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Sigur Rós
Odin's Raven Magic

Originally premiered back in 2002 at London’s Barbican Centre, ‘Odin’s Raven Magic’ - a musical adaptation of a fifteenth-century Icelandic poem, written by Sigur Rós, Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson, Steindór Andersen and Maria Huld Markan Sigfúsdóttir - finally sees the light of day as a recording. The cinematic soundscapes honour the ambience and drama of the poem, but contain flourishes of modernism.
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Sigur Rós

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Jonsi is the one from Sigur Ros and Go was his first solo album originally released in 2010. The album is notable for having string arrangements from Nico Muhly and being more acoustic and song-based than the rather grandiose Sigur Ros material. Ten years after the event it gets a red vinyl re-issue on Krunk to tie in with his new album Shiver. 
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Sigur Rós
( )

Typically enigmatically titled, ( ) was the third full length album by Icelandic wonderkids Sigur Ros. Not only is that album untitled (well kinda) but all the songs are untitled leaving you to wallow in their emotive pillows of sound without anything to distract you. A true musical journey and one of their best missives to date. Now re-issued on Krunk. 


Shiver is the first new solo album from Sigur Rós frontman Jónsi in a decade. Boasting collaborations with former Cocteau Twins singer Liz Fraser and Swedish pop star Robyn, and produced by PC Music collective head A. G. Cook, it’s both beautiful and surprising in terms of the sonic realms it explores. 
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New Dreams

During my pre-description warm up I was taking a guess as to how JFDR would be pronounced. I guessed 'jaffadur' but I'm a million miles wrong as it is actually Yo-Frida. Of course! Silly me. This is the second album from the Icelandic singer and the press release comes up with several adjectives to describe its contents including heartbreak, beauty, innocence, love. loneliness and sausages. Of which one is completely made up. Your guess.  

Alex Somers
Honey Boy (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Alex Somers is the Alex half of ethereal experimental duo Jonsi and Alex. His first venture into film scoring is Honey Boy - a drama directed by first timer Alma Har’el and written by and starring Shia LaBeouf. LaBeouf wrote the film whilst in rehab about a boy who has struggles in his younger years, in his relationship with his father and with his mental health. 

2000 - 2004

In the first years of the 21st Century Jónsi - the one from Sigur Rós, not the one who represented Iceland in the Eurovision Song Contest a few years back - was experimenting heavily with electronic music. Operating under the name Frakkur, Jónsi busied himself on a variety of laptops, synthesisers and DAWs during breaks from touring. Now some of the music he made in this time is collected for new compilation '2000 - 2004'. There’s a wide breadth of stuff here - some of it comes close to the music of the Rós, but there are also notes of Autechre, Jan Jelinek and Four Tet across these two-dozen tracks.

Sigur Rós
22° Lunar Halo

Sigur Ros recently reworked some of their old output for the soundtrack of a dance work by choreographer Cheng Tsung-Lung. The new music they forged from old means also rank as some of the band’s most arresting output, a collection of detailed drones and serious rhythm workouts that aren’t a million miles away from Einstürzende Neubauten. Don’t believe us? See for yourself - the show’s score has now been released through KRUNK under the title 22° Lunar Halo.

Sigur Rós
Variations On Darkness

Lately the Icelandic group Sigur Ros have spent a fair bit of time writing music for dance pieces. As well as 22° Lunar Halo - the score they created for a new choreography by Cheng Tsung-Lung - les Ros also turned out Variations On Darkness for a performance by the Icelandic Dance Company at their own Nordur og nidur festival. Comprising of new material and re-workings of some older tracks, the two side-long pieces of Variations On Darkness find the band at their most expressive and ambitious. Everything from icy drone to broiling noise to the organic power electronics of Ben Frost get a look-in here.

Sigur Rós
Ágætis byrjun (20th Anniversary Edition)

Sigur Rós mark the 20th anniversary of their 1999 breakthrough Ágætis Byrjun with an expanded re-issue on vinyl and CD. Rarities, demos and a full 95-minute live concert provide the final word on the spectral majesty of an album that provided the foundations for the Icelandic post-rockers’ acclaimed career. 

Georg Holm, Orri Páll Dýrason, Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson and Kjartan Holm

Composed especially to accompany a forthcoming BBC documentary on vaudevilles and circuses, Circe is the product of Georg Holm, Orri Páll Dyrason, Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson and Kjartan Holm (mostly members of affiliates of Sigur Ros). The record is a continuous, pulsing instrumental thing, sounds quite wonderful. On Krunk.

Sigur Rós

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Sigur Rós
INNI (Blu-ray Edition)

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