, mixing modern classical with heavy electronic production. Here they bring Bristolian producer CUTS, Will Young’s (not that one) Moon Gangs project, and former Mogwai guitarist John Cummings in to remix the track Pretoria. Turning this cinematic piece in two very different interpretations.
  • Vinyl 12" (VGEP043)
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Moon Gangs
Earth Loop

Moon Gangs is the solo jam of BEAK> keyboardist William Young and 'Earth Loop' has emerged out of his love for early day synth movers and shakers such as Tangerine Dream and Popol Vuh. Young didn't go out much as a child and so had years to listen to soundtracks and play video games. This has infused his music which is full of ambient, analogue synth loops and foreboding, cinematic drones.  
  • Vinyl LP (VGLP032)
  • CD (VGCD032)


Anthony Tombling Jr, AKA Cuts, is releasing music from his H.P. Lovecraft inspired film, Exist, over two EPs. Exist 2 balances dark and light, quiet and loud to score the drama perfectly. The EP also includes his track Bunsen Burner from the Ex Machina soundtrack and the TV show Person Of Interest. 12” EP on Village Green.
  • Vinyl 12" (VGEP046)
  • Label(s):
  • Village Green

Angèle David-Guillou
Mouvements Organiques

Angele David-Guillou here does what more artists should do: she takes selections from her most recent album, En Mouvement and rearranges them altogether, in this case for organ. The resulting Mouvements Organiques are excellent and ambient, working perfectly as complements to the original recordings or as a suite in their own right. On Village Green.
  • Vinyl LP (VGEP044)
  • CD (VGCD044)
  • Label(s):
  • Village Green

Matt Dunkley
Cycles 7-16

Matt Dunkley's continuation of orchestral works sees the modern composer utilise a variety of styles, at times verging on the grandiose, always retaining a filmic drama. Fans of Max Richter will be pleased to notice a yearning melancholy, the slow fluttering strings of 'Cycle 11' being a good case in point.
  • Vinyl LP (VGLP033)
  • CD (VGCD033)

Angele David-Guillou
En Mouvement

Angele David-Guillou is a French composer who has previously worked under the name Klima and as part of Piano Magic. This is her second album under her birth name and is an album of modern composition that references the music of Moondog and Philip Glass taking this listener on a creative musical journey. 
  • CD (VGCD017)

Snow Palms
Origin and Echo

Snow Palms is a project of David Sheppard (he also wrote an acclaimed Brian Eno biography) that focuses on the rich power of mallet instruments, exploiting the fabulous combination of melodicism and percussion that these instruments (think marimbas and metallophones) can provide. Origin And Echo is full of excellent intuitive compositions, and is released by Village Green.
  • Vinyl LP (VGLP030)
  • CD (VGCD030)

Dead Light

Four track EP of remixes of select tracks taken from modern classical/ambient duo Dead Light’s self titled debut full length from 2016. Featured artists include Luke Abbott, Andrea Belfi, and Rafael Anton Irisarri under his The Sight Below (Touch/Miasmah/Ghostly International). Vinyl on Village Green.
  • Vinyl 12" (VGEP014)

Tom Hobden & Eliot James
Present: Roam

Present: Roam is the first collaboration between Tom Hobden and Eliot James. On hearing the lush orchestral compositions within, you might be surprised to learn that the two’s previous projects include Mumford and Sons and Kaiser Chiefs, but hey, popular music is a strange place these days. Impressive modern English Romanticism, released by Village Green.
  • Vinyl LP (VGLP035)
  • CD (VGCD035)
  • Label(s):
  • Village Green

Ilya Beshevli
Primary Source

Why are they calling him a prodigy? Well, after releasing two full length albums in 2016 the young serbian composer Ilya Beshevli is back with Village green and releasing this three track EP. Primary Source continues in a similar vein to Wanderer and Night Forest comprising of serene modern classical piano compositions, but on this EP he is backed by The Babelsberg Orchestra, they don’t take over but enrich the palette.
  • Vinyl 12" (VGEP034)

John Matthias & Jay Auborn
Race To Zero

John Matthias and Jay Auborn have paired up to create an album that explores where we’re at in terms of space, sound, technology and place. The creative process included improvisations on acoustic instruments in character-rich locations, which were then transformed through intensive digital processing into something other. Race To Zero is an interesting suite of digital folk music, released by Village Green.
  • Vinyl LP (VGLP013)
  • CD (VGCD013)

Thomas William Hill
Asylum For Eve

Thomas William Hill has plenty of experience in the world of scoring films, and a richly cinematic strain is evident throughout new album Asylum For Eve, which mixes material from those soundtracks with entirely new works. His music has a soft intensity built from neoclassical piano and tinkering rhythms: you’ll feel like you are in the film of your own life. Out on Village Green.
  • Vinyl LP (VGLP027)
  • CD (VGCD027)

Soft Error

Soft Error are an electronic duo that have based their musical content using a complementary mix of synthesisers, drum machines and keyboards. Mechanism is the grainy and symphonic debut album from the duo, and it was recorded at the renowned Greenhouse Studio in Iceland. Available on Vinyl LP and CD.
  • Vinyl LP (VGLP031)
  • CD (VGCD031)
  • Label(s):
  • Village Green

Ilya Beshevli
Wanderer Remixes

Ilya Beshevli’s recent album of gorgeous neo-classical piano compositions gets looked over by a couple of capable producers for this release of remixes. We get a lo-fi house take from Palmbomen and a Simian Mobile Disco-style take from Simian Mobile Disco, as well as a version from fellow composer Ryan Teague. 12” with a download code that also incorporates a Village Green label sampler.
  • Vinyl 12" (VGEP022)

Dead Light
Dead Light

Who doesn't think about escaping from the city from time to time? Well the folks from Dead Light escaped from stinking old London to some rural backwater where they have been free to explore their billowing ambient compositions.  They've used treated tape, prepared pianos and all manner of experimental tomfoolery to create these pieces. 
  • Vinyl LP (VGLP014)
  • CD (VGCD014)

Ilya Beshevli
Night Forest

Siberian pianist and composer Ilya Beshevli has a simply gorgeous ear for a melancholy melody, and his debut album Night Forest is full of sweeping neoclassical compositions of shimmering emotional power. Reissued on Village Green on CD and LP: the album’s first appearance on vinyl. Plus a download code for a label sampler!
  • Vinyl LP (VGLP029)
  • CD (VGCD029)

Ilya Beshevli

Piano-led neo-classical music from composer and pianist Ilya Beshevli, a resident of Moscow. Sometimes solo, sometimes supported by lush orchestration, Wanderer’s pieces are grand and cinematic. Available as a CD or on vinyl, with both formats also including a download code for a label sampler. On Village Green.
  • Vinyl LP (VGLP022)
  • CD (VGCD022)

Matt Dunkley
Cycles EP

Matt Dunkley has more than paid his dues as an orchestrator and a conductor, working with most of the big-deal orchestras around and a number of big films: now he’s turning his attentions to original creations. The Cycles EP takes one piece from his recent debut, and bolsters it with remixes from Nigel Wiesehan and Clint Mansell.
  • Vinyl 12" (VGEP028)

Matt Dunkley
Six Cycles

Matt Dunkley has more than paid his dues as an orchestrator and a conductor, working with most of the big-deal orchestras around and a number of big films (Inception, The Dark Knight…). But Six Cycles is his first record as an artist in his own right, in which he displays a grand creative talent. Released by Village Green.
  • Vinyl LP (VGLP018)
  • CD (VGCD018)

David John Sheppard
Vertical Land

The debut solo album from composer David John Sheppard allows him to step out into the light with his polyrhythmic minimalist compositions. By hitting guitars with vibraphone mallets, Sheppard has created an album with distinct comparisons to Liverpool’s Ex-Easter Island Head. Vertical Land is perfect for fans of the minimalism of Reich and Glass. Out on CD and vinyl LP from Village Green. Vertical Land.
  • Vinyl LP (VGLP009)
  • CD (VGCD009)

Ben Chatwin
The Sleeper Awakes

Recorded at his home in Scotland, The Sleeper Awakes by Ben Chatwin is inspired by the works of HG Wells and sees Chatwin, who has previously released music under the name Talvihorros, concentrate on ambient melody as he creates subtle tunes which beautifully meld together into a distinct structure rather than a textured ambient sound. Along with synths and other electronics, Chatwin also uses a 100 year old Dulcitone on the album. LP comes with download code.
  • Vinyl LP (VGLP008)
  • CD (VGCD008)

Ryan Teague
Last Known Position

A single track from Ryan Teague’s last album is expanded and extended into an evolved form of the original on this EP release on Village Green. Minimalism as played by synthesisers. Furthermore, he has enlisted remixers to try their hand at the track: Plaid, Errors, and The Field! Imagine being remixed by The Field...
  • Vinyl LP (VGLP023)

Ellis Island Sound

Ellis Island Sound always have to be merging one genre with another, and what results is a musical marriage so preposterous it takes a dude in a suit with a handlebar moustache to pronounce "Well, this is preposterous!" to understand just how preposterous it is. Their last record, 'Regions', was billed as a meeting of Can-inspired krautrock and pulsating Afrobeat, while 'Divisions' apparently absorbs both "motorik and subtropical guitar". Believe what you want to believe, but as always, Ellis Island Sound are investigative, wide-eyed and full of exuberant songs for you to hear.
  • Vinyl LP (VGLP021)
  • CD (VG021CD)

Ryan Teague
Block Boundaries

Ryan Teague is one of those savvy neo-classical types who's able to deftly steer between acoustic and electronic approaches to composition, synthesising the two into emotive soundscapes that move between ambience and melody. 'Block Boundaries' has elements of other composers attached to it: it recalls Steve Reich's 'City Life' and Max Richter's 'The Blue Notebooks', as well as Phillip Glass' work, but retains its own singular forcefulness and surprisingly quick pace. 
  • CD (VGCD015)

Ellis Island Sound

  • Vinyl LP (VGLP007)
  • CD (VGCD007)

Ellis Island Sound
Intro, Airborne, Travelling

  • Vinyl 12" (VGEP007)

John Matthias

  • Vinyl LP (VGLP012)
  • CD (VGCD012)

Chris Morphitis
Where To Go

Previously found having a lovely old time with Owiny Sigoma Band and Mavrika, guitarist/composer/sound artist Chris Morphitis has now stumped up a solo full-length for Village Green (Snow Palms, Ellis Island Sound). Anyone familiar with the label’s style will know what’s coming on Where To Go. For the uninitiated - this is an LP of polite neo-classical ambiences in the Sigur Ros mould.
  • Vinyl LP (VGLP011)
  • CD (VGCD011)

Angele David-Guillou

  • Vinyl LP (VGLP006)
  • CD (VGCD006)

Adrian Corker

  • Vinyl LP (VGLP005)
  • CD (VGCD005)

Snow Palms

  • CD (VGCD010)

Keith Kenniff

  • CD (VGCD002)

Ryan Teague
Field Drawings

  • Vinyl LP (VGLP003)
  • CD (VGCD003)

Mint Julep
Save Your Season

  • CD (VGCD001)

The Dø
Both Ways Open Jaws

  • CD (VGCD004)
  • Label(s):
  • Village Green