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Another slab of caps lock post-industrial drones and saturated rhythm textures from Swedish duo SHXCXCHCXSH. That’s the sound all the bottles make when I chuck them into glass recycling. The track titles are ‘SHULULULU’, ‘SHUDUDUDU&rsq...view item »


The consistently on-point Avian label further establish their fine contribution to modern techno, reaching across the pond for their eleventh release. This plastic weapon comes from Shawn O’Sullivan whose only other material I’ve heard is a w...view item »

This Heavy Heart

4 tracks from Pris here, his first release on Avian after past outings on Opal Tapes and Pris’ own Resin label. This Heavy Heart is suitably thoughtful and melancholy, with some stretches of sheer beatless ambience. But for parts of this 12”, the music is pitch-perfect for sad dancing: cold ...view item »

19805. -_ 19905,

19805. -_ 19905 and Litüus have the honour of being the first release on Avian since the label joined with its sister label Mira. The man from Chicago brings some beatless, experimental techno which will reassure anyone worried that the Avian/Mira merge would change the label’s ethos. The compositions...view item »


Italian producer Alessandro Cortini is one of the secret forces behind the work of industrial sad boy Trent Reznor, but he also makes his own music based around propulsive but meditative soundscapes; Skarn is mainly focused on such work, and 'Revolver' shifts between gentle minimalism and striking, indigestible noise....view item »

The Purification Loops

Following a pair of crackers as A Vision of Love, James Shaw returns to pal Guy Brewer’s Avian label under his most well known alias Sigha with a sizzling loop based 6 tracker. When I read the phrase ‘loop based’ in the press release I got the fear... For when t...view item »

Arrangements In Monochrome Part Two

Part two of the Arrangements In Monochrome EP by Guy Brewer a.k.a Shifted sees a continuation of the textured noise, cinematic vistas and driving techno of previous releases. Written in his Berlin studio and released on his own label, there’s more than a touch of Germanic rigour at play. Out on 12” viny...view item »

Mannerfelt / Haydo
Radio Mohave

Collaborative 12” by the fresh new duo of Mannerfelt (Roll The Dice, The Subliminal Kid) and Simon Haydo. Firmly disorientating grayscale electronics that thud their way around your room and your subconscious alike. Heavily atmospheric Scandinavian times. Radio Mohave ...view item »

Linear S Decoded

Following on from last year's 'STRGTHS', Sweden's shadowy and unpronounceable electronic duo SHXCXCHCXSH are back with another LP of their blurred futuristic techno. Retreating a little from the aggressive beatmaking of their debut, they're placing more focus on the dark ethereal drones and woozy synthscapes this time around....view item »

Techno Derivatives

Very firm work from Sigha, Techno Derivatives apparently deriving mainly a sense of crushing repetition and a looming darkness from that genre. I mean, this could certainly be danced to in certain techno clubs, but Sigha seems to have something a little different in mind… Very intense, on Avian....view item »


'STRGTHS' is the debut album from Swedish duo SHXCXCHCXSH and also the first long player for the ever reliable Avian imprint. It follows up the 'Rjrjrffrjrj' 12" on the label as well as a 12" for HEM in 2012. A recent EP of class remixes from these tracks acted as a teas...view item »


I just tried typing the artist and title name out for this and cocked it up so I’m not even gonna attempt it again. Apparently this is a Swedish artist but that’s as much as I know except he/ she/ they did a wicked 12” on HEM. The first tune is well bangin’ and full on yet it’s still really deep. It reminds ...view item »

Arrangements In Monochrome Part One

Some tough salted beef from Shifted. Arrangements In Monochrome Part One is an excursion in deep sea drilling techno. It's filled with gurgled noises, pneumatic percussion and spectral water demons. It's so industrial it leads me to believe Shifted has actually just been living on an oil rig and th...view item »

Dual Action
Auto Body

Originally a cassette limited to 42 copies on Dominick Fernow's Hospital Productions label now metamorphasized into the  butterfly that is this 12" vinyl edition on Shifted's Avian imprint. ...view item »


Shifted’s excellent Avian label hits it’s fifth release with the second 12” from the mysterious MPIA3. A-side ‘Ely’ goes straight to work with an almighty Robert Armani type stomper of a kick drum, sharp piercing hi-hats and bubbling acid which quickly builds into a caustic frenzy that’ll scorch the dancefloor...view item »


This Swedish duo make a most welcome return to Avian with their fourth release for the label. I’m not so sure about the eerie melody on opener ‘VVVLLLLVVV’. It has a kinda dark trance feel to it that’s similar in style to Prur...view item »


First pressings of releases on Shifted’s Avian imprint don’t usually hang around for too long so if fancy securing a white vinyl copy with badge and A5 postcard then I wouldn’t hang around too long. The two cuts present from th...view item »

AD/S (featuring Sigha / Ventress)

The third release on Avian continues the fine quality of the previous two 12”s by Shifted and Ventress. 'Transversal' is a heavy pounding four to the floor big room techno extravaganza that will whip up a storm on any discerning techno floor. With shuffling hi-hats and a hefty dose of twisted funk, this is sure to be making bodies sweat at...view item »

A Vision Of Love
Lessons In Hate (Part 2)

Round 2 for A Vision Of Love’s ‘Lesson In Hate’ series, and hopefully not the last. Two cuts here from this shadowy producer which I’m guessing is another handle of Guy Brewer’s (Shifted, Alexander Lewis, Pacific Blue...view item »


Here we have three remixes from the forthcoming SHXCXCHCXSH album on Avian, coming courtesy of Shifted, Sigha and Ventress who've all dropped the vowels ...view item »

A Vision Of Love
Lessons In Hate (Part One)

The Avian imprint unleash another beast form a shadowy artist going under the name of A Vision Of Love. Fitting right in with Avian's dark industrial aesthetic we get two tracks of no nonsense scorching techno. First up is 'Hate 2/6' going for the jugular with marching militant drums, rugged textures ...view item »

Where There Is Only Light

Anyone like me that’s been following the output on Avian is in for a real treat here with yet another project from a mystery producer. Kicking straight off with a supremely rugged and raw number entitled ‘Where There is Only Light’ with gargantuan distorted drums it’s a real sp...view item »


This is the debut release from the co-owner of this mysterious techno imprint. This follows the excellent Shifted 12” on the label and continues with high quality hypnotic techno. The A1 has an infectious groovy bassline with rigid percussion and lots of morphing bleeps. Will defo a...view item »