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Merzbow + HEXA

It’s ya boy Masami baby! Here he is working with HEXA, who are an interesting pairing in themselves: Xiu Xiu man Jamie Stewart and Room40 boss Lawrence English. The structure is one side of Merzbow produced and mixed by HEXA...view item »


A nine track release from SONOIO called Fine that draws together electronic sounds, synths and powerful vocals.. This one is available on CD, and two different versions of vinyl. The first being a limited edition, translucent green coloured vinyl LP and the other being your good old reliable black vinyl. Released on Dias. ...view item »

Them Are Us Too

Them Are Us Too is the collaborative project of Kennedy Ashlyn and Cash Askew, a duo who had been sketching demos in homage to their shared younger passions of generations-old shoegaze and dream pop.Tragically, Askew died in the Ghost Ship fire of 2016 -- Kennedy returned to the studio to finish the startling, una...view item »

ElpH vs Coil
Worship The Glitch

More Coil!!! If you like the stuff they do on purpose but feel like you're missing out on their accidents, then this is the release for you. ElpH as it turns out is not another artist, but the name they gave to the spirit causing their equipment to glitch. And on Worship the Glitch, they do just that. ...view item »

Coil presents Black Light District
A Thousand Lights In A Darkened Room

More Coil re-issues and this is from 1996 when  Peter “Sleazy” Christopherson and John Balance were joined by Drew McDowall but rather than being the 'poochie' of the show, the new name helped the group take a left turn back to the more avant garde pursuits and experimental electronics. ...view item »

Tor Lundvall
A Dark Place

Tor Lundvall's 'A Dark Place' comes over a decade since the release of his previous album, and is a remarkably open work of sincerity and emotional expression. Dealing with themes of loss and the passing of time, it's also inextricably linked to the passing of his father. An honest, darkly beautiful piece of work....view item »

Tor Lundvall & John B McLemore
Tor Lundvall Presents: Witness Marks - The Works of John B. McLemore

Kind of a long story, this one, but the gist as we can surmise: Tor Lundvall is an ambient submariner as good as Gigi Mason but a fair bit more neglected. On this special entry into his catalogue he compiles works by John B. McLemore, an artist made famous by, what else, a podcast called S-Town. The po...view item »

Nocturnal Projections
Inmates In Images

Brilliant but short-lived New Zealand legends Nocturnal Projections barely released an album in their lifetime (their studio recordings have been collected elsewhere as 'Complete Studio Recordings') so it's nice to see a release of these live recordings. Direct from the board, they showcase the talents of a band who, had they co...view item »

Automatic Drawing

Norman website visitor, meet Automatic Drawing. It’s the debut LP by Wetware (Roxy Farman & Matthew Morandi). The pair first appeared on the New York industrial scene in 2015, hamming it up with intense and provocative live shows. Distilling such live energy to record can’t be easy, but they’ve nai...view item »

Death of Lovers
The Acrobat

Death of Lover’s are a whole extra band from the guys behind Nothing, in which they write and perform songs that are a little bit different. This is actually their debut full-length album after several years of activity, and it shows a band clearly enjoying themselves playing with an eighties post-punk-pop...view item »

Castration Anxiety

Dais Records give us the first LP of brutalised avant-pop from Chicago’s HIDE. Percussionist Seth Sher and visual artist Heather Gabel have crafted seven tracks of dark, intense industrialism here. The likes of ‘Wildfire’ manage to sound like both ‘Machine Gun’-era Port...view item »

Time Machines

Originally issued back in 1998 on Coil’s own Eskaton label and credited to Time Machines, this stone cold classic album has now been credited to Coil and remastered and reissued on DAIS Records. Jhon Balance, Peter Christopherson and Drew McDowall ripped a hole through the fabr...view item »

Unbeknownst To The Participants At Hand

Drekka is somewhat of an experimental/ambient/sound art veteran by now. The common thread throughout the years has been the concept - rarely one to release a record ‘cos it sounds cool’, Drekka does things for a reason. A solid, lofty reason. Which is probably a better reason than most. On this latest, the mysteriously-titled...view item »

Drab Majesty
Oak Wood

Oak Wood follows up on Drab Majesty’s corker of a debut, 2015’s Careless. This 7” single is a fuzzy synth builder, with ‘80s leanings and an undeniable moody sens...view item »

Martial Canterel
Lost at Sea

Sean MacBride is also half of synthpop duo Xeno & Oaklander, but this long-running solo project has a more melancholy, introspective vibe. Rigid sequencing in the style of early Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark and Depeche Mode is lent a bit ...view item »

Drew McDowall

We’ve sold an absolute ton of these on pre-order. It’s the debut LP from former Coil and Psychic TV member McDowall and seeing as though he has been making music since the 1970’s it’s been worth the wait. The mention of the likes of Coil in his back pages...view item »

Choir Boy
Sunday Light

Choir Boy is not a project of an unaccompanied acappella male chorister, but the dream-pop outfit of former punk rocker Adam Klopp. Sunday Light is a bright and melancholy pair of 80’s-flavoured new romantic pop music, catchy and grand but also essentially bedroom in feel. 7” single on DAIS....view item »

William S. Burroughs
Nothing Here Now but the Recordings

One of the coolest records ever made gets some long overdue reissue treatment from Dais. Originally released on Throbbing Gristle’s legendary label Industrial Records in 1981, this one-of-a-kind classic was put together by ...view item »

Drew McDowall
Unnatural Channel

Despite the fact that Drew McDowall has been releasing records since the early 80’s, ‘Unnatural Channel’ is only his second solo album. For the uninitiated, he’s stepped through the Psychic TV revolving door, was an official member of ...view item »

High-Functioning Flesh
Culture Cut

LA pair High Functioning Flesh present their take on the classic electro-punk sound. Their electronic body music is very much focused on the body, both in terms of getting you moving and in terms of hard-hitting body horror lyrics. Quite a juicy proposition. Culture Cut is released by DAIS, on CD and various colours of ...view item »

Italian Horn
The Bells of Spring

Not content with making a million records of his own and busying himself with so-so comeback albums, Guided By Voices' Robert Pollard has made the artwork for this record which otherwise has nothing to do with him other than sound remarkably like his early '90s heyday. Italian Horn is act...view item »

Drab Majesty

Drab Majesty is the solo project of Deb Demure, who you may have seen drumming with the band Marriages. On Careless he jams the sounds feelings of his 1980’s LA childhood into Depeche Mode-esque dark synth-pop. The vinyl is a fetching shade of black, pressed in a ...view item »

Scout Paré-Phillips
Door Left Open

Since 2015’s dark Heed The Call, Door Left Open is the follow up full length from Scout Paré-Phillips. Still just as brooding and heavy, her vocal style and songwriting kicks like a shadowed Joni Mitchell, with the sparse presence of Leonard Cohen. The Multi-instrumenta...view item »

Drab Majesty
The Demonstration

As Drab Majesty Deb Demure takes the hazy and glamorous atmospherics of 1980s synth pop, but ties it to something darker, weirder and more experimental. The Demonstration, on vinyl LP and CD from DAIS, takes this combination even further, with heavy industrial elements, fingerpicked guitar and l...view item »

Spahn Ranch
Back To The Wood

Compiled of unreleased and alternate takes from Detroit post-punk trio Spahn Ranch, comes the raw and gem-rammed release Back To The Wood. With only a limited amount of 500 Vinyl copies available, this is an essential for fans as tracks include old versions of Countdown and...view item »

The Cakekitchen
World of Sand

The second of our two Cakekitchen reissues, with second being the subjective watchword here -- I’m just arbitrarily deciding that ‘Time Flowing Backwards’ is first even though Homestead Records originally released both in ‘91. I wasn’t actually alive then, but I quickly wised up to the Jefferies brothers, who were m...view item »

The Cakekitchen
Time Flowing Backwards

Graeme Jefferies co-masterminded a couple of important-but-niche New Zealand bands in his day, working with brother Peter to establish the wiry post-punk outfit Nocturnal Projections and their more nuanced successor This Kind of Punishment. Both bands were sort of punkish oxymorons, able to play super dulcet tunes and way overdriven stuff. You m...view item »

Body of Light
Let Me Go

The Arizonan brothers who make up Body of Light are having a great time here emulating their (presumed) childhood heroes: Let Me Go is a full-blown synth-pop album of grand proportions, with bold drums and darkwave-influenced vocals. They’ve done such a great job that you might assume this was a 1980’s reiss...view item »

Youth Code
Commitment To Complications

 Lol. Listen to “(Armed)” and afterwards, listen to “Transitions”. Trust me, you’re supposed to -- one literally leads into the next. The first, a synth ambient pastiche, seems to momentarily forget about Youth Code completely, but it literally gets buried by “Transitions”, a garish and purp...view item »

Drab Majesty
Completely Careless (2012-2015)

This release presents the full discography, to date, of Drab Majesty, the atmospheric pop project of Deb Demure: that’s a couple of EP’s and an album’s worth of 80’s-feeling tunes. Completely Careless (2012-2015) is released on the DAIS label as a CD in a jewel case with slip and...view item »

Amusers and Puzzlers

I think I’m slowly moving from anger to the acceptance stage in the process of mourning the break-up of Sightings. Over the last fifteen years or so, Sightings have developed an utterly singular musical language that’s as weird and idiosyncratic as say the Magic Band, except rather than being a re...view item »

Youth Code
An Overture: Collection

Shouty, righteous but mature electronic punk noises from L.A’s Youth Code. Consisting of their debut LP, new EP A Place To Stand and tracks from the Angry Love 7”, An Overture showcases their powerful industrial intensity and keen ear for a good hook in equal measure. Out on CD from Dais....view item »

Lord Foul
Killing Raping Burning / The Devil’s Advocate

Lord Foul was a one-man hate machine operating out of Louisville, Kentucky in the early '90s, and this LP collects both his two demo tapes onto one side of vinyl, with the other side taken up by what I can only describe as a phenomenally shit etching (weirdly enough designed by the same guy who drew the totally sweet foil-stamped cover desig...view item »

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