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Analog Path bring us this CD from composer/musician Dave Seidel aka Mysterybear. He attended Simon’s Rock College from 1974 to 1978 where he was the first person to receive a BA from that school with a Major in Music Theory and Composition, and after playing in a number of experimental and avant garde projects he is now making music purely...view item »

Brian Grainger
Venus Wall

Mr Grainger is the lord of all things ambient or melodic electronica. That's his shctick and his releases go one way or the other and this goes the more ambient droney path. Organ, guitar, synth, FX devices and multi-track tape are utilized to make lovely fluffy walls of intense drone to ...view item »

Loren Connors
My Brooklyn

Legendary experimental guitarist Loren Connors has two lengthy tracks on this CD, 'Loren Connors at Stone, Jan.07.2012' and 'Loren Connors at Zebulon, Feb.26.2012' - I'm presuming from these titles that these are live recordings. The guitar has a slightly muddy and distant sound that suits Connors's skeletal freeform twanging. The second...view item »

Sparkling Wide Pressure
Stream Returner

We’ve got a couple of these limited CDs in from the reliable Analog Path this week and one of them is this one by Sparkling Wide Pressure. There are four tracks in all, totalling about 45 minutes of music, which is of the lo-fi droney ambient variety. Layers of shifting, shimmering synths are joined by echoed, unintelligible vocal ...view item »

Dark Side Of The Audio System
Loop Collections 9

Our Kim has just walked over to me to tell me she thinks this is brilliant, “Like sad clown music”. She has however declined to review it so that’s left to me. Basically what we have here are a number of piano loops that sound like they’re occasionally warping and melting. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s al...view item »

Fabio Orsi
Glowing Echoes

Respected droney character Fabio Orsi has a new limited CD this week, with more than 40 minutes of his sleepy blurred guitar drones stretched over two slow-drifting tracks, cleverly named ‘Glowing Echoes Part 1’ and ‘Glowing Echoes Part 2’. The press release tells me that these are guita...view item »

Josh Mason

I can’t find any info out about this dude anywhere. I’m guessing he’s American as this was recorded in Florida and it’s a personal lament about US TV being a bit shit. I guess if he was from anywhere else in the world then he wouldn’t care. I do like Breaking Bad ...view item »


Here we have an epic fifty-one minute bliss out from Celer on this limited edition of 150 copies. In many ways it feels like a travelogue created with field recordings, some of which have little to no post production whereas others are more heavily processed and mutate into Celer's t...view item »