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Endless September

This is Furfriend's debut album out on UK based electro/techno/experimental record label Perc Trax. Furfriend are industrial techno art-rock duo Dingo Tush and Das Uberdog. Refreshingly odd and full of dark humour, Furfriend are not like other techno artists. 'Endless September' offers a combination of political satire and dark carnal body horror/celebration that manages not to take itself too seriously whilst still being quite serious. In their own words, "Furfriend is everything you never dared to sex about".
  • Vinyl 12" (TPT062)
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Perc + Randomer

First collaboration between Perc Trax main man Perc and Randomer. Industrialised and mechanical techno beats that push over to industrial forms but hold back enough to remain club focused. These three tracks push you but are clear and groovy enough to dance to. The kick on Flooring is particularly hellish.
  • Label(s):
  • Perc Trax

Ghost In The Machine
One Louder EP

Three absolute storming, destructive dancefloor detonators from the Netherland's Ghost In The Machine - taking time out from their own Genosha Basic label for Ali Wells mighty Perc Trax imprint. Potent, tough, uncompromising and intense energetic techno shredders to warp minds and move bodies. Slammin' !!!

Manni Dee
Throbs of Discontent

Ex-Brighton, currently in London, a string of releases on some of the most considered underground techno and bass music labels… Manni Dee has long been crafting his own place in UK techno. Alongside the particularly driving propulsion, his tracks, as on this new 12” EP on Perc, cause a storm with barely veiled political frustration.

Perc & Passarella Death Squad
Temperature's Rising

Perc and Passarella Death Squad put out their first collaboration in 2010, but they didn’t shout about it, and it's taken some of the heads a little while to catch on. Now though, the people are clamouring to own Temperature’s Rising, justifying this neat little transparent red reissue on Perc’s own Perc Trax imprint. The original track is backed with a previously unreleased dub version.

Stowaway Remixed

Ansome revisits his debut album Stowaway with a few like minded friends to remix a some select tracks. Absolute belters from O/V/R (James Ruskin and Regis), Label head Perc, and Randomer’s first appearance on Perc Trax. It’s as if Perc thinks Ansome’s originals weren’t hard enough already….. nutter.

Psychoanalysis Shapes EP

AnD make techno that really pushes the limits of what is acceptable dancing fodder in most techno clubs: the sounds are so overdriven and so distorted that they run the risk of bludgeoning people so hard that they can’t dance. Is that a bad thing? Hell no. The relentless Psychoanalysis Shapes EP is out on Perc Trax, naturally enough.
  • Artist(s):
  • AnD
  • Label(s):
  • Perc Trax


Ansome, a member of Bas Mooy’s Mord crew, presents his debut full-length album, following on from a slew of brutally slick 12”s on the likes of Mind Cut and South London Analogue Material. Stowaway continues that trend of power-techno with 10 quality tracks. Released by Perc Trax as either a double white vinyl set, or as a CD in a metal tin.


First new solo Perc release in quite some time: it’s been a tough wait. But now Gob is here, three tracks of stern, hammering, noisy techno. Perc channels political anger into the seams of these dancefloor crushers, making them all the more effective. 12” with intense sleeve art on the man’s own Perc Trax label.

Perc / Sawf / Truss / Drvg Cvlture
10 Years of Perc Trax EP 02

Mainstay of dark techno, UK label Perc Trax has hit 10 and is celebrating by releasing a two-disc compilation and three vinyl EPs. This, the third of the series, features new tracks (er, trax?) from better known names Perc and Truss, alongside Sawf (a favourite of label boss Perc himself) and Drvg Cvlture, whose contribution to the collection is the rather curiously titled "(I Don’t Want To Die) In James Franco’s House".

Kymin Lea

The sound of Truss is an acidic take on the hard-hitting house style of Perc Trax, and it makes a grand fit, with those high, harsh bleeps hovering over the mix quite well. What’s more Kymin Lea is part of a series of EPs where the artists are closely involved with the artwork: I really like what Truss came up with, like an old annotated physics diagram.

Kareem / Perc
10 Years of Perc Trax EP 03

Happy tenth birthday to the techno heads of Perc Trax eh? Perc and co. have already released a CD compilation to commemorate the occasion, but given the style of music we are dealing with here, this music obviously deserves a vinyl release too, for the DJs / heads. This is the third vinyl release from the set, featuring Kareem, and Perc himself.
  • Label(s):
  • Perc Trax

Forward Strategy Group / Happa / Martyn Hare / Mick Finesse & Pinion
10 Years of Perc Trax EP 01

Hard-edged techno label Perc Trax is 10 years old! To celebrate, a CD compilation of tracks new and old is being released (‘Slowly Exploding’). But Perc and co. know that real heads will want those new tracks on vinyl: and here they are! (well, a third of them anyway) Includes fresh music from Forward Strategy Group, Martyn Hare, Mick Finesse & Pinion, and Happa.

Slowly Exploding - 10 Years Of Perc Trax 2004-2014

Celebrating a decade spent in dingy basements, Perc’s label is putting out two CDs with eleven new tracks of hard, singular techno from the label roster. The first disc looks forward, whilst the second is a reminder of how consistent Perc Trax’s output has been. A relentless mix from Perc himself, it rushes through all the distorted 808s and white noise you could want.
  • Label(s):
  • Perc Trax

Yuji Kondo
Radiate The Ocean From My Back

Whether he's been remixing for Perc Trax or working on the dark and compellingly minimal Steven Porter collaboration, Yuji Kondo has been keeping extremely busy over the last couple of years. Now, he's back to Perc Trax with an EP called 'Radiate The Ocean From My Back', which unlike rising eclectic producers, is interested in one genre only: techno. 

The Power and the Glory Remixes

Perc's politically furious, David Cameron-kicking, techno crossover release 'The Power and the Glory' came out earlier this year on his own deep house label. Now it's getting the remix treatment with this three-track 12" release, which features Tessela's take on "Take Your Body Off" and reworks by Untold and Clouds. 

Oscar Mulero/ Forward Strategy Group/ Exium and Manni Dee
Perc Trax Vs Pole Group Pt. 2

Forward Strategy Group
The New Formal

Forward Strategy Group
Labour Division