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Rose Kallal

Tasty modular synth textures from Brooklyn-based Rose Kallal, her first release in several years but once again on We Can Elude Control. Being rather quietly intense dark ambient, it’s all thick and uneasy atmospheres filled with rumbling low-end hums, ominous distant noises and rumbling percussion. The modular side of things keeps everything in slow structural motion.

Final Cut
Deep Into The Cut

Those who know will recognise the significance of this reissue: Final Cut’s majestic debut album, recorded at a time when Jeff Mills was still with them, fully reissued on vinyl for the first time since the initial 1989 release. Deep Into The Cut is a major work of formative Detroit Techno, furiously underground and sternly propulsive. Double LP on We Can Elude Control.
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  • We Can Elude Control

Vasco Alves
Volume II

New work from the rigorous sound-mind of Vasco Alves, of VA AA LR fame. Volume II is a set of works made up of minimal sine wave pieces processed via transistor radio broadcast. The results are stuttering and unstable fields of sound fizz: strong stuff. Highly affordable CD release on We Can Elude Control.
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  • We Can Elude Control