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Ebo Taylor
My Love and Music

Ghana’s Ebo Taylor produced some thoroughly gorgeous highlife music in the 1970’s, comfortably relaxed and smooth-flowing. The political conditions at the time of release meant that records like 1975’s My Love and Music were sparsely distributed at the time, so relish this timely reissue on Mr Bongo.
  • Vinyl LP (MRBLP132)
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  • CD (MRBCD132)

Matthew Tavares & Leland Whitty
January 12th

BADBADNOTGOOD keyboardist Matthew Tavares and saxophonist Leland Whitty performed together in Toronto in early January 2020, joined by bassist Julian Anderson-Bowes and drummer Matt Chalmers for the occasion. The lightning of that night was bottled in this terrific live album, ‘January 12th’. This sounds like the tour-hardened results of a band who’ve known each other all their lives rather than the instinctive, improvised jazz set that it is.
  • Vinyl LP (MRBLP223)
  • CD (MRBCD223)

Ze Roberto
Lotus 72 D

And there’s this Norman Records™ keyboard cat thinking that the Zé Roberto we were dealing with was the former Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Brazil footballer. More fool me. Anyway, the Z-Rob in question is another Brazilian who made one LP and a few singles in the 70’s. 1973’s ‘Lotus 72 D’, a tribute to champion Formula 1 driver Emerson Fittipaldi, is a strutting samba-funk number that has been subject to renewed interest since its inclusion on the 2001 compilation Via Brazil. On that album it was pitched up in what became known as the ‘Fast Version’, something Mr. Bongo have included on this 7” alongside the original.
  • Vinyl 7" (MRB7156)
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The Egyptian Lover
Computer Love

This fabulous split single from the Mr. Bongo label features two prime 1980s machine-funk cuts. The A-side features hip-hop and electro-fusion trailblazer The Egyptian Lover (aka LA producer/DJ Gregory Broussard) with his classic 1984 joint ‘Computer Love’. On the flip is the 1985 track 'Computer Power' by Jamie Jupitor, who is very much a student of The Egyptian Lover. 
  • Vinyl 7" (MRB7185)
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Surprise Chef
Daylight Savings

Surprise Chef are an instrumental four-piece from Melbourne. Daylight Savings sees them moving away from soul and leaning into a 70s jazz / funk sound, focusing on the power of the rhythm section. The production values have been upped to create a dramatic album with a widescreen scope. On Mr. Bongo.
  • Vinyl LP (MRBLP208)
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  • CD (MRBCD208)


Matty is Matthew Tavares, former keyboard player with BADBADNOTGOOD. Déjàvu was originally released digitally in 2018 but finally sees the a physical release through Mr. Bongo.  It sees him return to his first love of rock and indie, although elements of jazz and AOR and the influence of Brazillian composer Arthur Verocai come through too. The album was produced by fellow Canadian, Frank Dukes.
  • Vinyl LP (MRBLP207R)
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  • Vinyl LP (MRBLP207)
  • CD (MRBCD207)

Kit Sebastian
Rain / Kozmos

Last year, Kit Sebastian were one of the most well-received newcomers in the world music scene, their stunning debut album Mantra Moderne sourcing styles and traditions from across the globe. Mr Bongo now presents two hitherto unreleased tracks from the album’s sessions, ‘Rain’ and ‘Kozmos’, on 7” vinyl. 
  • Vinyl 7" (MRB7175)
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Ultramagnetic MCs
Travelling At The Speed Of Thought / M.C.’s Ultra (Part II Edit)

Famously making an appearance on Street Sounds' seminal Hip Hop Electro 16 compilation back in 1987, ‘Travelling At The Speed Of Thought’ turned its creators, the Ultramagnetic MCs, into one of early hip-hop’s most celebrated outfits. It’s re-issued on 7” vinyl here, with an edit of its original B-side ‘M.C.’s Ultra’ on the reverse. 

Ultramagnetic MCs
Ego Tripping / Funky Potion

Melvin Bliss’s 1973 track ‘Synthetic Substitution’ may not be a household name, but Bernard Purdie’s drumbreaks became one of hip-hop’s foundational sounds, sampled countless times by hip-hop’s pioneers in the late Eighties. Ultramagnetic MCs’, however, were the first to do so for their 1986 single ‘Ego Tripping’, which is re-issued by Mr Bongo on 7” vinyl with its original B-side, ‘Funky Potion’. 
  • Vinyl 7" (MRB7165)
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Ultramagnetic MCs
Give The Drummer Some / Moe Luv’s Theme

A re-issue on 7” vinyl for ‘Give The Drummer Some’, one of the greatest singles of Ultramagnetic MCs’ stellar career. Taking elements from James Brown and Dee Felice Trio - and itself famously sampled for The Prodigy’s ‘Smack My Bitch Up’ hit single - it features an electrifying performance from the group’s leader Kool Keith. Appears with its original B-side, ‘Moe Luv’s Theme’. 
  • Vinyl 7" (MRB7166)

Eric B & Rakim
I Know You Got Soul

I Know You Got Soul was one of the funkier cuts from Eric B and Rakim’s seminal 1987 album, Paid In Full. It was released as their third single and contains a sample from Bobby Bird’s hit of the same name, which was produced by James Brown, no less. This was, in turn, sampled by M|A|A|R|S for their song Pump Up The Volume.  
  • Vinyl 7" (MRB7162)

Surprise Chef
All News Is Good News

All News Is Good News when there's a Surprise Chef at large. These Australian soul band are massively in debt to the likes of David Axelrod as they navigate their way through the kitchens of Library Music and cinematic soundtrack work. It's all instrumental - made up of the usual ingredients of bass, keys, drums, guitar  - slightly sprinkled and not overcooked.  
  • Vinyl LP (MRBLP202)
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  • CD (MRBCD202)

Eric B & Rakim
I Ain't No Joke / Eric B Is On The Cut

Here we have a double A sided 7” reissue by classic hip-hop duo Eric B. & Rakim. It features two cuts from their classic 1987 album Paid in Full, namely I Ain't No Joke and Eric B Is On The Cut. The A side is a bona-fide hip-hop classic with Rakim’s oh so cool flow in action, whilst the flip sees Eric. B at the decks scratching up a storm.
  • Vinyl 7" (MRB7163)
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The World Is Yours

The World is Yours by Nas was the fourth single to be lifted from his classic 1994 debut album, Illmatic. It is widely regarded as one of the greatest rap songs ever released. It was produced by Pete Rock and contains samples from It’s Yours by T La Rock and Ahmad Jamal’s classic jazz piano piece I Love Music.  7” reissue with an instrumental cut on the flip.
  • Vinyl 7" (MRB7168)

Gang Starr
Jazz Thing

With the original seven inch single, released in 1990, being as rare as rocking horse do-do, Gang Starr’s classic single, Jazz Thing is getting a reissue courtesy of Mr. Bongo. This issue of the single features two versions of the track - the original single version know as the Video Mix and a the Movie Mix. The latter was the version used on Spike Lee’s film, Mo Better Blues.
  • Vinyl 7" (MRB7161)

Matthew Tavares & Leland Whitty

Visions is a collaborative album from BADBADNOTGOOD member Leland Whitty and one of the group’s former members, Matthew Tavares. Written in three weeks and laid down in one gigantic recording session, in which the entire suite was performed with a rhythm section of bassist Julian Anderson-Bowes and drummer Matthew Chalmers. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (MRBLP206)
  • CD (MRBCD206)

The Star Beams
Play Disco Specials

Known best for their dancefloor demolisher ‘Disco Stomp’, South African ensemble The Star Beams get a re-issue of their previously ultra-rare album Play Disco Specials, originally released in 1976 on JAS Records. Nearly 45 years after it came out, very little is known about the personnel behind this gem, but at least the wider availability will spread the knowledge of this immensely talented group. 
  • CD (MRBCD218)
  • Vinyl LP (MRBLP218)

Shina Williams & His African Percussions
Shina Williams

Here is a first official re-press of the second album by Lagos bandleader Shina Williams. Where his debut was a fun afrobeat and disco - inspired fusion, this 1980 self-titled album delves deeper into hypnotic grooves which have a much more raw and vital feel about them. Truly a lost classic, it should liven up any forward thinking dancefloor this Christmas. Quality re-issue from Mr. Bongo. 
  • Vinyl LP (MRBLP201)

Peter King
Omo Lewa

Peter King may have the everyday moniker of the guy down the pub who fixes your washing machine but he is in fact a lauded Nigerian band leader and multi-instrumentalist whose work blends funk, afrobeat and jazz. Omo Lewa is often cited as his finest work and has been lovingly re-issued by Mr Bongo who also previously re-issued his Miliki Sound album. 
  • Vinyl LP (MRBLP102)
  • CD (MRBCD102)

Jungle Brown
Full Circle

Soulful, old-school hip-hop sounds are safe in the hands of Jungle Brown, who created a stir on Spotify back in 2016 with their debut album Flight 314 even without any marketing or promotion. Now, the trio - consisting of Ric Flo, MAEAR and Tony Bones - are readying their sophomore effort Full Circle.  
  • Vinyl LP (MRBLP194)
  • CD (MRBCD194)

Hozan Yamamoto with Sharps & Flats
Beautiful Bamboo-Flute

Everyone’s getting in on the Japanese jazz reissues these days. Studio Mule, BBE and Mr. Bongo are just three of the labels who’ve delivered new editions of old LPs in recent years. The latter come through with the goods again in the form of Beautiful Bamboo-Flute, a 1971 rarity that saw the legendary shakuhachi (bamboo-flute) player Hozan Yamamoto team up with the Sharps And Flats - one of the country’s most celebrated big-bands. Together they create a bombastic and brilliant noise on Beautiful Bamboo-Flute, a large-ensemble fusion-funk style that really struts. Cracking stuff.
  • CD (MRBCD214)
  • Vinyl LP (MRBLP214)

Gyedu-Blay Ambolley and Zantoda Mark III

Control by Gyedu-Blay Ambolley and Zantoda Mark III has been rather hard to get hold of since its release in 1980. The album mixes highlife sounds (a modern twist on traditional Ghanaian rhythms played with western instruments) with synth-based funk and boogie. This reissue follows the albums Ambolley and Simigwa, also reissued by Mr. Bongo.
  • CD (MRBCD199)
  • Vinyl LP (MRBLP199)

Ebo Taylor Jnr with Wuta Wazutu
Gotta Take It Cool

Yes, Ebo Taylor Jnr. is indeed the son of the legendary Ghanaian bandleader/guitarist/singer Ebo Taylor. Seems like talent runs in the family - the 1978 LP Gotta Take It Cool finds Junior team up with Wuta Wazutu for a set of highlife and Afrobeat tunes that would make his father proud. Original copies of Gotta Take It Cool are extremely difficult to track down these days, so it’s a good thing Mr. Bongo have got this reissue together.
  • Vinyl LP (MRBLP210)
  • CD (MRBCD210)

Power Of Zeus
The Gospel According To Zeus

  • Vinyl LP (MRBLP187)
  • Limited edition

Minoru Muraoka

Re-issue on CD and vinyl of a formerly ultra-rare Japanese jazz / breakbeat record used as source material for the likes of DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist among others. Bamboo by Minoru Muraoka is a perfect example of culture fusion, blending traditional Japanese instrumentation with Western-based jazz techniques. 
  • Vinyl LP (MRBLP195)
  • CD (MRBCD195)

Gyedu-Blay Ambolley

Resurgent interest in the music of Gyedu Blay Ambolley spawns another reissue. One spin of 1982’s sophomore LP Ambolley is enough for you to understand why people are suddenly so keen on the Ghanaian artist’s music. This is a set of superbly funky highlife disco/boogie for which Ambolley is a charismatic and beguiling focal point. Original copies of Ambolley are very hard to track down, so nice one to Mr. Bongo for getting this new edition together.
  • Vinyl LP (MRBLP205)
  • CD (MRBCD205)


Despite his unassuming moniker Rob was one of the most vital Ghanaian artists of the 1970s. After cutting his teeth with the acclaimed Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou, Rob released a couple of solo LPs toward the end of the decade. Make It Fast, Make It Slow is his best-known, but his eponymous 1977 debut is a similarly delightful piece of West African funk-soul. Now we find the rare gem reissued by Mr. Bongo.
  • CD (MRBCD166)
  • Vinyl LP (MRBLP166)

This Is Marijata

This is Marijata - or, at least, the afro-funk outfit's gorgeous debut album. Raw, organic and consistently laid back, this re-issued format does a sound job of reminding us of quite how sweet the formula of this forgotten trio was. Initially released from Gapophone label, this is the cream of the Ghanian crop.
  • Vinyl LP (MRBLP150)

Ebo Taylor, Pat Thomas & Uhuru Yenzu
Hitsville Re-Visited

Good old crate digger label Mr Bongo here turns up a treat in the form of this 1982 LP by highlife super-trio Ebo Taylor, Pat Thomas and Uhuru Yenzu. Each artist was a master of the form in their own right, and Hitsville Re-Visited is a perfect distillation of their shared love for highlife and funk. Four bright and gorgeous cuts, presented in fully-official reissue form.
  • CD (MRBCD177)
  • Vinyl LP (MRBLP177)

Akira Ishikawa
Back To Rhythm

Japanese funk drummer Akira Ishikawa dropped his most famous effort back in 1975. It wouldn’t be on our website if it didn’t have that special flair that makes certain records so attractive to collectors: high energy, a unique approach, and near-total obscurity. Back to Rhythm was pretty much impossible to find until this Mr Bongo reissue.
  • Vinyl LP (MRBLP191)
  • CD (MRBCD191)

Tom Zé
Estudando O Samba

Good pub quiz fact (if you're in a particular muso pub, that is) - Tom Zé was the first artist to sign to David Byrne’s Luaka Bop label. Zé’s career spans many decades, epochs and styles, but most of his fans can agree that 1976’s Estudando o Samba is one of the Brazilian’s finest hours. A kaleidoscopic mix of soul, samba, folk, funk and more, there’s good reason that this LP was included on Rolling Stone’s list of the 100 best Brazilian records. Now Estudando o Samba has been reissued by the excellent Mr. Bongo.
  • Vinyl LP (MRBLP190)
  • CD (MRBCD190)

Skull Snaps
Skull Snaps

Despite what the cover may lead you to believe, Skull Snaps were a soul/funk act. The band were an enigma, no one knew who they were and this self-titled LP was their only one. What you’d probably like to know is that it contains the track It’s A New Day, the drum intro of which has been sampled by DJ Shadow, Digable Planets and Eric B & Rakim, among others. That makes it a fairly essential purchase, doesn't it? Reissue LP and CD on Mr. Bongo with sleeve notes by Anton Spice.
  • Vinyl LP (MRBLP184)

Gyedu-Blay Ambolley

Mr. Bongo reissue this crucial 1970’s Ghanaian soul record. Gyedu-Blay Ambolley was one of the more significant figures to emerge in West Africa’s post-High-Life explosion. Channelling James Brown through the prism of Afrobeat, jazz and Ghanaian funk-rock, Ambolley’s 1975 LP Simigwa is as righteous as they come. It’s a good job they’ve re-cut this one, too - Simigwa’s rare original copies go for megabucks these days.
  • Vinyl LP (MRBLP175)

Tunde Mabadu
Viva Disco

Some ultra-rare boogie Lagos here. Originally issued in 1980 and long lost to the annals of time, Tunde Mabadu’s Viva Disco is Nigerian disco par excellence. The tunes here boast ten-tonne grooves, and the slightly distorted recording only adds to their energy and verve. Anyone with an ear for the likes of Joni Haastrup, Shina Williams, Christy Essien and the like should head over this way. Re-released via Mr Bongo.
  • CD (MRBCD170)

Suicida / Apocalipse

No, this isn’t the latest incarnation of (Thee) Oh Sees. In fact, it’s a previous incarnation of Os Mutantes. Three of those who would go on to form OM - Rita Lee and the Baptista brothers - were members of O’Seis. 1966 single Suicida/Apocalipse was the group's only release, but both tracks fizz with energy and spark. Neatly prefaces the tropicalia/psych-rock explosion that OM would spearhead a few years later.
  • Vinyl 7" (MRB7136)

Super Elcados
Togetherness Is Always A Good Venture - Tambourine Party Vol. 2

Anyone keeping track of the resurgent interest in ‘70s Afrofunk over the past decade will have seen the name Super Elcados crop up every now and then. Now the group’s LP Togetherness Is Always A Good Venture - Tambourine Party Volume 2 gets a reissue via Mr. Bongo. Despite this being the second instalment in a series it’s actually the band’s debut full-length and dates back to 1976. These are eight premium pieces of Lagos boogie similar to contemporaries The Funkees and Monomono.
  • Vinyl LP (MRBLP163)
  • CD (MRBCD163)

Jackson Sisters
Jackson Sisters

Reissued at last -- the first official reissue in decades -- by the always reliable Mr Bongo, it's the Jackson Sisters with their eponymous and only LP. Now regarded as a classic in the soul and funk genre, Jackson Sisters includes the massive rare groove hit, "I Believe In Miracles". They and the track were sampled many times but perhaps most notably by Public Enemy on their 1990 LP 'Fear Of A Black Planet'. Includes 9 other well crafted slices of funk, soul and pop: plus liner notes from Charles Waring.
  • CD (MRBCD161)
  • Vinyl LP (MRBLP161)

Shina Williams & His African Percussionists
African Dances

Despite the slew of compilations and reissues of music from 70s and 80s Lagos in the recent years, relatively little attention has been given to Shina Williams. The Nigerian band leader was one of the finest exponents of the funky Lagos style that fused Afrobeat, reggae, disco, highlife and more. There are few instances where his sound is in fuller effect than African Dances. One of these three lengthy dancefloor smashes is the crucial ‘Agboju Logun’.
  • Vinyl LP (MRBLP168)
  • CD (MRBCD168)

Luis Perez
Ipan In Xiktli Metzli

Interesting one, this. Luis Perez was one of the first people to undertake detailed research on the pre-colonial musical traditions of his native Mexico. In the early 80s, after almost a decade of travelling the country and recording the folk musics of the Maya, Nahuatl, Mazateco, Yoemem, Comcaac, Raramuri, Wixarika and other ethnic groups, the Mexican government sponsored Perez to make an LP that fused some of these sounds with his own brand of psychedelic electronica. The resulting LP, Ipan In Xiktli Metzli (Nahuatl for In The Navel Of The Moon), began a resurgence in interest in native Mexican music that continues to this day. Heard now, the likes of ‘Ketzalkoatl Yauh Miktlan’ could have been an influence on Animal Collective’s Feels. This reissue from Mr. Bongo includes the original listening instructions. 
  • CD (MRBCD154)
  • Vinyl LP (MRBLP154)

Disco Dub Band
For The Love Of Money

Doing what it says on the tin, this is a dubby disco cover of an old O Jays track that was later sampled by both J Dilla and Glenn Underground This kind of avant disco was later used by Arthur Russell in his Dinosaur L period. Official re-issue with replica original artwork mastered from the original DAT. 
  • Vinyl 7" (MRB7133)

Pat Thomas Introduces Marijata
Pat Thomas Introduces Marijata

  • Vinyl LP (MRBLP158)
  • Limited edition

Ebo Taylor
Yen Ara

At 82, you could forgive Ebo Taylor for taking it easy. After six decades in the game, he has nothing left to prove - a contemporary of Fela Kuti, an artist who has worked with the likes of Pat Thomas and one of the most celebrated musicians of post-independence Ghana. All of this leads us to one conclusion - he’s made his new LP Yen Ara because he still loves what he’s doing. One spin of tracks like the uproariously funky ‘Mumudey Mumudey’ proves this beyond dispute.
  • Vinyl LP (MRBLP155)
  • CD (MRBCD155)

Burnier & Cartier
Burnier & Cartier

Brazil, 1974. Burnier & Cartier release this self-titled suite of super-fly boogie-jazz and disco-soul. Many have loved this music since then, but relatively few have owned it, due to low print runs and high prices. Thankfully Brighton’s Mr Bongo have stepped in with the reissue duties, allowing everybody to groove to this Brazilian wonder. LP with a replica of the original artwork.
  • Vinyl LP (MRBLP153)

Tim Maia
Disco Club

The public’s seemingly unquenchable desire for Brazilian sounds has led to the unearthing of another long-lost treasure. Tim Maia is something of a legend in his home country, producing endless wedges of Brazilian soul between 1970 and his death in 1998. His eighth LP pits his powerful baritone yip against muscular funk and disco grooves. Though reissued once in 1991, this is the first time Disco Club has resurfaced with the original track titles (they were changed for the 1991 pressing).
  • Vinyl LP (MRBLP156)

Ebo Taylor and The Pelicans
Ebo Taylor and The Pelikans

Ghanaian highlife hero Ebo Taylor gets the heavyweight reissue treatment from the ever-reliable Mr. Bongo for his rare and refined LP with The Pelikans. This is a gem of a record from one of the greats of West African grooves, all jubilant horns, loose funk and sweet soulful crooning from Taylor (on his first outing as a singer) with able assistance from Bessa Simmona and Fifi Orleans Lindsay.
  • Vinyl LP (MRBLP146)

The Original Sound Of Burkina Faso

Why not delve into the music of the West African nation of Burkina Faso? Come on now, Mr Bongo have made it easy for you with this juicy compilation. The Original Sound of Burkina Faso contains artists from across a range of genres, but with funky good times running through almost every track here. Comes with a booklet of liner notes and photos on CD and double LP formats.
  • CD (MRBCD152)

Gaby Hernandez
Spirit Reflection

LA singer-songwriter, Brainfeeder associate and Build An Ark founder Gaby Hernandez presents her third LP, Spirit Reflection. Expect a serene blend of electronics, acoustic instrumentation and rich vocal harmonies with that typically refreshing and breezy West Coast feel. Check the guests lining up here, too: Kamasi Washington, Lapalux, Kelis... the list goes on. Peterson approved of course.
  • CD (MRBCD147)
  • Vinyl LP (MRBLP147)

Antonio Carlos & Jocafi
Mudei De Ideia

The debut album of Antonio Carlos and Jocafi, who managed great success with their psychedelic take on samba and funk music in Brazil in the 70’s. Mudei De Ideia was initially released in 1971 and is reissued now by Mr Bongo, packaged in the psych-haze variation on the sleeve art (much nicer than the more straight-laced variation).
  • CD (MRBCD140)
  • Vinyl LP (MRBLP140)

Pedro Santos

This 1968 album by Pedro Santos makes the listener smile immediately with an opening volley of irresistible rhythm and brass fanfare. From there onwards, Krishnanda travels through some of the funkiest Brazilian music you ever heard, all with a definite psychedelic flavour. This joyous album is super-rare, but now Mr Bongo have reissued it!
  • Vinyl LP (MRBLP139)
  • CD (MRBCD139)

Ebo Taylor
Twer Nyame

Ghana’s Ebo Taylor produced some thoroughly gorgeous highlife music in the 1970’s, comfortably relaxed and smooth-flowing. 1978’s Twer Nyame adds strong twists of jazz and afrobeat into the mix too. The political conditions at the time of release meant that these records were sparsely distributed at the time, so relish this timely reissue on Mr Bongo.
  • CD (MRBCD131)
  • Vinyl LP (MRBLP131)

Incredible Bongo Band
The Return Of The Incredible Bongo Band

The Return Of The Incredible Bongo Band by The Incredible Bongo Band is the follow-up their 1973 classic, Bongo Rock. Bongo Rock was plundered by rappers and producers for samples helping to build the foundation of hip-hop and many other facets of popular music. The Return Of The Incredible Bongo Band has also had it’s best bits harvested by the likes of Bentley Rhythm Ace, Fatboy Slim and Macy Gray. This percussion-heavy groove ride features the skin-smacking talents of Jim Gordon and the perfect percussive prowess of King Errisson.
  • Vinyl LP (MRBLP119)

Arthur Verocai
Arthur Verocai

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Incredible Bongo Band
Bongo Rock

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C.K Mann & His Carousel 7
Asafo Beesuon Medley

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Prince Fatty Versus Mungo's Hi Fi
Prince Fatty Versus Mungo's Hi Fi

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Peter King

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Peter King
Miliki Sound

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Ebo Taylor
Ebo Taylor

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Ebo Taylor & Uhuru Yenzu
Conflict Nkru!

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Hollie Cook & Prince Fatty
And The Beat Goes On

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Os Canibais
Os Canibais

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The Gentlemen
The Gentlemen

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Aratanha Azul

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Tom Ze
Grande Liquidacao

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Lula Cortes

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Flaviola E O Bando Do Sol
Flaviola E O Bando Do Sol

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Lula Cortes
Rosa De Sangue

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Lula E Lailson

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Prince Fatty Meets The Mutant Hifi
Return Of The Gringo

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Psychedelic Pernambuco

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