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Song, By Toad Split 12” V3

Toad Records continue their series of splits, this time with tunes commissioned and recorded at Insider Festival. Artists on this release of sparse, gorgeously spaced out folk music include David Thomas Broughton, Siobhan Wilson, Sparrow and the Workshop, and Jonnie Common. 'Song, By Toad V3' is as quaint and intimate as ever. The Scottish ...view item »

Adam Stafford
Fire Behind The Curtain

Toad Records front this new record from the impressive Adam Stafford. Stafford claims influence from American minimalist composers as well as the likes of Meredith Monk and Michael Gordon for Fire Behind The Curtain. They come through on expertly crafted numbers such as...view item »

Siobhan Wilson
There Are No Saints

A Scottish singer-songwriter with some seriously gallic leanings, Siobhan Wilson has been honing her style for some time now. This is her second album and is a collection of eloquent and brave songs that deal with issues such as heartache and religious faith. Vulnerable and beautiful this is the sound of Wilson expanding her hor...view item »

Zed Penguin
A Ghost, A Beast

Debut LP from Edinburgh-based group Zed Penguin. Australian founder of the band Matthew Winter has been on the Edinburgh gig scene a while, but was knocked back after injuries from an attack. The strength and resilience of the recovery process is evident on A Ghost, A Beast, an emotional effort shot through with...view item »

Lush Purr
Cuckoo Waltz

If you, like me, were devastated when the Yawns split up then the related Lush Purr offer some hope for a better future. They make dreamy lo-fi pop that has an off kilter feel about it with nods to Cowtown, Bis and Urusei Yatsura. Why does so much good musi...view item »

I Will Kill Again

I Will Kill Again is a new full-length Meursault album, the first since Neil Pennycock returned to the name after some time away. What a relief too, as nobody else quite nails the warm lo-fi approach that he takes with Meursault music. Four years in the making, I Will Kill Again...view item »

Passion Pusher

Yay! Full on Beat Happening distorted lo-fi pop fun from this Edinburgh based sludge purveyor. What a bloody racket. He hollers through a distorted mic above the sort of two chord thrash made acceptable by Jonathan Richman and later fashioned into indie-pop by Scotland's own the Pastels. A ...view item »

Viking Moses / Sam Goodwill
Clown School / Oxygen

Two inventive songwriters share wax on this here split 7” single, recorded in Edinburgh last summer. Apart from their inquisitive approach to songcraft, the through-line connecting Viking Moses’ Clown School and Sam Goodwill’s Oxygen is folk artist Ceylan Hay,...view item »

The Kitchen Cynics / Micha P. Hinson / Tissø Lake / Willard Grant Conspiracy
Split 12" Vol. 6

Four-way split 12” of American and Scottish artists. This transatlantic partnership, recorded in Edinburgh brings out the best in everybody involved: Micah P. Hinson and Willard Grant Conspiracy’s deep Americana highlights certain qualities in Tissø Lake and The Kitche...view item »

Modern Studies
Swell to Great

Modern Studies have knack for creating haunting, doomed landscapes that retain a sense of beauty, with lo-fi and dated instrumentation. If you ever wanted to watch The Wicker Man, mute the final damning scene and play something above it, then nothing would be more fitting then Swell to Great. ...view item »

The Future

DTHPDL is Alastair J. Chivers doing his own thing, indulging his fondness for dark, hazy synth-pop vibes. The Future, which also features assistance from Humdrum Jetset and D. McDonald, is an atmospheric bundle of songcraft and no mistake. It is released as a cassette o...view item »

Jesus H Foxx
Endless Knocking

Jesus H. Foxx are a Scottish seven-piece who include three guitarists and a cornet/glockenspiel player within their ranks. This long-player here came together “almost immediately” over the course of two and a half years, apparently...view item »

Jonnie Common
Trapped In Amber

If Aidan Moffat joined forces with Tom Vek to play Hot Chip covers. Trapped In Amber is the second album from Glasgow-based Jonnie Common who specialises in a half-rap vocal style. In parts humorous and at times warm, it’s quirky oddball pop with a quintessentially Scottish personality. Out on CD and vinyl LP from...view item »

Bastard Mountain
Farewell Bastard Mountain

So much stuff this week, its hard to cope. This is a darkly folky collaboration between members of Mersault, Eagleowl and James Yorkston’s band. The ten tracks unfurl slowly, full of droney violins and harmoniums giving the album a dark almos...view item »

Virgin Of The Birds
Winter Seeds

'Winter Seeds' by intriguingly-named Virgin of the Birds (named, apparently, after a badly translated Salvador Dali painting) is as heavy in reverb as it is in dark lyrical content. Shimmering, echo-filled yet satisfyingly simple, the music provides a perfect background for the explorative, often dark, storyteller words. Vinyl LP on equally intr...view item »

Rob St. John
Charcoal Black and the Bonny Grey / Shallow Brown

Ah, Lancashire. As an honorary Yorkshireman I am supposed to detest the place. Okay, it’s not Yorkshire (but what is?) yet take a drive down the A59 heading towards the meticulously well presented village of Whalley and on your left will rise up the stupendous bulk of Pendle Hill. Even this staunch supporter of all things West Riding could...view item »

The Leg
An Eagle To Saturn

Here's an album from Cope-endorsed psych weirdsters The Leg, who take a modern outsider approach to the pastoral British psychedelia of the '60s to make a weird, repetitive, deranged mish-mash of bright, hypnotic melodies and fol...view item »

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