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The Cubical
Blood Moon

Operating out of the psychedelic-friendly musical micro-climate of Liverpool, The Cubical have been working on their fourth studio album. Blood Moon has the raw blues-rock power of your favourite seventies act, as well as gnarly lead-vocals from Dan Wilson, who sounds like he’s charging down the same pathway as Captain Beefheart. Down and dirty garage business, released on Halfpenny Records.

Dan Wilson
All Love Is Blind

The debut solo album from The Cubicle frontman Dan Wilson looks backwards to the ballads of Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave and Gordon Lightfoot, infusing them with a Liverpudlian lilt. All Love Is Blind is richly produced and infused with a roadworn melancholy that’s drenched in a typical kind of loneliness. Out on CD from Halfpenny.

The Cubical
It Ain't Human

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