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Graham Dunning
Way Too Much Time

What glee! Graham Dunning has at last committed some of his wonderful Mechanical Techno tracks to vinyl, thus both closing the conceptual circle and providing DJ’s with some neat new club tools. Way Too Much Time is a four track EP, all constructed with that magical machine (look it up), though still functioning p...view item »

Akadama Bros

Some J-rap larking about from the Akadama Bros here, a crew who boast Bo Ningen’s Taigen Kawabe in their numbers. ‘Sunshine’ is a wry and fun cut that boasts a squelchy, vaguely jukey instrumental. Contains remixes Clock Hazard’s Technoman and Shi...view item »

Joe Germlin
No Master Dynamics

Banana Oil/Gay Against You noisenik Joe Germlin drops an album of strange sort-of-hip-hop on Adaadat. Taking cues from the Scandi Frankengenre of Skwee, the funk/rap/chiptune-hybrids across No Master Dynamics make this an LP you can’t get comfortable with. This is...view item »


Reissue of White’s one and only recording, their self-titled full length recorded in 2007. Made up of Shen Jing (Hang On The Box) and Shou Wang (Carsick Cars) White collaborated with the likes of FM3 and Elliott Sh...view item »

Cutting Pink With Knives
Oh Wow!

Oh bloody hell. Someone's given me 'Oh Wow' by Cutting Pink With Knives. I seem to get some insane shit sometimes and this CD on Adaadat is no exception. Stunning Gabba electro thrash with no ballads. I think the singer from this band is the snotty little brother of the singer in the band in the review above. He appears to be re...view item »

Bruno & Michel Are Smiling / Skipperrr
The Beach of Ruined Spirits EP

Stupid record of the week (music for numptys pt. 1) appears to be a possible split 7" between Bruno & Michel Are Smiling. The first side provides unhinged space invader electro-jungle pop from hell. Yes. This is truly music for numptys, a rare breed of gurning wild-eyed loon who delight in making grannies shit themselves. This ...view item »

DJ Scotch Egg
KFC Core

Lets get the bloody noise outta the way 1st shall we. Clint needs waking up & to be quite frank, the day needs a kick up the bum. DJ Scotch Egg anyone? Toytown gabba? distorta-screaming? Terrifying spliced spidery rave? Shredded breakcore? berserka-glitch? Wanabee pop diva/ barbershop quartet singing the KFC theme tune? Check ALL...view item »

DJ 100,000,000 Vs Atom Truck

Fancy yet more 7" insanity? Check this here split between DJ 100000000 Vs Atom Truck. Barmy breakcore, gameboy noises & squeaking hamsters on crack. Atom Truck's side is even more unhinged, featuring as it does intense splattercore breaks, the most pissed bassline I've ever heard & a feeling of being stranded at sea f...view item »

Gay Against You
Righteous Signals, Sour Dudes

RIGHTOUS SIGNALS/SOUR DUDES!!! Best album title of the week (if not ever) fo'sure!!! Gay Against You are the Glasgow based dual headed electro-clash raven of Lachlann Rattray and Joseph Howe. They are probably the nicest guys on the planet and their album Righteous Signals/Sour Dudes (from here on referred to as RS/SD) is making me so happy I want ...view item »

DJ Scotch Egg

I thought this was gonna be an insane pile of crap but after a few tracks I can see the appeal. It's melodic, it doesn't take itself seriously, there's daft samples, there's clearly a love of video games (always good) and he's named after crap picnic food. Maggie actually ate a scotch egg yesterday in tribute to the man.  At times it's soun...view item »

Trade & Distribution Almanac 2

Bonkers breakcore label AdAadAt unleash the second 'Trade & Distrinbution Almanac' comp CD of berserker shredded snares, frazzled cymbals, quirky electroid madness & gameboy gabba. This has Clint exclaiming "God Almighty", Fat Bazzer leaving the room & me wondering what the hell 65 Days Of Static are do...view item »

Strange Attractor Vs Disinformation
Circuit Blasting

A clip of Disinformation and Strange Attractor performing CIRCUIT BLASTING is now online at ...view item »

Donna Summer Vs Ove Naxx
Donna Summer Vs Ove Naxx

Adaadat had a proper good compilation out a while back which showcased some of the best & most cracked new breakcore on offer. So it comes as no surprise to find a split album containing the splintered gibberings of Donna Summer & Ove-Naxx landing on my wobbly desk. If you've checked the mi...view item »

Agaskodo Teliverek
Agaskodo Teliverek

Mental album of the week award must surely be hoisted by AGASKODO TELIVERIK who are blatantly irresponsible madmen. Put tunes in the hands of these nutjobs & they'll put them through some kind of loony tunes endorsed scattershot lo-fi machine & mangle 'em up. However, they channel a strong stream of skewed pop fizz through th...view item »

Ove Naxx
Ove-Chan Dancehall EP

Mentallist Ove-Naxx has a nut job of a 10" out on house of all things mashed and mental Adaadat. No surprises here then that this is jam packed with turntable scratches, amens flying all over the place, noise, 8-bit video game wonky sounds and crazy samples (I just heard a burp) etc. It's like a freak circus...view item »

Sample Bitch Story

Resident lunatics Adaadat have a new CD out this week by Doddodo is crazy-tastic Jap sample fun for a brief but simple explanation to what treats lie within. From Big Stick style big drums with samples to Irish jig lunacy, to video game style songs with wrongness in there it's got it all. Sex, religion, polit...view item »

Trade & Distribution Almanac 1

Adaadat. Yeah it's an IDM label but with a difference. The tunes are actually good. We have a compilation here on CD only called 'Trade & Distribution Almanac' which is the bounciest and most enjoyable bunch of laptop japes i've heard in a while. Skewed Electro-ey madness in places and some more br...view item »

Trade & Distribution Almanac Volume 3

Adaadat, purveyors of the finest bonkerstronica unleash volume 3 in the Trade and Distribution Almanac series. The first cut is by Germlin  and it reminds me a lot of Bogdan Raczynski. Then Ove Naxx get dirty with the Sleng Teng Rhythm and some shattered Amens. 20 tracks in all and I dont have time to listen to ...view item »

Shex Vs Ommm

Adaadat seem to want to drive everyone mad. We have a berserk 7" by Shex Vs. Ommm which is looped, hypnotic psychedelic mentalism which makes me think of Skylab remixing The Heads or summat. The Ommm side is good old fashioned fucked crunchy electronic hip hop with a pretty keyboard motif. A real cont...view item »