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From Deep Streams

Having worked in a variety of electronic territories over the years, with plenty of electro bangers to his name, Plant43 is now giving ambient electronic music a punt. The kind of melodies and harmonies heard in past releases now get lots of space to shine, woven through luscious calming synth lines. From Deep Streams is released by the Shipwrec label.
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  • Shipwrec

Memory Disks Volume One

Blackpool’s Jonathan Valentine aka Chevron is back with a populous nine-track EP of cheeky wonk for Shipwrec. Bubbling acid, mosquito electro leads, wonderful gurgling bass, drill & bass rhythms, acapella samples, all present and accounted for. Special mentions go to the bass in ‘Diamond’ and the overall sound of ‘Planet Tingler’, which sounds like something you’d hear in a 1980s games arcade.
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The Damocles Syndicate

Posthuman, or cousins Richard Bevan and Joshua Doherty are acid veterans and have been active since the late ‘90s and over the last decade or so heading up an acid revival with their label I Love Acid. They also love the Roland TB303 which has inspired them to keep acid alive. The Damocles Syndicate is two sides of reckless and debauched techno that could only come from the minds of these two. 12” on Shiprec.

DMX Krew
Generic Wizard​

With releases on Hypercolour, Ekster, Central Processing Unit, and Rephlex, Ed Upton brings his DMX Krew moniker to Shipwrec to help celebrate 50 releases. Acidic and vibrant electro jams with seemingly bottomless energy, with tracks like Bush Baby Bug Eyes getting the pulse twitching and then switching to 80s montage-esque chords of Language Response and Irrational Momentum.

DMX Krew

Veteran producer DMX Krew drops 6 new lively ones on the world. The contents of Mini-Owner are wonderful: shiny, sunny and happy without lapsing into predictability. Proper-electro funk rhythm-churn and colourful summer-evening synthlines flying all over the place: lovely work. Released via Holland’s Shipwrec label.

Sturm Und Drang / First Mover

  • Vinyl 12" (SHIP051)
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Bodypop EP

After growing his Neo Ouija imprint to great heights from 2000 to 2005, Lee Norris, Neo Ouija, and his Metamatics moniker all but dropped off the map with only a trickle of releases. Returning with a full length of shimmering acidic tinged electronica late 2016, Shipwrec have jumped at the opportunity to put a few choice cuts from the album on wax. Analog mastery with a digital sheen, FFO Aphex Twin, Luke Vibert.

Galaxian X Stingray313
Nu 1000

On Nu 1000 the Detroit techno originator Stingray313 goes head-to-head with Glasgow’s Galaxian. Both artists get their own tune and then collaborate for some brain-melting sci-fi electronics. The ex-Drexciya don brings muscular percussion and his Scottish counterpart matches the pace with abrasive drones.

Dez Williams
Sleight of Hand EP

UK producer Dez Williams has been turning out work for more than a decade now, on labels such as Warm Data and his own Elektronik Religion imprint. The Sleight Of Hand EP now lands on Shipwrec Records with 5 tracks of finely-calibrated electro and techno to keep dancefloors moving and synapses firing.

Kissing Gate

  • Vinyl 7" (SW01)
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