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Ekin Fil

When Ekin Fil moved from the centre of Istanbul to an island in the Sea of Marmara she found herself experiencing a very different kind of isolation. You get a sense of this on Maps, her whispered vocals find themselves alone in midst of a gentle whirl of ambient piano, organs and guitars.&nb...view item »

Fossil Aerosol Mining Project
August 53rd

Enigmatic American Midwest sound archaeologists Fossil Aerosol Mining Project return to The Helen Scarsdale Agency with more stirring collages of processed sonic detritus from the late 20th Century. Opening with a brief snapshot of a desolate post-industrial landscape which abruptly halts and what appears to be old news reel dialogue, po...view item »

Ekin Fil
Ghosts Inside

Devastatingly beautiful, introspective, ethereal avant dream/drone-pop from Istanbul’s Ekin Üzeltüzenci. ‘Ghosts Inside’ is the Turkish artist's sixth full-length, and her second for The Helen Scarsdale Agency, following 2016’s &lsq...view item »


A collaboration between Boston noise stalwarts Brendan Murray and Howard Stelzer, bringing together an array of sound making devices of varying states of disrepair. The fractured nature of the instrumentation is perceivable on this tape, which is openly gritty, though always about to tip into the ethereal....view item »

Ekin Fil

Instanbul's Ekin Fil has been on soundtrack duties and created this unnerving and dread laden work for the film of the same name, and same style. Following historic approaches to such material, the album is at once both suffocating and spacious, a conflict of confusion that marries cinema and sound so well....view item »

Kate Carr
The Story Surrounds Us

Mapless electroacoustic drone label Helen Scarsdale releases another tape by sound excavator Kate Carr, whose recent output has offered a stunning collation of postcard sonics and deep sunken ambient. Her latest tape for the label, The Story Surrounds Us, is another submerged opus of song and setting, with gui...view item »

Ekin Fil
Being Near

Turkey’s Ekin Fil plays quiet, introverted shoegazer-songwriter pieces with the kind of deep-isolation feeling that only the finest practitioners in this field can create (think Grouper). Being Near is a delicate, thickly-reverbed song suite that’ll sink your mind deep into a warm morass if ...view item »

Relay For Death
Natural Incapacity

You may recall that Oakland’s Rachal and Roxann Spikula aka Relay For Death, released an awesome LP on Aaron Dilloway’s Hanson back in 2010 entitled ‘Birth Of An Older, Much More Ugly Christ’ and also the killer ‘...view item »

Jim Haynes
Throttle & Calibration

Bay Area artist Jim Haynes is a man after my own heart - someone that sees and appreciates the beauty in decay. An artist working in both the visual and sonic mediums, he researches the corrosion of sound, video and photography. ‘Throttle & Calibration’ was original...view item »

Fossil Aerosol Mining Project
The Day 1982 Contaminated 1971

The Day 1982 Contaminated 1971: what a wonderful, inscrutable name for a record! This is the work of Fossil Aerosol Mining Project, a group who’ve worked with :zoviet*france: in the past, and channel some of the very same strange feelings as that group. This LP, released by The Helen Scarsdale Age...view item »

Francisco Meirino
Surrender, Render, End

Francisco Meirino’s Surrender, Render, End is a simmering, flickering mass of careful sound: musique concréte, electro-acoustic improvisation and a touch of noise all come to mind. This Swiss sound dude has a tight attention to detail and potent pallette of textures, and it all comes together here. Out on T...view item »

Kate Carr
It Was A Time Of Laboured Metaphors

I’ve often fantasized that the earth, rocks and even the air could capture and record past events in the same way as magnetic tape stores audio and video. Kate Carr’s ‘It Was A Time Of Laboured Metaphores’ cassette on Jim Haynes’ The Helen...view item »

Conditions Of Acrimony

Since John Olson declared noise as being a dead, I for one have never given up hope that it’s an artform that still has a future. It’s true that the quality of output from the noise/ industrial/power electronics underground can dramatically vary in quality (it always has) but there’s more people making all forms of music now so...view item »

Taiga Remains
Works For Cassette

Apart from running the Students of Decay label, Alex Cobb has been releasing recordings of mysterious, guitar based minimalism under the Taiga Remains alias for nearly a decade. Now preferring to release music under his own name, this is t...view item »


I often dread getting too many drones in my review box. Don’t get me wrong, it can move and excite and uplift just as much as any other genre, but when it’s anything less than brilliant it can quickly dissolve into a cold tedium with too little detail or character to warrant too many words...and even when it’s exceptional it ca...view item »

BJ Nilsen & Stilluppsteypa
Big Shadow Montana

Yet another fine LP from this Scandinavian trio who previously released on Editions Mego. These tracks created on analogue synthesizers possess a deeply nocturnal hazy charm like recalled memories from a distant future/past. Ethereal drones nestle amongst subtle fizzes and sustained subtle tones. It takes no tim...view item »