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Ashley Paul
Alone Together #2 - Hidden Face / Leave Mine

The Grey Lynn Homeless Set

Yikes, I'm never really sure what to make of stuff like this. On this 7” here we've got four short pieces of anti-music from MHFS. The final track has some hushed and decayed vocals underneath some scratchy, percussive, arrhythmic guitar but that's very much the closest we get to any...view item »
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Jefre Cantu-Ledesma
Alone Together #6 - Faceless Kiss / Blut Mond

Ah...a dream-pop seven inch from one-time Tarentel legendo. The first side is gorgeous, comprised of a spindly echo-laden drum track, ethereal washes of the fluffiest shoegazery entwined with more rugged swathes of psychedelic ...view item »
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Christina Carter
L'Etoile de Mer

L’Etoile De Mer by Christina Carter was her first solo album and therefore the first album she had recorded without Tom Carter in their band The Charalambides. Her band were known for making stark records, but L’Etoile De Mer is stark even compared to anything ...view item »
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Metal Rouge
Soft Erase

I just had the dubious pleasure of reviewing the heaving mass of collaborative darkness from Costin Chioreanu and friends and now I’m heading to similarly bleak places with this Metal Rouge LP on Emerald Cocoon. It opens with machine pulses and sheets of sharply distort...view item »

Yek Koo
Love Song For The Dead C

Yek Koo is the alias of Metal Rouge's Helga Fassonaki, and this LP is vaguely dedicated to NZ weirdos Dead C, wi...view item »
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Pete Swanson
High Time/ Trees

Emerald Cocoon's excellent Alone/Together 7” series continues with this surprisingly coherent offering from psych/improv titan Pete “Yellow” Swanson, who this time round gives us a couple of covers of some of his favourite obscure New Zealand weirdness - 'High Time' by Da...view item »
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Yek Koo
Alone Together #3 - Oh Woman / Flame Creation

Christina Carter
Alone Together #1 - Obelisk / Tholos

This right here is the first in a series of 7"s being put out be Emerald Cocoon focusing on recordings by today's more interesting solo artists. I dunno if she's too accomplished with her solo stuff for her past work to still be mentioned in every review but here's Charalambides's Christina Carter offering up a couple of focused and minimal litt...view item »
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