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Minus The Bear
Fair Enough

Minus The Bear bring their 17-year career to an end with the release of Fair Enough EP. Their career has seen them build up a cult following with six albums and at least two handfuls of singles and EPs. Their sound marries dark subject matter with a brand of indie rock that will get you up on your...view item »

This Will Destroy You
The Puritan

The Puritan by This Will Destroy You and also a remix by Julianna Barwick. Barwick has managed to encompass everything we love about This Will Destroy You, but with an added pinch of sounds, textures and emotional dynamic. Described as ‘both sinking and floating’, this shoega...view item »

The Coathangers

Atlanta, Georgia garage punk three-piece The Coathangers have done their best to capture the essence of their live energy in the studio over five albums. However, there’s nothing like ‘live’ for that truly visceral and magical experience so the band decided to release a blisterin...view item »

Elliott Smith
Division Day

Division Day by Elliott Smith was a non-album single, originally released in 1996 in between his self-titled second album and his masterpiece, Either/Or. Division Day is Elliott’s first foray into more upbeat pop following two acoustic albums. Now repressed on tri-colour vinyl and limited to 1000 copies. An absolute must-b...view item »

Hinds / Los Nastys
Holograma / Castigadas En El Granero

Here's a split 7" by two of Madrid's most lively punk and garage rock bands. In time worn style Hinds and Los Nastys have a go at playing each others songs and as a result have created a document of the much overlooked Madrid rock scene of which these two lots are major players. Brought to you on vinyl as red as...view item »

L.A. Witch
L.A. Witch

The latest release from the country vocalist and musician L.A Witch. A classic combination of 50’s/60’s style backing track that pairs up with the distorted vocals that gives you an insight into the fed-up and tired world that L.A Witch gives access to in this record. Available on vinyl LP and CD on Suicide ...view item »

Guantanamo Baywatch
Desert Center

These punningly named rock and rollers offer up their second LP which contains more examples of their unique take on '50s inspired rock and roll. They land somewhere between Violent Femmes, Rocket From the Crypt and Eddie Cochran offering grungy bar room brawls to crank up the jukebox ...view item »

The Coathangers

Whilst this edition is still lathered in exactly the sort of haywire and scuzz-ridden guitar solos you'd expect from The Coathangers, this time - with Parasite - Julia Kugal has attempted to not "scream anymore -- just sing and focus on melody". Written in the wake of the election, this piece of angst-...view item »

Minus The Bear

Half a decade down from their first album to crack the U.S. top 40 and it’s no surprise that Minus the Bear up the pop on their sixth record. ‘Invisible’ is a full-chested emo banger (don’t worry, there’s some tapping in the breakdown), and opener ‘Last Kiss’ is well hooky too. That said...view item »

Kevin Morby
My Name

Kevin Morby is the bassist for the summertime psych-folk outfit Woods, and also plays in Cassie Ramone's new band, the Babies. But sometimes he gets to be his own guy, too: last year, he released 'Harlem River', a smoky folk rock record in the Americana tradition. 'My Name' is that record's follow-up, a 7" featuring two new tracks, "My Name" and...view item »

King Tuff
Wild Desire / Hole In My Head

Not heard this King Tuff lad before. Judging by this 7” he makes melodic garagey power-pop which will appeal to fans of the likes of Ty Segall, ...view item »

Gift of Life

VHS are a bleak-stare post-punk outfit with a fierce outlook and a blasted aesthetic. Main songwriter Josh Hageman uses his day job to provide heavy tales of medical sufferings, which are capably accompanied by the wiry-harsh guitars and relentless rhythm section pummel. Gift of Life is out on Suicide S...view item »

The Coathangers
Nosebleed Weekend

Ten years into their activities as a band, The Coathangers release their fifth album, which maintains the best possible balance between experienced polish and the reckless sense of abandon that makes this garagey pop-punk work so well. Nosebleed Weekend is released on CD and LP by the Suicide Squeeze label: vinyl comes ...view item »

Hyper Vessels

Hyper Vessels perfectly captures Audacity’s gnarly punk and its sense of being both tight and loose at the same time. Anything goes for this band, as long as it’s heavy and fast; sometimes they’re catchy, sometimes they’re abrasive, and there’s always a decent overdriven guitar solo...view item »

Michael Nau

On the surface Michael Nau is a singer-songwriter. He has a charming honeyed croon and plays a range of instruments. But the little pop songs and experiments on Mowing are far too strange to just call him that. Weird arrangements, oddball samples and a general air of catchy eccentricity make this extremely disti...view item »

Women's Rights

Childbirth are a very interesting group. Members of Chastity Belt, Tacocat and Pony Time join together to make sharp post-punk tracks with even sharper sarcastic lyrics critiquing women’s place in society with tracks like ‘Tech Bro’ and ‘Open Tinder&rsquo...view item »


Headphones are a group who are proud to stand behind only synthesisers (and drums), rather than any guitars. Headphones is their debut record (and indeed their only record), released in 2005 and now reissued by Suicide Squeeze on white vinyl. Indie synth-rock with a strong ear for melody and a songwriter’s touch....view item »

Meat Market
Too Tired

Meat Market - a great name for a band, I’m sure we can all agree, but what do they sound like? Well, I just put the needle down on their new 7” and they sound like energetic punky power-pop with bright and slightly glammy delivery which has shades of Marked Men, Young Offenders, Heavy Times, even the...view item »

Shana Cleveland & The Sandcastles
Oh Man, Cover the Ground

Oh Man, Cover The Ground is a slowly unfolding collection of tracks sprouting up around languid fingerpicked guitar and Shana Cleveland’s wistful voice. With her band The Sandcastles she creates a relaxed air somewhere between traditional folk and contemporary songwriter territory. Out on Suicide ...view item »

Guantanamo Baywatch
DarlingÂ… It's Too Late

Guantanamo Baywatch pair a contemporarily snarky name with a sound that would border on the vintage pastiche if not for the band’s evident love for (and skill in re-creating) the sound(s) of 1950’s US popular music. Darling It’s Too Late is available on Suicide Squeeze, either as CD or as delicious pea...view item »

The Aislers Set
How I Learned To Write Backwards

San Fran's finest twee pop act, The Aislers Set originally unleashed their delicately strummed, totally loopy brand of romantic songs in the late '90s. Influenced by the '60s in the way they wrote love songs -- stoically, as well as sadly -- they also brought in elements of garage rock and post-punk, while doing silly things like jamming ke...view item »

Fort George EP

I’ve seen plenty of different colours of vinyl in my time, but ‘beer’ coloured vinyl? Fantastic. The reason for that is that Fort George is a brewery, and this EP of tracks from the Suicide Squeeze label has been pressed to accompany their new Suicide Squeeze IPA! Very neat. I’d like to see a lot more col...view item »

The Coathangers
Suck My Shirt

These lady garage punkers are now onto their fourth full length album. ‘Suck My Shirt’ released on Suicide Squeeze Records is a brash but intelligent collection of riot grrrl noise, the riffs are simple but effective and the art rock style vocals give it more of a post punk vibe than out and out garage nonsense. Tracks like &...view item »

Forever Singles

Delightfully green limited edition LP from the good people at Suicide Squeeze. Forever Singles brings together all the singles the label has put out, by bands including Meat Market, The Coathangers, and Dirty Beaches, whose Stateless album has been going down very well in 2014....view item »

Butter Knife

The Goatse-esque cover illustration to this new Audacity album has kind of put me off my lunch, but no matter! I’m a professional and will review through the retches, because this lot actually aren’t too bad. They’re peddling a very ‘90s-ish indie rock sound as seems to be the trend nowadays...view item »

Minus The Bear
Acoustics 2

Following up their first Acoustics EP, this full length unplugged album from Minus the Bear features eight stripped-back, reinterpreted tracks as well as two new tracks, with something for everyone, whether a fan looking for a surprising version of an old favourite or a new listener looking for something different. Limi...view item »

Julianna Barwick

Here’s the latest 7” from Julianna Barwick, coming out on Suicide Squeeze this time, with a couple of piano-oriented compositions this time round. On the first side ‘Pacing’ is all delicate tinkles and feather-light vocals layered and reve...view item »

Nu Sensae

I like Canada, I really do. I know they gave us Bieber and Nickelback and those obnoxious canadian pharmacy spam emails, but they gave us good things too. Tegan and Sara, canadian bacon, Rush and so on and so forth. Now add to that hardcore-punk trio Nu Sensae and you’ve got a well rounded list. I kn...view item »

These Arms Are Snakes
Tail Swallower and Dove

Comes on like vintage Fugazi early, then the keyboard burbles kick in at the end of "Woolen Heirs" and the album becomes something else entirely. Honestly, while I'm a fan, I was a little afraid that this album would just be 'more of the same'. I'm pleased that These Arms Are Snakes continued with the sound we're acc...view item »

Minus The Bear
Interpretaciones Del Oso

It goes without saying that this shouldn't be your first MTB album. Menos is the masterpiece. At the same time, you have to understand this album for what it is: it is a remix album. Tracks 1,2, and 8 are amazing. Then you have the rest. I have no idea what some of these DJs were thinking. Some didn't use any of the words from the originals and ...view item »

Metal Hearts

This band sounds so much, ok too much like Pinback. I'm a huge fan of Pinback and all Rob's and Armistead's work. I checked this out after hearing the song "Socialize" on the Team Sleep channel for Pandora. Although that is certainly the standout track, the rest of the album doesn't disappoint or stray far from that basic sound. I'd say it's perfec...view item »

Minus The Bear
Planet Of Ice

In 2007, Minus The Bear were on math rock's biggest roll, having spent plenty of time messing with time signatures until their songs were stretched but bizarrely irresistible -- 'Highly Refined Pirates' and the more experimental 'Menos El Oso' were the proof. They followed those records up with 'Planet of Ice', a widescreen affair of battling gu...view item »

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