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Survival (Afro Rock)
Simmer Down

So when I did my GCSE in music we were given twenty minutes to compose an original piece of music to accompany a poem. I (shamefully) cheated and squashed the words from the provided poem into T-shirt Sun Tan by the Stereophonics. In the years since I’ve become less ashamed of diddling my way to that A* ...view item »

Keith Mlevhu
The Bad Will Die

Keith Mlevhu is a leading light of Zambian music known as Zamrock. He is one of the most prolific Zambian musicians and is often mentioned in the same breath as Paul Ngozi and Witch when Zamrock legends are being discussed. The Bad Will Die is an anthology of his music. Apart from occas...view item »

Harry Mwale Experience
Harry Mwale Experience with Greh Miyanda

'Harry Mwale Experience with Greh Miyanda' is the only known work of Zamrock icon Harry Mwale, but as with other classics of the genre, it compartmentalises a myriad sounds and then puts them together: Mwale is into psych rawk, soul and even sounds a little influenced by shoegazing feedbackers -- though it's produced better than your averag...view item »

Kelompok Kampungan
Kelompok Kampungan

Strawberry Rain already reissued Kelompok Kampungan's 'Mencari Tuhan' on CD, as well as an LP containing five of its nine tracks, and now they round things off by dropping the remaining four numbers on this limited 10". I hadn't encountered this lot before but they're a progressive folk crew from Indonesia and as far as I can tell this w...view item »

Visions Of Sodal Ye

Some esoteric electronic madness from Mar-Vista. Visions Of Sodal Ye is somewhere between a sci-fi horror score and european avant-garde electronics. It goes from darkly gritty sine-wave mutations, to synthy walls of awe. The analogue equipment also gives it a rawness that you can't seem to replicate digi...view item »

Hard Beat

This record is by the one and only AKA , who according to the Indonesia branch of Rolling Stone are "Indonesia's Legendary Rock Band." They peddle a sound that is part psych, part Prog, all Rock. They have quite a big following in obscure rock circles and its not hard to see why they are held in such high stock....view item »

Leong Lau
Dragon Man

Another re-issue from smooth as silk Austrailian jazz funkateer Leong Lau. The kind of record previously unavailable to the general public and generally in the hands of collectors. It's a jazzy soulful affair loaded up with wah guitars, fuzz solos, flute solos and all manner of laid back jamming.    ...view item »

Blind Owl
Blind Owl

An interesting one here. Blind Owl were three Canadian chaps from Ontario who pressed only 100 copies of this LP which was intended only for friends and people who saw them perform at the very few shows they did. The LP was recorded at home on a reel to reel tape and all the songs are original compositions of gentle folk harmoni...view item »

Salty Dog
Salty Dog

Charmingly named after a slang term for sperm, Zamibia's Salty Dog were an obscure Hendrix-inspired three-piece and key members of the Zamrock genre. Blues meets folk with a psychedelic twist. Out on reissue from Strawberry Rain records, this LP comes with a free 7" and is quite insane. A real, er, mouthful of a record. ...view item »