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The Smoke Clears

There is a time when you need to chill out. With a name like The Smoke Clears, you had to expect it to happen at some point - Listen is a record filled with ambient soundscapes, with just enough techno to keep you listening, reminiscent of the infamous Selected Ambient Works by He-Who-Shall-Always-Be-Named-In-Relation-To-Anything-Halfway-Between-Ambient-And-IDM.
  • Vinyl LP (FUR080LP)
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Scuba Death
The Worm At The Core

The name Scuba Death sounds like it belongs to some psych-rock group, but actually the name refers to a nearly-fatal experience that Brazilian composer Ricardo Donoso had while scuba diving. The brush with doom pushed him to express himself creatively: The Worm At The Core, an album centred around thunderstorm field recordings, is the latest chapter of the project. On Further Records.

Anterior Space

HOLOVR is the work of Jimmy Billingham, a busy producer with a handful of other aliases on the go as well (Venn Rain, Tidal, Holographic Mind…). Anterior Space is particularly notable as the first HOLOVR release to feature no beats, which allows the space-ambience of Billingham’s synths to really settle in. LP release on Further Records.
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  • Further Records

Information Pollution

Abstract ambience and drone from Paul Dickow’s Strategy project. This alien music is produced from radio static, snippets of battered tapes and distorted field recordings. Information Pollution is an apt title too, as assorted found sounds and ambient recordings overlap and fill the space, like harsh noise for the digital age.
  • Vinyl LP (FUR101)
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Donato Dozzy
The Loud Silence

Donato Dozzy decided to make this record using nothing but a selection of mouth harps, which he has treated and layered into a bizarre landscape of noises. It’s an odd, but certainly impressive piece of work. The Loud Silence is part of a series that Further Records are releasing that feature only one instrument.

Moufang / Czamanski
Live in Seattle

David Moufang and Jordan Czamanski have been working in electronic music in various forms for decades. That experience shows on Live In Seattle, which is that rarest of things: an improvised, totally live techno set. Over 99 minutes, they move through deeply atmospheric series of peaks and troughs, enrapturing the audience (and now you!). On Further Records.
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  • Further Records