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Atlantic Coral

This is mysterious little 3" CD is comprised of a single 17-minute track of lovely swirling ambient synth tones from Atlantic Coral, with very occasional, very sparse bass. It's all very cosmic and blissful. It's making our Business Lady feel better about herself, maybe it'll do the same for yours?...view item »

Leonardo Rosado
Studies On Solitude

These Twisted Treeline 3" CDrs are coming thick and fast, with this week's offering from Leonardo Rosado who also records as Subterminal. The title here probably gives the game away somewhat as to what the overall mood is here. Yeah, you guessed it's pret...view item »


Always ones to keep us on our toes, this week Twisted Treeline have mixed things up a bit by bringing out this lovely little postcard-mounted 3” CDEP. What a cool format. I hope they do more of them. On here we've got Shaula, a mysterious Japanese lady, making some relaxing backwards...view item »

Pleq & Marihiko Hara
The Dawn Came Behind The Fog

Here's one of those cute 3" postcard jobs on Twisted Treeline which if you don't know is a sister label of Somehow Recordings. Pleq has released stuff on Progressive Form, Databloem, U Cover, Basses Frequences amongst others and Marih...view item »

Elliott, Lou & Bill

I keep thinking this band are called Pillowdriver so whenever I search for them on the site I never find them, I get really confused for a moment and then realise what I've done. I was always told you learn from your mistakes but obviously not....  This little 3" job on Twisted Treeline i...view item »

A Bit of Cinematography

This is one 21 minute long track which is a total monster. It starts off with some bassy hummy droney business which is proper intense. There's lots of really strange machine like noises which are very alien sounding (yup, alien read that r...view item »

Shintaro Aoki
Summer Greeting

This week we got 7 CDs in on Twisted Treeline. That's a lot! Alas we didn't have time to review them all so here's a few words on one of 'em. There's no press releases from the label so I've no idea who Shintaro Aoki is but I gather he's a Japanese electr...view item »


Quite a spooky start to the 17 minute song which, to begin with consists of a long and eerie drone, with random sighs of vocals and high pitched percussion. Something you might possibly hear in a soundtrack to the scariest horror film you have ever heard. But saying that it does really create a fantastic atmosphere! MaCu, for you who don't k...view item »

Stefano Guzzetti
Secret Shelters

In case you didn't know, Twisted Treeline is a new sister label of Somehow Recordings and here's a new thing from the label. The third in three weeks if my maths is correct! They're packaged in a very similar way to the Hibernate postcard series with a 3" CD attached to a nipple on a postcard. Soon I'll be more used to seeing nipples on post...view item »

Tomoaki Soma

Three tracks recorded back in March 2007 presented on this limited edition postcard mounted 3" CDr. Lots of gentle warm tones overlapping on 'Fukushima' at times recalling Tibetan singing bowls and that sort of meditative state of mind. 'Cold Rain' is a very somber, introspective piece with gently shifting melancholy ambient sounds. I have to co...view item »