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Sula Bassana
Dark Days

Sula Bassana is the recording moniker of multi-instrumentalist Dave Schmidt. Schmidt is mostly known for Electric Moon but has also been involved with Zone Six, Krautzone, Liquid Visions, ...view item »

Seven That Spells
The Death and Resurrection of Krautrock: OMEGA

From the prog-vintage style sleeve art to the band and album titles, it's fair to say that Seven That Spells new album The Death And Resurrection of Krautrock: OMEGA (the f...view item »

Sula Bassana

On Shipwrecked, Sula Bassana uses an impressive selection of vintage gear to produce a singular take on deutsche elektronische musik. For this CD on Sulatron he references the past with an eye on the future. Mastered by krautrock icon Eroc, this is heady stuff. The artwork’s epic science-fiction v...view item »

Zone Six
Zone Six

Zone Six’s very first album, self-titled and released in miniature quantities in the late 90’s, here receives a reissue! From the start, Zone Six were all about electronically-enhanced spacerock and the improvisation thereof, and ...view item »

Bunker Sessions

Active from 1990 to 2001, Hertfordshire based band Strobe were renowned as one of the best space/psych rock bands ever. Here we have a previously unreleased album that was recorded in 1994 (around the same time as their 3rd album), recorded in a single session with no overdubs, so as close to “live” and raw as you ge...view item »

Cobra Family Picnic
Magnetic Anomaly

Roll up, roll up, more psych rock. This time from Tucson Arizona, a city where I once spent a night in the sort of hotel where your feet get stuck to the floor. Their geography seems to have burned into their sound as this is a series of sun starched psych explorations. The opening ‘Draags’ burbl...view item »

Sula Bassana
Organ Accumulator

The… estimable Deep Distance crew emerge once more from the low-level wisps of fog enshrouding the many and wildly varied fronds of that thing we call… psychedelia. This one is coming from a very spacey angle (more about this later, no doubt), filtered through a Krautrock lens. In other words, the trippiest of trippy shit. On limit...view item »

Sun Dial
Made In The Machine

Dave Schmidt of Electric Moon and Interkosmos runs Sulatron Records and brings Neo-Psych to the forefront, the latest offering is the UK’s Gary Ramon fronted project Sun Dial returning with a follow up to their 2012 album Mind Control. They’...view item »

Sula Bassana
The Ape Regards His Tail – Original Soundtrack

Sula Bassana’s accompaniment to the sci-fi film The Ape Regards His Tail matches the movie’s rich minimalism with a suitably spacey suite of music scored for Mellotron, Organ, various synthesisers and various other instruments that allow Sula to weave the kind of deep sounds that the film&rs...view item »

Minami Deutsch
Minami Deutsch

It makes sense! If I use enough exclamation marks it makes sense! Minami Deutsch are taking the genre’s origins at face value, dedicating themselves to the grooves they’ve wrought and letting their rigid vocal interpolations ring out overtop, with some classy reverb as the piece de resistance. Amidst the workout aesthetic they’...view item »

Astral Son
Mind's Eye

Near regressive psych from Astral Son, a solo project by Dutch artist Leonardo. Sticking firmly to early Gong and the full blown 70s psych sound roots, no fancy schmancy new age production or instrumentation here, just a goooood and looooong trip. A purist’s delight. CD released on Sulatro...view item »


Sherpa are an Italian band who manage to be a damn sight more genuinely ‘psychedelic’ than a lot of bands who use the term. That’s probably because they don’t just lean hard on the fuzz pedals: they have eerily soft passages and touches of traditional Eastern musics as well, all impressively combined. Deb...view item »


Interkosmos are a band who dearly long to be in outer space: specifically, space as conceptualised by 1960’s sci-fi films. How to get there? Through acid and psychedelic guitars of course! This album has been circulated online for some years, but this is the first proper (non-CDr) release, adding a bonus...view item »

Astral Son
Silver Moon

Astral Son’s album Silver Moon is, obviously, a psychedelic rock album (only metal has clearer genre signifiers). It’s a pretty premium one though, with the 60’s variety of psych evidently preferred: lots of dreamy vocals and shiny, colourful textures. Perfect for dropping out on a summer afternoon. CD...view item »

Yuri Gagarin
At The Centre of All Infinity

Yuri Gagarin dive headfirst into the deep pool of psychedelic space-rock, blasting upwards and outwards in the direction of the kind of über-landscapes seen depicted on the album cover. Hawkwind fans will be happy with all these jams, which are centred by big riffs and boosted by cosmic effects. On Sulatron...view item »

Sun Dial
Mind Control

Sun Dial did us the honour of numbing our minds back in 2012, employing ‘Mind Control’ to fulfil the whole Do What The Tin Says It’s Gonna Do Please mantra: behold riffs so constant it feels like no one’s really playing them, toned with the ancient bleakness of Om. And yet… there are a coup...view item »

Otrovna Kristina
Otrovna Kristina

Otrovna Kristina are a Croatian hard-rock group, landing their debut full-length album on the Sulatron label after a digital self-release earlier in 2015. They certainly have the rock thing down, the Led Zeppelin-grade drums pounding out a bedrock for the riffs (and o...view item »

Electric Moon
Theory of Mind

Bring the psychedelics, because Electric Moon have a total trip of a record to present to you. Theory Of Mind’s four tracks all hover around the fifteen minute mark, during which the group slowly ascend to those third eye peaks. Magic eye painting on the cover too apparently, for full effect! CD release on Sulatro...view item »

Electric Moon

German psychedelic rockers Electric Moon present an official CD release of their 2011 album (previously available on CD-R and LP) which takes the listener on a journey through the mind’s eye and deep into the heart of the universe. Engagingly loose and spacious, ‘Inferno’ evokes the sounds and atmospheres ...view item »

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