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Run by beloved hummer Sufjan Stevens and his step-dad Lowell (as referenced on Sufjan's gorgeous 'Carrie & Lowell'), Asthmatic Kitty is a stomping ground for a whole bunch of indie folk's brightest and best. They've housed records by My Brightest Diamond, Castanets and Angelo de Augustine, showing off types of songwriting that can be majestic, spectral and fully out of the box.

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Sufjan Stevens
Blue Bucket of Gold / Hotline Bling (feat. Gallant)

Sufjan Stevens recently released the live concert film of Carrie & Lowell Live, and this release includes a digital download for the entire audio of that set. But what's on the actual wax? Well that would be ‘Blue Bucket Of Gold’ on one side and a slightly surprising cover of Drake&rsquo...view item »

Sufjan Stevens
The Greatest Gift

Oh lord, dear lord. If you are still drying your eyes from last years Carrie & Lowell record, then prepare to get them all wet with this companion record which comprises of outtakes from that record alongside alternate versions and remixes presented in a sort of mixtape format. It's a hodge podge then but the perfect place to get mor...view item »

Sufjan Stevens
Tonya Harding

Someone doesn't like Sufjan Stevens and it's a shame that it happens to be Tonya Harding who hates the song. Oh and the people who made the documentary about her who rejected it as part of the soundtrack. But it's ok, Sufjan. We still like you.   Strange format this. 7" makes sense but cassingle? Well it's a nice collectors thi...view item »

Angelo De Augustine
Swim Inside The Moon

Imagine Sufjan Stevens if he was a small burrowing woodland creature. This is kind of how I imagine Angelo Augustine. His songs are early Iron & Wine rustic with wooden guitars twinkled rustically whilst he sings over the top in a small high pitched voice. His songwriting has dashes of ...view item »

Sufjan Stevens
The Age of Adz

Way, way back in the day when Norman Records was in black and white, we huddled round the coal fire listening to a gramophone recording of an album called 'Michigan' by a man we'd never heard of. I recall many a long evening wondering who this man was and why I'd never heard of anyone called 'Sufjan' before. Fast forward into the technicolour di...view item »

Psychic Temple

This could be the record that elevates Chris Schlarb over to the Jonathan Wilson, Father John Misty side of the musical fence wherea ctual real people have heard of you and enjoy your music. It has a similarly laid back Laurel Canyon feel t...view item »

Sufjan Stevens
The Avalanche

About 250000 of you bought that last Sufjan Stevens album. Consequently if you want him to play at your party you'll need to mortgage your house just to get him to knock at the front door and even then there's no promise he'll bring his guitar. In the absence of a new album Rough Trade and Asthmatic Kitty have teamed t...view item »

Sufjan Stevens
Carrie & Lowell

Sufjan Stevens has always been a solo artist, but he has never made a solo album. With American states as his muse and orchestras of the Danielson Famile as his sidekicks, he has never had a musical private life. In a recent interview with Pitchfork, he addressed the juxtaposition: “some people h...view item »

Helado Negro
Double Youth

'Double Youth' is the new record from electronic songwriter Helado Negro, who draws on his base of equipment (including bass drum machines, to get your body moving and your brain brooding) in order to make a sound in the palettes of ambient, IDM and synth pop -- all meshed together to bare his little soul. 'Double Youth' is influenced by funk an...view item »

Lily & Madeleine

The great Asthmatic Kitty conspiracy theory -- that Sufjan Stevens really likes rabbits -- continues on Lily & Madeleine's second record of multi-faceted indie pop, which has a song called "Rabbit", with a particularly good tie-in lyric: "Run rabbit run". Label easter eggs aside, though, and allowing a segue to permeate into this review swif...view item »

My Brightest Diamond
This Is My Hand

Shana Holden has several albums out already under her My Brightest Diamond moniker but I'm only now hearing her for the first time. Amazing how much music you can listen to on a weekly basis and still have artists go under your radar for years. There's just too much of it. Apparently what she was doing before was folky chamber pop stuff, but thi...view item »

Decimation Blues

If ever you wanted an approximation of what early Portishead and Tindersticks shagging in bed may produce, the opening track on this album will rapidly turn your quiet morning into a slimy landslide of mud, blood and unmitigated horror. Throw in some L...view item »

Sufjan Stevens

So I'm brilliant. Have you heard? I'm years ahead of my time. Good old me eh? You probably don't remember me rabbiting on and on droning endlessly about Sufjan Stevens 'Michigan' album years and years ago. Before you could even be bothered to be born. Hang on,   I think I'm turning into Everett True. Anyway here's Sufjan'...view item »

Mozart's Sister

Mozart's Sister is the moniker of gleeful synth pop songwriter Caila Thompson-Hannant, who's been active making EPs for three years now. Last year, she released 'Hello', a 12" EP with four sparkling, slightly debased tracks which showed off her various musical personalities: from the smirking groove of "Contentedness" to the super melodramatic p...view item »

Half-handed Cloud
Flying Scroll Flight Control

Experimental twee popster Half-Handed Cloud has a wild kaleidoscope of syrupy indiepop for your diabetic ears to eagerly absorb this week. Pitchfork have him down as a “hypercaffeinated Shins”, and certainly Mr Cloud’s soft falsetto and ridiculously catchy harm...view item »

Chris Schlarb
Making the Saint

An odd one. It opens with a nineteen minute track which consists of some undulating drones and some rather proggy guitar twiddles.  Its most reminicent of Loren Connors and Expo 70 and the driftings of that  kind of space rock crowd. Nice but not my scene. F...view item »

Sufjan Stevens
Greetings From Michigan

Now a brilliant and only slightly bizarre re-issue from Sufjan Stevens. Its the "Michigan" album which originally came out on Asthmatic Kitty but has now come out on Rough Trade (with two bonus tracks). What can I say? This was my favourite album of last year. Its an inventive, playful, tuneful work of sheer brilliance. ...view item »

Linda Perhacs
The Soul of All Natural Things

This Linda Perhacs CD has a post-it from one of our goblins that says "ok, not as good as old shit". I'm not familiar with Perhacs's old shit so I'm approaching this with fresh (but admittedly somewhat naive) ears. Perhaps I am not treating this with the reverence it deserves though, since I'm learning from the press release that it is her fir...view item »

Lily & Madeleine
Lily & Madeleine

Lily and Madeleine’s eponymous debut starts with a few notes on piano that sounds like some bloody Coldplay song, but fortunately “Sounds Like Somewhere” goes on to please us with more gentle melody and harmonies that we enjoyed on their debut EP “Weight Of The Globe”. This album is a far more produced affair than h...view item »

Lily & Madeleine
The Weight of the Globe

Signed to Sufjan Stevens' Asthmatic Kitty label, prodigiously talented teenage sisters, Lily and Madeleine will undoubtedly attract comparisons to Swedish Folk/Country/Pop sisters First aid Kit and from the opening track of their debut EP "The Weight Of The Globe", "In The Middle", it's easy to see why: similar harmonies, similar style, similar ...view item »

Denison Witmer
Denison Witmer

My initial impression of Denison Witmer's eponymous 9th studio album was that it was an okay, fairly run-of-the-mill singer/songwriter album and I was a bit surprised to find him signed to Sufjan Stevens' Asthmastic Kitty label. I'd heard stuff by him before that hadn't really grabbed me. I decided to...view item »

Raymond Byron and the White Freighter
Little Death Shaker

My musical tastes have always been toward the adventurous, I like artists that are not afraid to take chances and twist things up a bit. Raymond Byron is such an artist, his influences are perhaps too numerous to list including everyone from Leonard Cohen to the Drive-By Truckers. Most songs are short and if not catchy, are quite creative. He se...view item »

Believe You Me

This band Ombre is a collaboration between Julianna Barwick and Helado Negro, so I have high hopes, and so far I’m not disappointed, with a beautifully balanced mix be...view item »

Julianna Barwick
The Magic Place

Met her at am Emeralds gig month or so back. Lovely gal, and the album's pretty special too ...view item »

Roberts & Lord

This appears on Sufjan Stevens Asthmatic Kitty imprint and is a multi choralled collaboration between Simon Lord and Rafter Roberts. Simon Lord was the vocalist in Simian the band that spawned Simian Mobile Disco who spawned James Ford who has produced just about everyone in the last few ...view item »

The Eyes of the Fly

We liked this Jookabox CD, at least a couple of us did here at the diversely staffed & attitude-rich compendium of rickety towers that is Norman. It seems only people with really stupid names make good music these days. Like Badger Flour & Horse Goblin. They're my new bands. But they're not as fun as David 'Moose' Adamson's project which...view item »

Sufjan Stevens
All Delighted People

Sufjan Stevens' new one sounds amazing. The first track alone has more ideas and originality than a million other twats I don care to mention. His creative output has been super pretty much from the get-go and this record is superb too. The first track 'All Delighted People (Original Version)' references the classic "Sounds of Silence" by Simon ...view item »

Liz Janes
Poison Snakes

Like all worthwhile music, the best tracks on Poison and Snakes deserve repeated listenings. I've had this for a while and I'm still impressed by tracks 6 (which is “Vine”, and it is explosive and great), 7, and 8. Track 8, “Desert”, which creates an amazing mood, I suppose is like a lost track from a gentler Kid A. Track 7, (my favourite) ...view item »

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