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Michael Chapman
True North

Yorkshire Folk legend Michael Chapman has been releasing albums since 1969 on fairly consistent basis, in terms of quality and quantity, barring the odd gap here and there. True North is his latest offering and the follow-up to 2017’s acclaimed album, 50. He is loved by the likes of Thurston Moore and...view item »

Nathan Bowles
Plainly Mistaken

Banjo player, Nathan Bowles, who has played with Steve Gunn, The Black Twig Pickers and Pelt has assembled a band for the first time for his new album, Plainly Mistaken. Casey Toll of Mt. Moriah plays double bass whilst CAVE drummer Rex McMurry ...view item »

Mike Cooper
Trout Steel

As well as his 'Places I Know' and 'The Machine Gun Co' finally being packaged together as a double LP, the wonderful Mike Cooper's 1970 opus 'Trout Steel' is also back on LP, a slightly countryish take on his singer-songwriter style with plenty of hard-attacked steel guitar wibble as well as glimmering passages of gently simmering avant-folk im...view item »

Jennifer Castle
Angels of Death

Deathly and mythic, Jennifer Castle continues to do her thing (this time formally under her own name) with a record in ode to the Muses. It's calledo Angels of Death and it offers sparse, low-key country music to get devoured by ghosts to. As always, Castle's missives from the world of phenomena are not t...view item »

Nap Eyes
Whine of the Mystic

‘Whine of the Mystic’ is the first full-length album from Nap Eyes, recorded live, straight to tape with no effects or overdubs. This recording style complements the ethos of the playing which is confidently economical in a way that reminds me of the instantly addictive bass lines of Kim Deal. For fans of The Clean, The Verlaines or ...view item »

Mind Over Mirrors
Bellowing Sun

An incredibly ambitions album/installation from synthetisist Jaime Fennelly. The piece was commissioned by the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago where it will be performed under a large spinning version of its artwork. It's a textural and rhythmic of the organic, and is every bit as psychedelic as that would imply....view item »

Mike Cooper
Places I Know / The Machine Gun Co

We love Mike Cooper here at Norman, so it's great to see these classics from the vaults getting a long-overdue reissue - their first time back on vinyl since the '70s. This nimble-fingered avant-folk is rooted in blues and r'n'b with a much poppier singer-songwriter slant than his recent tropical-ambient steel guitar meanderings....view item »

Chris Forsyth
Solar Motel

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy and Nathan Salburg
Untitled (Beargrass Song + 2EP)

Limited edition 7” from Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy and Nathan Salburg. The first track, ‘Beargrass Song’, features on the soundtrack for Beargrass: The Creek in Our Backyard, a documentary about the history of Beargrass. The other two tracks are duo’s takes on earl...view item »
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Red River Dialect
Broken Stay Open Sky

Fourth LP from London-based indie folk outfit Red River Dialect. Tender and sensitive stuff, with atmospheric guitar and string arrangements alongside frontman David Morris’ breathy and honest vocals. Broken Stay Open Sky is their first release on Paradise of Bachelors. Delicate stuff, but it's ok - the vi...view item »

Gun Outfit
Out of Range

The cover of Gun Outfit’s fifth long-player, Out Of Range, instantly gives you the feel of this album. Think guitars, think dust, think Steve Gunn, think Lee Ranaldo and perhaps even Lee Hazlewood and you’ll be getting pretty close. The guitars fiddle and intertwine ...view item »

The Weather Station
The Weather Station

Self-titled and self-produced, The Weather Station is a collection of softly sung tracks that open your eyes to a fair few different genres. On her fourth record, Tamara Lindeman is able to bring together country with pop, and indie with rock and manages to do it well. This eleven-track record ...view item »

James Elkington
Wintres Woma

James Elkington returns with his latest album for the Paradise Of Bachelors label this time going it alone (his 2015 collaboration with Nathan Salsburg 'Ambsace' was superb), his gentle fingerpicking folk textures are reminiscent of Nick Drake and Tim Buckley but have a certain virtuos...view item »

Mike Cooper & Derek Hall
Out of The Shades

A proper rarity this one: Out Of The Shades was the first time Mike Cooper’s sound was ever put to tape, and one of just a few examples of him playing with folk guitarist Derek Hall. First released in 1965, this is the only reissue these 4 tracks have ever seen! 7” with accompanying notes, o...view item »

Jake Xerxes Fussell
What In The Natural World

Jake Xerxes Fussell takes on a brace of (non-)traditional pieces and puts them through his own personal folk processes on his second album What In The Natural World. Guest musicians from the Alan Lomax Archive, The Mountain Goats and Steve Gunn’s band (all somehow...view item »

Michael Chapman

Yorkshire folk guitarist Michael Chapman is one of those musicians who is just simply extremely good at his job: his finger-picking style is endlessly engaging. New album 50, commemorating five decades of career, is his ‘American record’, on which he is joined by US allies like Steve Gunn an...view item »

Mind Over Mirrors
Undying Color

Jaime Fennelly is an electronic shape-shifter, working in a huge array of projects over the years, most notably Peeesseye, Acid Birds, and Phantom Limb. His expansive solo project Mind Over Mirrors has constantly evolved and on his latest brings members of ...view item »

Open To Chance

Kayla Cohen is Itasca is downtempo folk music. Informed by her past life as a drone and noise merchant, the tunes on Open to Chance have a slow and constant bleed, making for a delightfully homogenous listen in the vein of Sibylle Baier's Colour Green. Most importantly, this record...view item »

Terry Allen
Lubbock (On Everything)

Here is the 1979 second album by Terry Allen, beautifully reissued by Paradise of Bachelors for your pleasure. Lubbock (On Everything) is a high quality Texas country / alt-country record with a smart satirical vibe. The reissue comes in double CD or double LP flavours, with both versions souped up with a nice book of e...view item »

Nathan Bowles
Whole & Cloven

Modern banjo excursions and new folklore are two of Nathon Bowles favourite things, though there's much more to the guy: his official focus is drumming, and his previous record saw him make dark ambient for pianos and sing over abrasive country tunes. Whole & Cloven is yet another example of his ...view item »

Terry Allen

Terry Allen is known for his visual art, but he should be known for this 1975 concept album about the borderlands between the USA’s southern states and Mexico. Country music with an arty approach, songcraft with the narrative verve of a novelist. These CD and LP reissues of Juarez add booklets of artwork and essay...view item »

Nap Eyes
Thought Rock Fish Scale

Nap Eyes’ previous release Whine of the Mystics was quite a brooding melancholic affair, with their follow up Thought Rock Fish Scale they have opened the windows a bit, and there is an air of romanticism to their brand of indie pop. Recorded straight to a 4-track in single takes - no overdubs to be found...view item »

Gun Outfit
Dream All Over

Gun Outfit are a closely entwined band who sound very much like they operate out of California, which they do. Carrie Keith and Dylan Sharp’s vocals complement each other perfectly, while the forwards-on-the-freeway rhythm section and the desert-dusty guitars all slot perfectly into place....view item »

Promised Land Sound
For Use and Delight

A frazzled take on country rock from Nashville’s finest Promised Land Sound. For Use And Delight sounds like The Byrds playing Lynyrd Skynyrd covers backed by The Band. Chuck in a keen ear for the harmonies of the deep South and you’ve got yourself a mighty cocktail of vintage sounds. Out on CD and LP from P...view item »
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James Elkington & Nathan Salsburg

A beautifully augmented duet from James Elkington and Nathan Salsburg. Ambsace reinvigorates Americana with intricate, delicate fingerpicking that’s as technically impressive as it is harmonious. With connections through Jeff Tweedy and Steve Gunn, these are seasoned players with a knack for nostalgia. Out on CD a...view item »

Kenny Knight

Private press slice of country rock from 1980, released by a man named Kenny Knight. Crossroads is his only LP and has been rescued from obscurity, in the way that these things are, by the Paradise of Bachelors label. Knight has just the right level of resignation in his voice, and some great little arr...view item »

The Weather Station

Loyalty is the third album by The Weather Station and is widely regarded as being their best-to-date. Newly signed to Paradise Of Bachelors, the Canadian folk Four-piece, are fronted by Tamara Lindeman. Already acclaimed as a songwriter, Loyalty sees further progression of Lindeman’s talent. The songs ran...view item »

Steve Gunn
Time Off

Steve Gunn returns this week with a new album on the reliably classy Paradise of Bachelors, and this time he’s got a backing band. Gunn has enlisted the brilliant John Truscinski and Justin Tripp. The press rele...view item »
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Jake Xerxes Fussell
Jake Xerxes Fussell

With a name like that, you can’t go wrong. Boiling together atmosphere and a love for folk sounds and an interest in Persian wars with Greece, Jake Xerxes Fussell has combined some of the finest fingers and hands in folk music to build a record like a house. This self-titled album is out on vinyl, so you can feel that love...view item »

Nathan Bowles

You gotta just feel blessed whenever the banjo is being played for good rather than evil, and Nathan Bowles offers us one of those moments of respite with 'Nansemond', a record that looks dark but is deceptively bright, recorded loudly and proudly to best and most fully express the Americana it admires....view item »

Steve Gunn
Way Out Weather

Because we all need more country rock riffs and farmyard twang in our life, Steve Gunn has made 'Way Out Weather', a record that has these things in spades -- as well as, you know, actual songs. The tunes on 'Way Out Weather' have plaintive, hushed verses that curve into choruses with slight but potent melodies, offering a subtlety absent from h...view item »

Lavender Country
Lavender Country

Lavender Country is the first openly gay country album. This is quite a feat when you consider the conservative nature of the Nashville scene, even more of a courageous statement when you consider that it was originally released in 1973. The record documents the experiences of singer, songwriter and guitarist Patrick Hag...view item »
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Hiss Golden Messenger
Bad Debt

Although I’m the biggest fan of MC Taylor’s previous band The Court and Spark, his latest (more successful) outfit Hiss Golden Messenger have never quite hit as hard. They have, however, enjoyed the patronage of Sir David of Bowie amongst other cri...view item »
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In Search

Chance Martin began his career as stage manager and lighting designer for his friend, the man in black himself Johnny Cash, and his first guitar was a present from the man himself. Hard to imagine a cooler start! Slightly scary and aggressive, this is the real deal from a man whose life story would no doubt make for quite a read. Vinyl LP c...view item »
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Hiss Golden Messenger / Elephant Micah
Hiss Golden Messenger Plays Elephant Micah Plays Hiss Golden Messenger

On this 7” two celebrated American songwriters, M.C. “Hiss Golden Messenger” Taylor and Joe “Elephant Micah” O’Connell, take on each other’s songs in a little neofolk ...view item »
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Plant and See
Plant and See

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