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O Genesis Vinyl, CD & tapes from this label at Norman Records

Beds In Parks / Cabbage
I’m a Warhol / Dinner Lady

A split single in good old fashioned style: 2 no-nonsense post-punk outfits jostling together on vinyl. Duo Beds In Parks contains ex-members of History Of Apple Pie and Hatcham Social, and Cabbage are young fellas from Manchester. All know their way around a noise-pop tune. ...view item »

Richard Youngs

Richard Youngs started recording Belief (which really is his 140-somethingth album) by capturing field recordings and turning them into programmed beats. I say ‘field recordings’ but it seems he may not have left his house - radio interference, extractor fan, old cymbal etc. What began as an art project turned into a...view item »

Average Sex
Ugly Strangers

'Ugly Strangers' is a wonderfully up front indie rock track that has a unapologetic directness. The band's depiction of getting by in London should be wonderfully familiar, like the infectious and comforting propulsion and rhythm patterns of the song. Fun, honest songwriting from a promising new group....view item »

Daniel O’Sullivan

Daniel O’Sullivan, of Grumbling Fur, Ulver and Aethenor (and that’s not all!), is in solo mode on VELD, but that doesn’t mean he has limited himself to a single approach. VELD is an album of pop songs, but electroacoustic abstractions keep lap...view item »

Howard Marks
Do Not Go Gentle : Howard Marks reads Dylan Thomas

Ah now this is going to be a sad one now that Mr Marks has passed away. This is a recording of the former ganja smuggler turned writer reading some Dylan Thomas poetry in his deep Welsh baritone. Originally released on Tim Burgess's O Genesis imprint as a limited edition Record Store Day release and now more widely available....view item »

Tim Burgess & Peter Gordon
Same Language, Different Worlds

Such is Tim Burgess' current omnipresence it’s hard to open the internet without seeing his mushroom hair on something or other blathering on about something or other on social media. But he means well, championing music that would otherwise remain undiscovered and helping spread the word about shops such as ours. But it’s another le...view item »

Tim Burgess presents Vinyl Adventures from Istanbul to San Francisco

This compilation album is the brother of Tim Burgess’ new book, in which he goes looking for certain records recommended by certain musicians (Iggy Pop) and even certain authors (Ian Rankin). Evidently he found them, as 18 of them, taking in a very broad swathe of genres, are presented her...view item »


London buzz-band Tear have signed to Tim Burgess’ label O Genesis for their first ‘mini album’ (that’ll be an EP, then). It’s exactly the sort of music one would expect Tim Burgess’ record label to release - moody, kinda shoegazey rock that sometimes snaps int...view item »

Horsebeach / The Pheromoans
Alone / Removals

I'd like to spend a day alone with Horsebeach's flange pedal. I think we'd have a pretty good time together. The band have a mercurial mix of rainy day Manchester misery and jangling indie bliss. 'Alone' is a typical Horsebeach composition, wandering around like Morrissey lost on Bury New Road. The band often sound so lackadaisical that you assu...view item »