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Yoruba Singers
Fighting For Survival

Holding the prestigious title of longest running music group from Guyana (since 1971 would you believe!), Yoruba Singers created a blend of traditional rhythms, Highlife influenced guitar and calypso. Fighting for Survival was originally released in 1981 and is considered to be the band's finest.  
  • Vinyl LP (COS025LP)


Before Swedish-Norwegian free-jazz rockers The Thing, there was Bostonian jazz-fusers Thing. About two decades before. But the name is about where the similarities end, for the latter and present Thing, consisting of seven musicians, specialised in rather funkier Davis- or Weather Report-esque free-jazz. This reissue of their only LP comprises two energetic live sets from 1972.
  • Vinyl LP (COS023LP)
  • Label(s):
  • Cultures Of Soul

Evans Pyramid
Evans Pyramid

If you're a fan of genre-hopping musical polymaths, you'll want to pick up this re-press of Evans Pyramid, an anthology gathering together '70s boogie-disco genius Evans Pyramid's best work. This limited-edition, hand-pressed vinyl, out on Cultures Of Soul, features rare singles including "Never Gonna Leave You", "I Want Your Body" and disco party starter "Rubber Band". 
  • Vinyl LP (COS004LP)
  • Label(s):
  • Cultures Of Soul

Tokyo Nights: Female J-Pop Boogie Funk 81-88

With Japan’s economic boom of the 1980s came the neon wonderlands of metropolises like Tokyo and Osaka. These futuristic cities, all bright lights and new money, needed a soundtrack, and in the genre of City Pop they got one. An amalgamation of electro-funk, r 'n' b, techno-pop and soul, City Pop’s quirky style has worn well and now shows up in the aesthetics of culture-vultures like Mac Demarco and Ariel Pink. On this double-LP, Cultures of Soul chronicle some of the best female exponents of the genre.
  • Vinyl Double LP (COS021LP)
  • CD (COS021CD)

Bombay Disco Volume 2

Cultures Of Soul take you deeper into the bazaars of India than any other label. A second Bombay Disco adventure is upon us. Gleaming disco explorations, marching funk and hidden alley grooves will get your skeleton going. Greats on this include B Lahiri, A Bhosle and RD Burman. So stand up with a drink (liner notes even contain cocktail recipes) and Kā ānanda (enjoy). Out on Double LP and CD.
  • Vinyl Double LP (COS011LP)
  • CD (COS011CD)

Junior Byron
Trying To Hold On

Continuing its mission to unearth and reissue unaffordably essential Caribbean cuts, Culture of Soul present Junior Byron’s 1984 groover 'Trying To Hold On'. Part reggae, part disco boogie, all party starter, Running Back main man Gerd Janson is also on hand to combine the two original versions into a megamix for more modern floors.
  • Vinyl 12" (COS50712)

Benjamin Ball
I Just Keep Dancing

Taken from Benjamin Ball’s 1984 debut album Paulina and the second single taken from Cultures of Soul’s Boogie Breakdown compilation of South African synth disco alongside The Cannibals and Harari. Contains original disco boogie mix, backed with an edit by Boston deep house duo Soul Clap.
  • Vinyl 12" (COS50612)

Evans Pyramid
Never Gonna Leave You / Dip Drop

Here’s another rare disco treasure pulled out of a dusty old crate and put back into circulation by benevolent tune selectors. Evans Pyramid dropped these 2 gorgeous numbers in 1978: Never Gonna Leave You and Dip Drop are both funky as you like, full of clean space, and built with interesting guitar textures. Why don’t they make them like this anymore? Reissue on Cultures of Soul.

SJOB Movement
Friendship Train

SJOB Movement made their second and final album Friendship Train in 1977, with leader (and prominent Nigerian session musician) Prince Bola Agbana at the helm. Friendship Train is a funky piece of work, melding Moog synths with eternal afro-beat rhythms and disco vibes. This rare record has now been reissued by Cultures Of Sound on CD and LP.
  • Vinyl LP (COS019LP)
  • CD (COS019CD)

Boogie Breakdown: South African Synth-Disco 80-84

A whole disco revolution missed out on by the world because of a UN cultural boycott? Bloody UN, taking our disco. No longer! Here come Cultures of Soul with a collection of some of the key players on Africa during the 80s, two tracks of each from Harari, The Cannibals, Neville Nash, Benjamin Ball, Don Laka and Al Etto.
  • Vinyl Double LP (COS018LP)
  • CD (COS018CD)

Benjamin Ball
Flash A Flashlight

Lesser-known reggae-disco from Benjamin Ball, with his early 80’s tune Flash A Flashlight. It skanks out and boogies up all at the same time! In addition to the original track, the B-side holds 2 different brand new remixes by Gerd Janson, one with vocals and one that dives deep into dub. 12” on Cultures Of Soul.
  • Label(s):
  • Cultures Of Soul

Tropical Disco Hustle Volume 2

There is surely no title like Tropical Disco Hustle to prompt happiness and a will to dance… apart from Tropical Disco Hustle 2! This carefully compiled collection is full of tracks both classic and rare from various Caribbean countries, and is delicious as you might expect. Double LP or CD from Cultures of Soul.
  • CD (COS013CD)

Asha Bhosle / Bappi Lahiri
Jab Chaye / Dance Music (Brother Cleve Re-Edits)

Some super funky Hindi jams from Asha Bhosle & Bappi Lahiri. Jab Chaye / Dance Music are two reworks by Brother Cleve of these Hindi film music bangers. Full of dreamy vocals, sweeping strings and traditional Indian percussion with some modern tricks plopped on for good measure. Limited to 500 copies -- out on 12" vinyl from Cultures of Soul.

Tropical Disco Hustle

It seems like no part of the world has evaded disco’s ubiquitous inuence, including the Caribbean. The Caribbean in the late '70s and early '80s was a hotbed of musical activity and this compilation focuses on the best disco-inuenced tracks from Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, and the Bahamas. All of the tracks here were ocially licensed and reissued for the first time ever. Tracks: SIDE ONE: Odessey One - Dance With Me, Levi John - Feel Like Dancing, Joanne Wilson - Got To Have You. SIDE TWO: Merchant - Instant Funk, Trinidad Troubadours with Tony Ricardo - Disco Music, Mighty Duke - Be Yourself, Wild Fire - The Rebels. SIDE THREE: Wild Fire - Living On A String, Ronnie Butler & The Ramblers - Peace Without Love, Mavis John - Use My Body, Prince Blackman - Rockers Delight. SIDE FOUR: Joanne Wilson - Got To Have You (Whiskey Barons’ Rework), Odessey One - Dance With Me (Al Kent Version).

Asha Bhosle
Udi Baba

Bollywood and disco went together like poppadoms and mango chutney at the height of the disco era, with almost every type of film having a disco track. This 12” vinyl features a re-edit of Udi Baba by Asha Bhosle. A subtly spiced taste of things to come from the documentary Bombay Disco, an examination of this meeting of genres.  

Stanton Davis' Ghetto/Mysticism
Brighter Days

  • Label(s):
  • Cultures Of Soul