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Highs, Lows, and Heavenly Blows

That title is just … wow. Ok. Highs, Lows And Heavenly Blows (hi mum) originally dropped in 1994 and now gets a reissue via Medical Records (Pram, Martin Jenkins). The main protagonist in Spectrum is ex-Spacemen 3 member Sonic Boom...view item »

Red Fetish
A Derangement Of Synapses

Red Fetish come from humble Stoke in the UK but the sound produced sounds more like it was knocked up on a space shuttle, somewhere around the moon. A Derangement of Synapses sees the two band members tinkering away on some classic Korg and Yamaha instruments to make some lo-fi Human League type...view item »

Rollerskate Skinny
Shoulder Voices

Released via Medical Records is the long overdue reissue of Rollerskate Skinny’s debut LP ‘Shoulder Voices’. Originally released in 1993 on Beggars Banquet’s subsidiary label Placebo Records, the album soon became a rare and out of print record with increasing demand due to the revived interest in the early 90’s sou...view item »

Mark Van Hoen
The Last Flowers From The Darkness

This expanded reissue of The Last Flowers From The Darkness by Mr Mark Van Hoen, released by Medical Records, is a 1997 album originally released on Touch. While the album is featured in full, it also includes 20 minutes of added material and is presented on limited edition high quality double 160-gram classic vinyl....view item »

Video Liszt
Ektakrom Killer

The 1981 album by Video Liszt is an underrated (and indeed under-heard) record of progged-up synthesiser adventures: to give you a flavour, know that it was produced by Richard Pinhas and engineered by Jean-Louis Rizet! If those names mean much to you, then you’ll almost certainly dig ...view item »

Martial Canterel
Navigations Volume II

Martial Canterel is the vintage-style coldwave project of Sean McBride. He’s been producing shimmery moody synth music since 2002, and this second volume of his Navigations series compiles rare sounds from this first two years of the project. This is a mixture of sketches and unfinished tracks tha...view item »

Martial Canterel
Navigations Volume III

Martial Canterel is the vintage-style coldwave project of Sean McBride. He’s been producing shimmery moody synth music since 2002, and this third volume of his Navigations series compiles rare sounds from this first two years o...view item »


If, like this blurb-writer, you watched Channel 4’s excellent Deutschland ‘83 then your thirst for German synth-pop and new-wave will be at an all-time high. Enter Monopol and their reissued Weltweit. The group’s only album came out in 1982, there is of course plenty of Kraftwerk...view item »

Martial Canterel
Navigations Volume I-III

Martial Canterel is the vintage-style coldwave project of Sean McBride. He’s recently been releasing a series of compilations that dig into rare sounds from the early days of the project (2002 - 2004), and this release right here rounds up those three volumes of Navigations into one almighty relea...view item »

Bernard Fevre
Orbit Ceremony 77

Library music is, by definition, pretty obscure, but this one really pushes it. Bernard Fevre’s Orbit Ceremony 77 is an album of library music that was never even released, and was thought lost to the ages. Until a fortunate discovery of the original tapes that is! Now these strange 70’s space-synth pieces c...view item »

Cloudland Canyon
An Arabesque

Cloudland Canyon present their third full-length record, which features combined talents drawn from acts as varied as Big Star, The Flaming Lips, Panther Burns and LCD Soundsystem. Oh and Sonic Boom, also on production duties. An Arabesque...view item »

Severed Heads

1985 Australian synth-pop from Severed Heads, operating as an efficient 2 piece at this point in their career. This reissue picks up all the material from the slightly differing tracklists of Stretcher’s several editions, totalling 17 tracks. Double LP accompanied with in-depth historical liner notes, on Medical R...view item »

The Stars Are So Big...The Earth Is So Small

Pram, a band of Harrogate natives, were an experimental, krautrock-inspired prospect who brought in instruments like trumpets, theremins and glass hammers to achieve fresh sounds. The Stars Are So Big… The Earth Is So Small is their 1993 debut for the Too Pure label, and has now been reissued after too long out o...view item »


Pram, a band of Harrogate natives, were an experimental, krautrock-inspired prospect who brought in instruments like trumpets, theremins and glass hammers to achieve fresh sounds. Helium is their second album for the Too Pure label, originally released in 1994 and out of print for some time... 180g vinyl reissue, on Med...view item »

Geneva Jacuzzi

Geneva Jacuzzi is an LA-based artist who quietly produces everything from art installations to surreal pop music. This is fantastic bedroom synth-pop for fans of John Maus, James Ferraro or the 100% Silk Label. The recordings are boldly lo-fi and draw on her time playing wi...view item »

Morning Light

1997 saw the release of Mark Van Hoen’s fourth album as Locust. Morning Light also features guest appearances from Robert Fripp of King Crimson and Neil Halstead of Slowdive: wow! This double LP reissue chucks in some bonus tracks...view item »

The Summer Hits
Beaches and Canyons

The Summer Hits were a group of psychedelic Californians, active in the early-to-mid 1990’s. They played a shoegaze-haze kind of noise-pop, everything dripping in lo-fi distortion (although not too much to stop the pretty melodies shining through). Beaches And Canyons compiles all their singles, and this new 2LP r...view item »

Zeus B. Held
Vinyl Collection

Vinyl Collection compiles a stack of material taken from the three solo albums of Zeus B. Held, a German synth-head. With a background in prog, Held’s solo trips are fairly ornate, but there are also disco-like tracks, really weird tracks, and even a Beatles cover! 180g coloured v...view item »

Synesthesia – The First Five Years

Five years and fifty releases brings Medical Records to this retrospective compilation. Synesthesia - The First Five Years showcases some of the very best nuggets reissued by the label over the years, focussing on rare disco, new wave and synth records. Coloured double LP, with a free colour blindness test on the sleeve....view item »

U/V Light

Available on coloured heavyweight 180 gram 12” vinyl on Medical Records. Hugely hypnotic and huggable synth-dream-pop from debut album by U/V Light. First solo release from Kip Uhlhorn of Cloud Canyon, a coplete must for fans of Giorgio Moroder, Chris and Cosey...view item »

Peine Perdue

‘Disparitions’ is the first vinyl, full length album by Berlin based artist/musicians Peine Perdue (aka Stephane Argillet and Coco Gallo). Released on French label Medical Records, ‘Disparitions’ is a poetic, mathematical, pattern inspired abstraction of economical synth-pop, coloured by the eclectic personality of it&rsq...view item »

Silver Apples Of The Moon

By giving a big shout-out to Morton Subotnick with the title of this record, Laika set the tone for their brand of sonics, willing to experiment and move forward into new territory. Silver Apples Of The Moon must have been pretty thrilling when it landed in 1995: it remains pretty thrilling today to be ...view item »

Electroconvulsive Therapy Vol. 3

180g blue and magenta vinyl on Medical records. A collection of extremely rare synth pop, cold wave and electro tracks. Coming from early to late 80s Medical Records have be scouring cassettes and compilations to find these tracks that have either been lost, or are so rare on vinyl the market has made them so expensive. Featured artists include ...view item »

Bal Pare
Early Recordings

Oh lá lá it's some Wünderbar waves from Bal Pare. Early Recordings is a compilation of some gems from the groups early 80s output. Full of sensual vocalisations, synthesiser madness and no nonsense drum machines. Are they singing in French or is it German? Don't ask me, I did ...view item »

Le Cliche
Consumer Behaviour

The future is calling again and it sounds a bit like the past with Le Cliche. Consumer Behaviour is the debut from the Irish one man projector co-ordinator Gerard Ryan. Full of kraftwerkian synths, hi-tek drum machines and brilliant vocal samples that sound like they're from Microsoft Word. Think 80s elec...view item »

Post Industrial Noise
The Official Anthology

Post Industrial Noise are an, ahem, "audio artsemble", so pay attention booky audioworms. This one's for you. Formed in the early 80s and having only released a couple of collections before their demise, one of those is finally getting a proper vinyl release on Medical records. Expect some serious No-Wave extreme-musique-concrete vibes....view item »

Land In Sicht

As part of their bold reissue series, Medical Records have scooped up this little mid-90s German treat. Land In Sicht is the only album that synthish duo Tse-Tse ever made. Shame really, as these two slotted together their sound sources (predominantly cheap consumer keyboards) with a wondrous instinctiveness. On 180 gra...view item »


Each of us have different ears. Brian simply could not cope with the monotone vocals on this minimal synth re-issue from 1982 yet they don’t bother me, it all adds to the sense of post Kraftwerk unease I suppose. Perhaps the voice reminds him of Phil, a man whose voice is so monotone he is not allowed on rad...view item »

Null And Void
Happiness And Contempt / Montage Morte

Nuttier than a squirrel's turd Happiness And Contempt / Montage Morte by Null And Void. Medical Records re-mastered and reissued this following the resurgence of interest in post-punk heritage. Happiness And Contempt / Montage Morte is a barrage of dystopian synths, bombastic vocals and angular guitars. It's po...view item »

Severed Heads
City Slab Horror

An industrial band who play with the moodiest synths to make the eeriest pop songs, Severed Heads originally released 'City Slab Horror' in 1985, but it's now being reissued by Medical Records. Far more than your average industrial record, you might find more to love about 'City Slab Horror' if you're a fan of Animal Collective, Black Dice or ot...view item »

Severed Heads
Since The Accident

Moody but ultimately optimistic synth-pop and industrial pioneers Severed Heads originally released 'Since the Accident' in 1983, but here it stands, the reissued trophy of Medical Records. Severed Heads were famous for using loops to produce bona fide pop hits, although they never made it big enough for them to become ubiquitous: this record is...view item »

Kline Coma Xero
Kline Coma Xero

Self-titled debut from the Kline Coma Xero project. The start black and white lines of the cover hint at the austere sounds within: this is dark, cold synth pop. Apparently, the key influence behind Kline Coma Xero is the work of authors like Philip K. Dick and JG Ballard, an approach I like: can we have more mu...view item »

Anthems For The Micro-Age

First up in my Friday review pile is this LP by Roladex, a modern synthpop duo armed with an impressive arsenal of classic synths. You can tell they're very proud of them because while they don't include their own names anywhere in the album art, they do list all their equipment. As for the music itself, they seem to be taking their cues from ea...view item »


The eponymous album by Aloa is regarded as one of the most interesting German records ever made. Originally released in 1982, this slightly odd yet groundbreaking album was part of the Neue Deutsche Welle movement - New German Wave. The duo utilised new technology such as the Roland 606 and 808 drum machines along with a Sequent...view item »

Electroconvulsive Therapy Vol. 1 – A Collection of Rare Singles

Medical Records, in association with the Crispy Nuggets blog have lovingly put together this collection of rare and unreleased synthpop and new wave tracks, recorded between 1980 and 1983. This is the REAL sound of the 80s underground. Whil...view item »

Paul Nelson

Another reissue from the guys at Medical Records, this time we have Portland's Paul Nelson and his self-released album from 1981 ‘Vortex’. After building his own synths while still at junior high he eventually purchased a Moog and various other pieces of ...view item »

Gina X Performance
Nice Mover

Gina X was a blip on the new wave radar, mostly because much of the music is extremely experimental, and the fact that much of it is not in English--except for THIS album, which is completely recorded in English, and has the most commercial sound the band ever put out. Quirky female vocals can easily be compared to Nina Hagen or Lene Lovich and ...view item »