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Lee Hazlewood's Woodchucks
Cruisin' For Surf Bunnies

Light In The Attic have been digging around in Lee Hazlewood's loft again. This time they found a tape with Woodchucks written on it. It contained a bunch of surf instrumentals Hazlewood recorded at the beginning of the ‘60s. These tracks have since been recorded by the likes of Dick Dale,...view item »

Haruomi Hosono
Cochin Moon

Cochin Moon is Haruomi Hosono’s 5th solo album, inspired by a trip to India and set as the soundtrack to a non-existent Bollywood film. The record was originally released in 1978 and as such was massively ahead of its time with its manic electronic instrumentation. FFO Cluster, Aphex ...view item »

(The Microcosm): Visionary Music of Continental Europe, 1970-1986

Acting as a sequel to Light in the Attic’s I Am The Center, The Microcosm delves further into experimental new age electronic compositions from the 70s and 80s. Mapping a peaceful yet strange world between prog, psych and ambient electronica. With pieces from Vangelis, Roedelius, ...view item »

Zuider Zee

Some of that fiddledy-diddledy-dee stuff from the 70s here. Zuider Zee, which by all means is a name for a band, were one of the groups who were put out of their misery by punk. Zeenith (for God’s sake) is their follow-up to an eponymous 1975 LP - which was previously the only ZZ record out there - and it has foun...view item »

Haruomi Hosono

Haruomi Hosono, reissued here to the joy of all! Paraiso is the last album of Hosono’s so-called Tropical Trilogy, three albums that deliver on their sunny, juicy, groovy tropical promise. This is the first time that this beautiful material has ever been reissued to vinyl outside of Japan...view item »

Haruomi Hosono
omni Sight Seeing

Haruomi Hosono, reissued here to the joy of all! Omni Sight Seeing was recorded in 1989, during a period where Hosono’s Yellow Magic Orchestra was taking a break. Never one to rest on his laurels, Haruomi spent this time making this beautiful international pop rec...view item »

Haruomi Hosono

Haruomi Hosono, founder of the legendary Yellow Magic Orchestra gets his abstract juices flowing with this exciting avant-garde reissue. Originally released in 1982, Philharmony is a jaunty journey through pop, synth workouts and blissful experimental wonder. Reissued in fine style by Light In The Attic....view item »

Coming From Reality

As soon as my wife to be heard the second song she turned my stereo off. Fortunately, I do happen to have some taste and could clearly recognise from the first song, Climb up on my Music, that this Rodriguez guy (whoever he is) was definitely worth a cheeky little listen when nobody was looking. And I have to admi...view item »

Michael Chapman
Fully Qualified Survivor

If anyone could be described as a Fully Qualified Survivor it's Michael Chapman. He can't have known that though when he recorded this album in 1970. This one showcases Chapman's acoustic troubadour side with a series of British folk rock that is up there with the best of the genre. Also features an early appearance from Mick Ro...view item »

Searching For Sugar Man (Original Motion Picture)

Have you guys seen the documentary Searching For Sugarman? No? Well stop what you're doing and grab a copy from your local store -- I can wait. The breath-taking story of a folk musician who could have been the next Bob Dyaln, but at least in South Africa he was more like Elvis (unfortunately unknown to Rodriguez for many years). This soundtrack...view item »

Lee Hazlewood
The Very Special World Of Lee Hazlewood

Welcome to a series of Light In The Attic reissues of the selected works of Lee Hazlewood. At once fully commercial and slightly odd, Hazlewood is well represented by 1966’s The Very Special World of Lee Hazlewood, which includes the biggest hit he ever wrote in ‘These Boots Are Made For Wal...view item »

Even A Tree Can Shed Tears: Japanese Folk & Rock 1969-1973

This Light In The Attic compilation looks rather fantastic, historicising folk music from the tail-end of 1960s Japan. Cited as a period of growing political and cultural action amongst the country's younger demographic, Even A Tree Can Shed Tears arguably acts as a retrospective to music that was at its time unprecedented, wi...view item »

The Kitchen Cinq
When The Rainbow Disappears: An Anthology 1965-68

The Kitchen Cinq are very much an in-the-known band, beloved by those that know, but generally lurking in the shadows, including behind frontman Lee Hazlewood’s solo career. When The Rainbow Disappears: An Anthology 1965-1968 collects the whole lot of their sparky garage-rock’n’roll, i...view item »

Lee Hazlewood
Something Special

Welcome to a series of Light In The Attic reissues of the selected works of Lee Hazlewood. Something Special, his third album for MGM, is somewhat stripped back compared to the rest of the trilogy: more like a late-night bar than an epic orchestral studio. Fully remastered from the original tapes with a bonus track thro...view item »

Thomas de Hartmann
The Music of Gurdjieff / de Hartmann

Thomas de Hartmann, a Russian composer, collaborated in the 1920’s with G. I. Gurdijieff, a spiritual teacher who travelled for two decades, composing music. de Hartmann transcribed and performed this music, which is now being released in full for the first time in over thirty years: five ...view item »

Lizzy Mercier Descloux
One For The Soul

Lizzy Mercier Descloux was a singer, songwriter and performer who buzzed around the fringes of numerous musics during her adventurous career. One For The Soul finds her decamping to Rio De Janeiro, where the Brazilian influence flowed freely into her music. Remas...view item »

Lucio Battisti
Amore E Non Amore

Amore E Non Amore is probably Lucio Battisti’s finest achievement, a concept record that combined his popular appeal with rock crunch some bold proggish instrumentals. Battisti really goes for it in the vocal department too! 1971 album remastered and reissued on 180g vinyl by Light In The Attic....view item »

Lagniappe Sessions Volume 1

The Lagniappe Sessions is work of the Aquarium Drunkard show, inviting favourite bands in to cover some favourites of their own. This release, in collaboration with Light In The Attic, picks out some highlights from the first five years of the series, including of Montreal, Matthew E White...view item »

Lee Hazlewood

Compared to the intimate reflections of his own country compositions, Lee Hazlewood turned his enigmatic presence to the songwriting of others on Forty. The late 60s album has been lovingly reissued here by Light In The Attic with extra tracks from the recording sessions with legendary producer and arranger ...view item »

Lee Hazlewood
Requiem For An Almost Lady

Light In The Attic Records are filling their boots with the bittersweet country bliss of Lee Hazlewood, this time turning to the quintessential break-up record Requiem For An Almost Lady, originally released in 1971. Broken-hearted but defiant reflections on loss and love over a backdrop of languid guitar – countr...view item »

The Free Design
Kites Are Fun

Yup. They definitely are. The Free Design certainly knew what they were talking about in terms of kites but also they made some pretty swish bubblegum psychedelic pop back in the day. This is their debut album full of complex harmonies and jazzy progressions and has been re-issued as part of Black Friday. ...view item »

Betty Davis
Nasty Gal

Re-release of Betty Davis’ 1975 third album Nasty Gal. A piece of soul history, with still-irresistible grooves from the fierce and formidable contemporary of Miles Davis and Hendrix. Mastered from original tapes, on vinyl in Stoughton gatefold and with a booklet featuring goodies such as rare pictures and liner notes by J...view item »

Lee Hazlewood & Ann-Margret
The Cowboy & The Lady

There’s no shortage of gold dust Americana for Light In The Attic to mine from the long and winding catalogue of Lee Hazlewood, but one of the easiest picks must have been this perfect pairing with Ann-Margaret Olsson. Released in 1969, this full-bodied, red-blooded record veers from fiery acid rock to sou...view item »

1992 - 2001

The highly regarded yet never quite made it Acetone are given an anthology for the very first time. They were taken on tour by fans of the band Oasis,  Spiritualised...view item »

Serge Gainsbourg
Histoire De Melody Nelson

Time for a serious classic packaged up in fine Light In the Attic style, I've got a feeling that's always gonna be an exciting thing to behold after the amazing job they did on Black Monk time a few months back. This time around it's Serge Gainsbourg's Histoire de Melody Nelson that's given the remastered 180g vinyl in tip-on gatefold sleeve treatm...view item »

I Am The Center: Private Issue New Age In America, 1950-1990

Now if you’re a regular visitor to our site you’ll know that our reviewing style is very much of the quick first impression variety rather than a detailed analysis on account of about 200 records coming out every week and our humble little army of men, ladies and droids desperately trying to figure out what’s worth talking abou...view item »

Karen Dalton
In My Own Time

Karen Dalton was part of the Greenwich Village folk scene of the 1960s and was a favourite of Bob Dylan and Fred Neil. She also played with Tim Hardin from time to time and was one of the first to cover his song “Reason to Believe”. She died in 1993. “In My Own Time” was originally released in 1971 and showcases h...view item »

Mark Lanegan
Has God Seen My Shadow? An Anthology 1989-2011

This is a wonderful anthology of Mark Lanegan's solo albums and it also features 12 previously unreleased tracks. As for the track selection, the tracks chosen are his more mellow, quiet and elegant songs. None of his more rockin' or experimental tracks are featured on this compilation. I think the tracks chosen, and their unusual placement in n...view item »

Barbara Lynn
Here Is Barbara Lynn

Here's some punk shit right here: Barbara Lynn sang the blues in 1960s, which is not all that surprising, but she did it in Texas, of all places, and led proceedings herself with masterful guitar work. Amidst the misogyny and traditions of the landscape she was performing in, Barbara Lynn was an icon. Originally released in 1968, 'Here Is B...view item »

The Supreme Jubilees
It'll All Be Over

Sublime soul album reissued out of obscurity by Light In The Attic Records. The Supreme Jubilees came, made this album in 1980, and parted in 1981, leaving behind only this strikingly groovy, but also melancholy piece of work. The group’s brief lifespan, and their often morbid religious lyrical preoccupations, all points t...view item »

Stephen John Kalinich
A World Of Peace Must Come

Oddball 1960's poetry record from renowned Beach Boys lyricist performing some of his very own super idealistic poetry under hazy lights. If you like spoken word stuff about world peace etc then A World of Peace Must Come is the record for you. The main draw for Beach Boys ...view item »

Lee Hazlewood
Trouble Is A Lonesome Town

Remastered for your listening pleasure in the original mono, Trouble is a Lonesome Town was moustachioed baritone Lee Hazlewood's first ever album. Originally released in 1963, this double album features 15 whole bonus tracks and a very informative booklet. A must for anyone who loves cowboys and stories and amusing fac...view item »

Lynn Castle
Rose Colored Corner

As a remastered compendium of Lynn Castle's unreleased works, this forgotten slice of 1960s gold has finally been resurrected into a Trump-dominated, social media ruled age it could never have foreseen. Rose Colored Corner is Castle's vision through rose-tinted glasses - a forgotten and lush islan...view item »

Michael Chapman
Wrecked Again

Classic folk act, and contemporary of Roy Harper and John Martyn, Michael Chapman has released over 30 albums since his debut, 1969's Rainmaker. Now enjoying a long-overdue re-release, fourth album Wrecked Again has been remastered from the original tapes. A departure for Chapm...view item »

Cold Fact

Anyone who saw the documentary "Searching For Sugar Man" should be compelled to buy this. However, if you haven't seen the film about the hunt for the reclusive Detroit folkie, Sixto Rodriguez then this is one of those "lost classics", unless you live in South Africa or Australia where it's just a classic. ...view item »

Michael Chapman
Playing Guitar The Easy Way

Michael Chapman is a folk guitarist of some repute. So much so, his work is frequently mentioned in the same breath as Bert Jansch, Roy Harper and John Martyn. Chapman also discovered guitarist Mick Ronson, known for his work with David Bowie. ...view item »

Erasmo Carlos
Carlos, ERASMO

Erasmo Carlos is a thoroughly big deal in Brazil, though somewhat lesser-known in the English-speaking world (damn the Anglophone public’s lack of enthusiasm for non-English pop!). But the albums now reissued by Light In The Attic are not so known even in Brazil, being the records on which Carlos indulged ...view item »

Sing It High, Sing It Low : Tumbleweed Records 1971-1973

Here is a compilation that pulls out the forgotten highlights of the underappreciated Tumbleweed Records label, which operated for just two years between 1971 and 1973. As the name might suggest, folky americana was the focus of the label’s energies, and Sing It High, Sing It Low contains ten excell...view item »

Hayes McMullen
Everyday Seem Like Murder Here

Hayes McMullen is an underrated blues figure, possibly due to his abandoning of music in the 1930’s in order to devote himself to the Church. But blues archivist Gayle Dean Wardlow discovered him in 1967, at which time the performances gathered here on Everyday Seems Like Murder Here were recorded...view item »

Native North America - Vol.1 : Aboriginal Folk, Rock and Country 1966-1985

The first volume of this compilation series sheds light on a mostly unlit portion of north American and Canadian music during the rise of folk and rock music from 1966 to 1985. The indigenous peoples of said regions brought their own edge to the popular folk of the time, 34 time-tested tracks of which have been brought together here in addi...view item »

This Record Belongs To ___

This Record Belongs To _____ is a children’s record for parents who think it extremely important that their young ones start appreciating vinyl as soon as possible (no surprise then, that Jack White’s Third Man Records is behind it). However, the tracklisting, including Carole King, ...view item »

Carlos Erasmo
Sonhos E Memorias 1941-1972

Erasmo Carlos is a thoroughly big deal in Brazil, though somewhat lesser-known in the English-speaking world (damn the Anglophone public’s lack of enthusiasm for non-English pop!). Sonhos E Memórias 1941 - 1972 has in fact never been released outside of Brazil before, an utter shame given the smoothly funky...view item »

Lee Hazlewood

A stunning late career album from Lee Hazlewood released by Light in the Attic on vinyl LP, complete with gorgeous packaging and download code. 13 has a very strange backstory (involving transatlantic tape swapping and redubbing) that is fully explained in the comic included, but the souful and ...view item »

Erasmo Carlos
Erasmo Carlos E Os Tremendões

Erasmo Carlos is a thoroughly big deal in Brazil, though somewhat lesser-known in the English-speaking world (damn the Anglophone public’s lack of enthusiasm for non-English pop!). But the albums now reissued by Light In The Attic are not so known even in Brazil, being the records on which Carlos indulged ...view item »

Lee Hazlewood
Cowboy In Sweden

The excellent Light In The Attic label continue their reissue of LPs from the equally glorious Lee Hazlewood. Hazlewood is such an intensely rich artist that every release brings something new to say about this incredible artist. Cowboy in Sweden is a pure distillation of Hazlewood’s sound...view item »

Betty Davis
The Columbia Years 1968-1969

Pay attention, this is important! These sessions, recorded by Betty Davis with her then-husband Miles (yeah that Miles) and an impressive cast of late 60’s musicians (including Wayne Shorter, Mitch Mitchell, Herbie Hancock) have never been...view item »

The Shaggs
Philosophy of The World

Lots of people hate on The Shaggs, but what the hell do people know? This was a band that played rock music without needed to know how to play rock music, fitting together scraps of sounds into a broken approximation of the familiar. Which is to say that The Shaggs are great! Philosophy Of The World is ...view item »

Honey Ltd
The Complete LHI Recordings

A girl group called the Mama Cats used to perform around Detroit with the likes of Bob Seger and Glen Frey. The girls moved to LA where they were signed by psychedelic cowboy Lee Hazelwood, renamed Honey Ltd and recorded with the Wrecking Crew as their backing band. This collect...view item »

Johnnie Frierson
Have You Been Good To Yourself

Johnnie Frierson was in the 60’s Stax soul crew The Drapels and is brother to Wendy Rene, but his own personal music was not so much about making people dance as about making them pray. Have You Been Good To Yourself is a set of heartfelt intimate gospel songs, recorded at home an...view item »

Bernard Purdie

1974’s Lialeh is regarded as “the first major black porn movie”, and who are we to disagree? With a film like that to accompany, it should be no surprise that the original soundtrack, by Bernard Purdie, is some of the sexiest, funkiest material you ever heard. I mean, these are literally porn grooves. ...view item »

Heartworn Highways – Original Soundtrack

The documentary film Heartworn Highways and its soundtrack perfectly captures the time when country troubadours Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark and Steve Earle, among others, began to wrestle the credibility of country music back from the shiny over-production that was going on in Nashville...view item »

For A Reason

Lifetones was the post-This Heat project of Charles Bullen, in which he worked with Julius Samuel to incorporate West Indian reggae flavours into his music. It’s less bleak and out-there than This Heat, but still retains an unusual, uncomfortable edge: rep...view item »

Gimmer Nicholson
Christopher Idylls

Gimmer Nicholson was a Memphis musician who kept himself firmly out of the limelight: so much so that this 1968 album is his only recorded work, despite years of involvement in the scene. Christopher Idylls is a prescient set of guitar instrumentals lightly augmented with electronics. This Light In The Attic release is ...view item »

Noel Ellis
Noel Ellis

Noel Ellis’ self-titled album of dub-tinged reggae songcraft is an underrated gem, well worthy of reissue by Light In The Attic. Sample-spotters will be able to identify a considerable treat in ‘Dance With Me’, which Kanye West made prominent use of in his track ‘All Day’. LP with r...view item »

Lizzy Mercier Descloux

Lizzy Mercier Descloux was a singer, songwriter and performer who buzzed around the fringes of numerous crucial areas during her adventurous career. Suspense is her take on an 80’s pop record, an unusual step that works remarkably well. Light In The Attic are reissuing Suspense and several other of her al...view item »

Lizzy Mercier Descloux
Zulu Rock

Lizzy Mercier Descloux was a singer, songwriter and performer who buzzed around the fringes of numerous crucial areas during her adventurous career. Zulu Rock is her South African album, a real 80’s afro-funk record. Remastered and reissued on Light In The Attic, with the addition of 5 bonus tracks....view item »

Lizzy Mercier Descloux
Mambo Nassau

Lizzy Mercier Descloux was a singer, songwriter and performer who buzzed around the fringes of numerous crucial areas during her adventurous career. Mambo Nassau is a very funky record indeed, partly a result of recording at Chris Blackwell’s studios. Light In The Attic are reissuing this along wi...view item »

Alan Vega, Alex Chilton, Ben Vaughn
Cubist Blues

Alex Chilton (Big Star), Alan Vega (Suicide) and Ben Vaughn (er, mostly solo) made only one album together, intensely improvising together. The result, Cubist Blues, is a darkly atmospheric trip, sounding not quite like anything else. Originally release...view item »

There's A Dream I've Been Saving: Lee Hazlewood Industries 1966-71

Possessor of one of the best moustaches of the last 30 years (alongside Zappa, Beefheart, Crosby et al) and now with a series of important re-issues it is becoming more and more apparent that there is a lot more to the man than just having a moustache. Lights in the Attic have spent 7 years getting this thing ready and by jimminy look at...view item »

Alan Vega, Alex Chilton, Ben Vaughn
Live at Trans Musicales, Rennes, France, 7th December 1996

Alex Chilton (Big Star), Alan Vega (Suicide) and Ben Vaughn (er, mostly solo) made only one album together, intensely improvising together. The result, Cubist Blues, is a darkly atmospheric trip: Live At Trans Musicales  is the document of...view item »

The Black Angels

The Black Angels are a psychedelic rock band from Austin, Texas. Passover is their debut album. The band describe themselves as playing “Native American drone ‘n’ roll”. This psych-rock classic is available on a limited edition cassette of 1500 hand-numbered copies in a c...view item »

Lee Hazlewood
Its Cause and Cure

Welcome to a series of Light In The Attic reissues of the selected works of Lee Hazlewood. His 1967 MGM album Lee Hazlewoodism: Its Cause And Cure is full of dramatic, fully-orchestrated numbers, driven by Hazlewood’s compelling drawl. Fully remastered from the original tapes and with a few bonus ...view item »

The City
Now That Everything's Been Said

A masterpiece of 60s rock, Now That Everything’s Been Said has been waiting for a vinyl reissue for far too long. The City, songwriter Carole King’s band, is brimming with optimistic, polyphonic and rebellious energy. A great opportunity to dig up your mum's wide jeans and the shad...view item »

Spooner Oldham
Pot Luck

Spooner Oldham released his one and only solo album back in 1972. The man wrote songs and played keys for a wide variety of classic soul artists, but this is the only opportunity to hear him take centre stage. God knows why, as he sounds very comfortable there. Pot Luck is fully remastered and reissued by Light In The A...view item »

Public Image Limited
First Issue

Following the demise of the much lauded, game changing punk-rock pioneers The Sex Pistols Johnny Rotten sought to undo some of the preconceptions his audience (and the wider public in general) may have had about him when choosing the configuration and direction of his new outfit PiL. No longer would he be known as Johnny Rotten revert...view item »

Lizzy Mercier Descloux
Press Color

Lizzy Mercier Descloux did an excellent thing in 1979, releasing a record that mirrored her journey from Paris to Lower East Side NY by putting a tight no wave rhythm section beneath a version of slick French song. Press Color is that record, and it is a firmly compelling listen. Reissued at last, in remastered form, by...view item »

Karin Krog
Don't Just Sing – An Anthology: 1963-1999

Karin Krog is a Scandinavian legend, but a more-or-less unknown in our part of the world. Let’s change that eh? Don’t Just Sing - An Anthology: 1963-1999 collects highlights of a full career of creative, jazz-inflected pop, fronted by Krog’s inventive and highly characteristic vocals. ...view item »


“In 1983 a mystery man rolled onto the LA scene” says the press release. “And he looked exactly like David Van Day from Dollar” they might want to add. The story behind this record is quite remarkable in that said mystery man then disappeared leaving a trail of bounced cheques and has never been seen since. The mu...view item »

Dreams and Images

Some tender thoughts and feelings from Arthur aka Arthur Lee Harper. Dreams and Images is the repressed and remastered edition of his 1968 debut release. This record is packed with Arthurs archetypal sympathetic vocals, his finger picking folksy guitar and some other instrumental bits and b...view item »

Michael Chapman

Window had always been Michael Chapman’s one that got away. A masterpiece that was coming along according to plan, but never finished properly and thus never released with his blessing. Reminiscing like a fifty year-old at a high school reunion, Chapman’s gone back and remastered the album for all true belie...view item »

Roky Erickson
Don't Slander Me

Originally released in 1982, at least as good as his other solo titles Gremlins Have Pictures and The Evil One. Tunes that I thought make this one a keeper include the ass-kicking opener title track "Don't Slander Me", the rocking "Haunt" as it definitely keeps up the frantic pace as does "Crazy Crazy Mama", the catchy "Bermuda", "You Drive Me C...view item »

Romantic Times

There's something about the Lewis myth that just doesn't stack up. I'm not entirely convinced that the whole thing is not an elaborate hoax. If the story they are telling is true - then its completely insane. Unbelievably since the recent re-issue of Lewis's 'L'Amour' album someone has found another album by a man who allegedly disappeared after...view item »

Sylvie Simmons

Light In The Attic, who have released long forgotten gems from acts such as chirpy vocal group the Free Design and legend Karen Dalton, have unearthed another treasure trove. 'Sylvie', though, only sounds old: Sylvie Simmon's brand of soft, modestly sprinkled folk is actually brand new. Simmon sings tunes of isolation while lethargically strummi...view item »

Sly Stone
I'm Just Like You: Sly's Stone Flower Power 1969-70

He's just like us, except for he actually has hair, and can play instruments well. 'I'm Just Like You: Sly Stone's Flower Power' celebrates the second era of the master's career, after leaving the Family Stone for a solo career that explored the electronic expansions of funk music, using a wide variety of instruments and programmed drum machines...view item »

Roky Erickson & The Aliens
Evil One

Roky Erickson is one of music's most enduring 'outsider' artists, cultivating an American version of psych-rock with his bands the 13th Floor Elevators, the Aliens and later Okkervil River as his backing band. 'The Evil One' was recorded after the time Erickson spent in a mental institution, and saw a version of Erickson led by straight-for...view item »

Country Funk Volume II 1967 - 1974

Intro Volume II of Light In The Attic's highly regarded Country Funk collection All tracks newly re-mastered Features cuts by Bob Darin, Townes Van Zandt, Gene Clark , Jim Ford, JJ Cale, Thomas Jefferson Kaye, Willie Nelson and more 2xLP housed in a deluxe Stoughton 'Tip-On' jacket...view item »

Donnie & Joe Emerson
Still Dreamin' Wild : The Lost Recordings 1979-81

I may be misguided here but I’m going to lay the blame for the current fetish for unearthing lost private-press records right at the door of Donnie and Joe Emerson. Well, not them as such but the industry that has grown up around the unearthing of their ‘Dreamin’ Wild’ album. It seems anyone who recorded an album ...view item »

Wheedle’s Groove - Seattle Funk, Modern Soul & Boogie: Volume II 1972-1987

It should be common knowledge that you can never have too much 70s and 80s funk & soul in your music collection. We realize only too well, and so do the kind folks at Wheedle’s Groove - they’re here to help you get down and get with it. Maybe send them a thank you note for this voluptuous collection of Seattl...view item »

Peter Walker
"Second Poem To Karmela" Or Gypsies Are Important

Here's a reissue of Peter Walker's mysterious second LP of twangy guitar and sitar and sarod drones. It's very hard to describe. Sort of new-agey but very fast paced and freeformed and not always particularly relaxing. He's accompanied in his adventure by a violin, a tabla and a flute, joining together to make a big bubbly celebratory noise in s...view item »

The Brothers & Sisters
Dylan's Gospel

I'm enjoying an uplifting start to the day courtesy of this superb reissue on Light in the Attic. The concept is pretty self-explanatory - a team of LA's finest session singers brought together by producer and visionary Lou Adler and given rousing gospel arrangements by Motown legend Gene Page. The album has languished in collector obscurity for...view item »

Bobby Charles
Bobby Charles

Before becoming a performer, Bobby Charles was a songwriter and wrote, amongst other things, "See You Later, Alligator" which was made famous by Bill Haley and The Comets. What's on offer here, however, is a different kettle of fish. Charles, from Louisiana, fuses influence of Cajun, Country and blues to make a swampy funk sound. "Street People"...view item »

Robbie Hill's Family Affair
Gotta Get Back: The Unreleased L.A. Sessions

Originally recorded in Los Angeles in January 1975, these five tracks were all but lost in the ether. Light In The Attic continues the fine tradition for essential reissues with the Seattle soul of Robbie Hill’s Family Affair. It’s sweet, funky and beautifully mixed to show the band at their best. Out on vinyl LP lim...view item »

Mark Lanegan / Karen Dalton
Same Old Man

Here, ol’ gravel voice Mark Lanegan covers a tune by ‘70s folk minstrel Karen Dalton and who am I to argue. It’s great. In the background churning...view item »

National Wake
Walk In Africa

Here’s a name I’ve never heard before. National Wake were active in South Africa from 1979 until 1981, a mixed race punk band in apartheid South Africa, they were mired in controversy and their album was pulled by the government after selling a measly 700 copies. I don’t want to go too far into their history and background beca...view item »

Marcos Valle
Marcos Valle

This 1970 album presented something of a break with most of what Valle had done up to that point. For starters, both the songs and his hair were getting longer, and the dynamic of this unique record resides in the yin-yang between electrified rock-influenced tracks featuring Milton Nascimento's backing band Som Imaginário, and orchestrall...view item »

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