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Jersey Devil

Matt Mondanile completed this latest record under his Ducktails moniker at his mums house in Ridgewood only venturing out on the train to Hoboken to mix it in Sonic Youth's studio. He grabbed coffee on the way and enjoyed the sweet summer smell. This could be the last Ducktails record for a while (ever?) so try to enjoy it. 

Terror & Healing

Marja Johansson of Kemiallset Ystävät creates a record of abstracted and hard-wired beauty, bringing together a dense palate of sounds around motifs that circle inwards and then outwards, samples that get cut and fucked up, and a lot of electronic configuration. If "Animal Negatives" is anything to go by, with its tumultuous percussion and foggy effects, then Terror & Healing is the sound of rain tumbling down a pixelated mountainside. 
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Unmoored By The Wind

'Unmoored By The Wind' is little more than unrelenting tape hiss, understated guitar strums and Kayla Cohen's echoing voice, making it a truly intimate folk record that does away with the world and celebrates isolation. Known for this record as Itasca, Cohen's songs are lethargic, spreading out slowly and wistfully rather than being written around strict verses and choruses. She recalls Sibylle Baier in this sense, and also Jason Molina, for she has the same ability to suspend her music in time -- to make commanding songs that spill over the edges and stay longer than they should.

Nouskaa Henget

Marja Johansson is behind Tsembla, an act that balances the netherworld of avant-garde and the naturalistic environments around us, trying to scope out how the two interact. Johannsson's work is full of esoteric textural abandon and melodies that lead us down chilling dead ends: Nouskaa Henget is the closest her work gets to formal pop music, but it's still typical of her that these works begin with her ideas and go where they will from there.

Spectre Folk

  • Vinyl 7" (NI20)
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